Our Hearts connecting us to the Universe

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This is for those intrested in partisipating in my monthly New Moon Virtual Biofeedback Group sessions.

The sessions are open for all Living Beings and being a Biofeedback owner is NOT nessisary.

After each session, I will post information in the Members blog aria about what came up in the sessions and members will be able to make comments and ask quesions related to the sessions.

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New Moon in Gemini June 2016

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Dear all thank you for participating in this month’s New Moon in Gemini Virtual Biofeedback session.

The focus for the session was intended to help us to release and to start thinking about the seeds that we want to plant for the future. Also as the sign of Gemini is known as the sign of self-expression and the throat Chakra, the intent for the group was to help release blockages and opening up for us expressing our truth and communicate our feeling.

Starting the session the numbers for the group were quite balanced, with “R” resistance being the lowest number but that is associated with the ease of flow within and through the body. For me this is an indicator to recognize stress within the immune system, and as we know there are many things that lower our immune… Then when taking a look at the Main Matrix after the scan “Test” the highest reaction of the group being “LM 1 Antibacterial Acute” tells us that as a group we can be dealing with some bacterial signatures in our energy field, so it is important for us to make sure we are doing all that we know and can to keep our immune system in good balance so we will prevent any bacteria to manifest in the physical body.

A few Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong all Year Long:

Ingest Bacteria: Taking probiotics has been shown to reduce the occurrence of colds and flu symptoms. A happy gut means a healthy immune system. 

Eat the Rainbow: Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables will ensure you get enough immune building Vitamin C. 

Complex Carbohydrates: Oatmeal, kamut, wheat germ bran, legumes (peanuts) selenium, magnesium, zinc, beta glucan are known to boost immune function.

High Quality Protein: Lean sources of protein pump up your body’s ability to make disease-fighting antibodies. Turn to low fat dairy, organic soy, beans, nuts, organic fish or organic poultry as your source for power-packed protein. 

Echinacea and Astragalus: Echinacea increases the levels of a chemical called properdin in the body, which activates part of the immune system responsible for increasing the defense mechanisms against bacteria and viruses.

The Chinese herb, Astragalus is often regarded as Asia’s answer to America’s Echinacea. Studies have shown it to have anti-viral properties.

Vitamin D3: Colder climates make it difficult for people to get enough Vitamin D3 from the sun. It is recommended to get at least 1000 – 10,000 IU per da 

Soup: Organic, homemade soup shortens the duration of a cold by 50%. When you add garlic and hot pepper, the two go to work by fighting infection and reducing mucus. 

Drink Silver: Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism.

Independent studies have concluded colloidal silver can be an effective agent against many different types of infections and is toxic in certain amounts to many types of fungus, parasites, protozoa, bacteria and certain viruses. Colloidal silver can interact with penicillin, quinolones, tetracycline and thryroxine drugs.

Sleep: Stress and sleeplessness are proven to contribute to an unhealthy immune system.

As usual I do a 1 min Spiritual Healing before diving into anything else as I feel it makes the process easier, more relaxed and stronger.

I started off in the NLP panel doing a AFE “Electro-Transcendental-Mediation, expand consciousness Rx” that ran for about 20 min combining it automatically with Projection. Those of you that are device users know when you run a INDIGO/SCIO AFE program there are many things that can be addressed until a 100% rectification is reached. But in the case of our group “Projection” was the only thing that needed attention in combination with this AFE program.

 After closing out of the AFE program I ran a “Unconscious choice” on the NLP panel and the group chose “Healthy Aging”, a choice that boost the system as a unit helping to straighten each cell of the body. This balanced quickly. 

Running the Unconscious choice again we got “Depression Relief, Self-Aggression, Loss of a Reinforcer”, and this took 5 attempts to get rectified for the group, telling us that these indicators can be lying underneath on a very deep level and now we are ready to start working through them with the support of our group’s consciousness. These are things that we all go through at one time in our life and sometimes without realizing they sit stuck and occasionally come up to the surface. But as we are very adaptable we master how to hide all these feelings away due to shame and embarrassment, when the truth is we all go through it and I think it is wonderful that the group as a whole trusts our collective energies to start releasing these burdens.

