Our Hearts connecting us to the Universe

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About Us

We are Margret sr. & Margret jr., born and raised in Iceland. We both have the same names as it happens we are both named after our grandmothers. Our last name means the daughter of Margret. This is how it is done in Iceland, people can choose if they want to be sons or daughters of their fathers or their mothers and the first name is used.

As healers and energy enthusiasts we are fascinated by the idea of Quantum.

Quantum is the infinite, the timeless space within us all and our connection to the Universe. We believe that the doorway to the Quantum is our Heart, our connection to the Light and the collective awareness.  
All healing comes through the heart, and that is why we feel that the Heart is our Quantumpoint as it is  the access to all our experiences, knowledge, time and timelessness.

“ I chose from a very early age to follow my Heart, I knew somehow that I had existed for uncountable times and I have memories of being on Earth many time. I have challenged myself to go within and find my knowledge and that has been my journey. I love to soar and look for energies and the observe how people use their experiences. I see us as Souls and that sparks from our Souls has manifested in our human bodies to gather  experiences. We are on Earth, we are spiced with skills from other realities, this has made us extraordinary beings. We are here and everywhere because everything is happening at the same time and the present is already the past, the future is now and we are eternal.”  Mar Sn

“ I was an athlete, a sports trainer and coach, I loved sports and sports where my life. Then almost 20 years ago I had an accident that changed my life. It took several years for me to accept that I could not do what I loved anymore. I was in despair living in constant pain with many heart ripping doctors visits ending in no results and no hope of getting any better. Or that was what I thought until I was introduced to an amazing woman. She used a biofeedback device and introduced me to Energy Medicine, she became one of my best friends and health coach. A shift started in my life that opened up new interests and opportunities, most of all better health and way of living. I have also been blessed with my mom and sister that always stood by me through all the years of my health challenges. Not forgetting the teachings and wisdom of my mother that took me quite some time to understand and learn to appreciate. There will always be obstacles on our journey we call life. I have learned that it is of out most importance to stay true to myself and to bring forward my inner light. I believe that every step we take with true love will automatically radiate  strings of love and wrap it around every heart we meet. It may go unnoticed, not understood or felt, but that love will be a part of that heart from that moment.''  Mar jr

The Chinese profit Confucius knew a thing or two when he said....

''Where ever you go, go with all your Heart.''