Our Hearts connecting us to the Universe

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An answer to a question of why "Our hearts connects us to the Univers".

Quantum is were no time or space exists. Our Chackra´s are Quantum Points in our bodies, through these Quantum Points we are connected to the Universe. Our chackra´s are like stargates were we are able to inhale and exhale energies of the Universe. As we develop our senses and become aware these Chackra´s/Stargates become more and more active and we can access our true energies and become one with our Higher Self and the collective consciousness. Our contribution to the Collective consciousness of the Human evolution and this amazing Mother Earth is healing ourselves. As we find our inner peace we are connecting to our Heart space, our heart holds the highest frequency of the Universe that is Love. Love is the algorithm of our bodies and the algorithm of the Universe. This highest frequency is therefore our connection to the true make up of this Universe, a frequency we all should seek. The Heart beholds the understanding of forgiveness that will set us free and gives us passage through the ultimate Stargate of Love. We are holographic energy beings and we can do anything we desire, our Planet is one of few Heart Planets were lesson of Love is what we seek.
Experience is everything, we exist and that will never change.

Our personal take on "Our hearts connecting us to the Universe".  
Margret sr and Margret jr

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Quantumpoint  Awareness.

It has become known and understood by many, that  Quantum is a collective infinite space were all of us are connected and on that level we actually know everything, often called our inner selves. It is a question of understanding that we do know everything and we need to become aware of our inner power and our connection to the Quantum Field and the collective connection.

Lets say that this is all true, so where do we tap into this collective awareness. We believe that our Hearts are the Points or doors in our bodies accessing the Quantum. Our Heart has a huge magnetic field similar to Earth, transmitting constant flow of energy from its center and  reflecting energies of others back to us. This is happening all the time, this is the function of our Hearts and that of being connected to the Quantum Collective awareness.

Our subconscious is aware and is connected to the all-knowing collective consciousness. 

On the other hand our conscious mind only has the brain to talk to. Our brain is one of our organs that has been trained from birth. The brain is a fascinating computer like organ picking up every move, sound and vision happening in our life, from birth to parting. Our brain is our doorway to this life. The trick is, to calmly shift between Heart and Brain understanding the difference and using both appropriately. The Mind is the mediator, so be Mindful and aware, that is the key. Understanding that the Quantum-point is an important point to reach in the progress of evolving and maturing from where we are now to a more harmonic state.

All the indigenous people of Earth have this knowledge and it is as clear to them as we see our hands. This knowledge is as old as the Earth itself, as old as the Universe, as are we. But here in the so called West, or the new civilization this knowledge has been interrupted with body and brain obsession leaving our Mind very lost.

It is always easier to focus on something when we have got the direction right, and for those who have been looking outside themselves it must be a relieve to realize how short of a distance one has to reach to change once life.

''A good start is to visualize light in your heart center, I started with lighting a candle when I was a teenager seeing it glow. From there I  gradually magnified that light as the years passed. I taught this to my daughters and it made enough sense to them to use it in their lives. It is a very simple exercise, and do you know people, you have so much light there already‚ amaze yourself.''

MM sr.
From our Hearts to yours The Emm´s

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