Continuing within the NLP program I then went into the “Unconscious Reactivity” panel and put in the age of 56 as an average age for the groups participants….After running the scan we got up an “emotional Conflict with: Self” and a “physical Trauma: connection to Hormonal Memory”….Then getting the message “The expectations of the future are a blockage to the present” and “Life heals itself if we STOP interfering”. These messages I always feel come up very strongly and reminding us to be in the Present live in the Now, as being in the now we are planting seeds for the future and that is what the New Moon in Gemini is indeed intended for. But if we get caught up in holding our main focus on the future and not nourishing our NOW our seeds will have a hard time blooming. So to be attentive to this moment and find contentment within and be proud of where you are today and who you are, all this will make our next steps into the future much easier and it will give a clearer message to the Universe. The Universe that is here at our disposal at all times but we have to be very clear on what we need and want and to do so we have to be in the NOW.

Continuing further into the program linking the Emotional Conflict of self and the physical trauma of the hormonal memory to the spinal program, were we can see that the whole “Cervical” aria is boxed in red meaning there are blockages that need to be attended to. This aria linking directly to Disempowerment, lack of expression.

Combining a balance of the Cervical aria and activating the throat Chakra balance in the Bodyviewer, then continuing into timed biofeedback therapy’s and there “Larnyx” was what the group chose…. Are we seeing a pattern already?

New moon in Gemini the sign of self-expression and the throat Chakra, how perfect is this, the groups energywas totally in zinc whit wat the session was all about.

The throat/thymus area is the point where your soul enters and leaves your body. A blockage in your throat area can cause feelings that you don't want to stay in your physical body 

As you can see on the image Nerval had been prechosen to the Biggy-bag therapy so after balancing the Larnyx we went into the “Nerval” panel in the Spinal Program still linking to our Emotional and physical trauma from the NLP panel. In this program the group chose the Nerve Spinal Thoracic that supplies the lungs…..this is a sensitive aria and in TCM the lungs stand for the emotion Sadness, so our group was willing to go quite deep to stir up old blockages from the past to be able to realize and start building up a new and healthy foundation for the future. 

Still in the spinal panel now going into the “Nutritional Panel’” and as before still linked to our NLP results. Starting to balance the Adrenals, as I have said before, I believe it is vital to do an Adrenal balance for each client as there is to much unconscious/conscious stress that we hold there. Then as you can see on the image below I wrote in “Insert Disease” (even though it says disease then meaning is put in a concern or issue) so I put in Throat Chakra and there we got a few items up that were beneficial to balance for the group to strengthen the throat chakra, such as Vitamin U family, B9 helps with skin, energy and depression, ascorbic acid(naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties), Arginine for nerves and skin and Copper for nerves, energy and detox…As you can see nerves, skin and depression are repeating.

Then back to the spinal program and from there going into Biorhythm’s, doing an overall Medical Astrology for the group, and there came up a few things like, difficulty in controlling Anxiety, clinging to views of the past and fighting new things, remembering all things changes…. Then doing a Todays astrology that also showed many things ( see on images below) among needs to find work that is also play, spleen function (the spleen links to pensiveness in TCM, meaning feeling sad while deep in thought), also the tendency to fight against ides that are not our own….So letting go of the EGO is a good exercise.. 

Then for fun going into the Chinese Astrology, again coming up with different things like being inventive, problem solvers and enthusiastic at the same time of being opportunistic and longwinded, also that today’s risk being that the Pineal was not properly regulated and self-awareness was disturbed. 

The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”;) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join. 

Now closing to back to the Main Matrix of the program a balancing of a few very well selected signatures was done for the group, set to Max power for 3 min: 

Raspberry(FE) for self-expression

Cosmos(FE) for Integration of ideas, throat 5th chakra

Aurora 5 works on heart and lung energies: ability to speak from the heart and have space for your inner truth and true communication

Trichosanthes(Seed) a powerful expectorant, to help with emotional inability to release past conflicts

Pathara-Ma 21 : I lay claim to the law of forgiveness and give my imperfect creations from the present and the past back to the cosmos and create perfection out of all embracing love

Fringed Violet(FE) to remove effects of the past and present distress-aura damage from shock, trauma, grief, sexual abuse, providing psychic protection

Pathara-Ma 11: My sellar consciousness is glad and I direct my intention towards releasing my deepest desires

Into the Future(YL) Supports emotions to move forward and leave the past behind

Meteorite Connects to the energies of the universe

Turkey Bush(FE) inspires creativity, for creativity blockages, disbelief in talent, clears emotional blocks and renews artistic confidence, higher self and purpose alignment

Heart Orchid(FE) Helps to increase energies and to transform them into love


After this balancing, putting the power back to normal we went into the Auto Scalar panel and there I put in all the numbers of the items here above to the pink piggy bag line, and clicked on Throat… This balancing went very well and took not to long..

What happen next was very interesting, without clicking on anything the program started by itself doing an overall balancing in the Scalar program and it took about 17 min, and this I thought was quite amazing as I was not going to run the whole program. Then again usually this program takes max 5 min to balance but the group wanted this done properly and our energies took control of what was needed, just brilliant.

Just for curiosity sakes I went back into the NLP panel “Unconscious reactivity” and put in the Question “Is the Universe receiving our message?” and the answer was YES.. 

Remembering the Affirmation from this panel being: I love and respect the Natural Forces of the Universe.

As always closing the session in the Body scan and Face therapy panel… On the images you can see the difference before and after the Aura and chakras were balanced.. The group’s chakras were well aligned but we needed to do some Foci cleaning as there were some energetic nets over our left side of the body that needed to be cleaned. 

In our energy field “Psychic Pain, denial, self-doubt and joy” were the things that we are working through at this time, increasing joy in our lives is always a good healing mechanism. Giving a boost to divine light to the Pineal gland and finally ending the session with a feel good balance.

I hope you experience from this session is a positive one and it will help you in releasing and building up self-expression. My wish each of you is that all your dreams come true and that you in this moment plant seeds that will bring you happiness in the future.


New Moon in Aries April 2016

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Thank you for your participation in this magnificent New Moon session.

This month we were focusing on “Opening up for the Magic of New Beginnings” and as we know to open up for something new we have to be willing of letting go of the old.

For the Biofeedback practitioners in the group you will find all images below the text.



Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh, embrace change and be proud of all that I am and will be.


When I start each session I always check the room I’m working in for possible ”GeoPathic Stress”, just to make sure that there will not be any interruptions for each session. It i very seldom that “Geopathic Stress” comes up but before our New Moon group session a “”Curry Cross”” disturbance came up and was addressed right away to make sure the workspace was cleaned before continuing.


“Curry Cross” is associated with electrical disturbance and that just told me how much energy was in the air for this session


During the Groups “testing” it showed that “V” voltage that is associated with adrenal function and willpower and “H” hydration that is associated with body’s water absorption reactivity were reacting a little low for the group. Throughout our Collective consciousness virtual group sessions “V” the adrenal function and willower often show as a stressor. Balancing the Adrenals as I have said before is one of the most important things to address in every session as in general we do abuse our adrenal energy on a daily basis. This only shows the deep level of stress we hold in our adrenal aria without noticing it as we adapt to it so easily.

The highest reactance after the “test” was “chaparral” that is a very strong detoxifier. I know of many that have been struggling with diarrhea this month due to bacteria’s, I don’t know if any of you can relate.

When our psyche has absorbed far more impressions than our conscious mind can assimilate, dreams act as important filters that help our conscious mind access disturbing or chaotic experiences in an orderly and safe fashion. Chaparral penetrates deep into one’s transpersonal aspects to replace psychic and physical toxicity, mental chaos, drug addiction, and disturbed dreams with psychic awareness and balance.

Chaparral, also known as Creosote, is one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants. Its chemical makeup acts as an effective blood, liver, lymph and urinary tract cleanser. Native Americans have used Chaparral for centuries as an anti-cancer remedy. Studies have shown that chaparral may also inhibit or dissolve tumors. Its dried and cut leaves can be used as a tea. Just take a whiff of it and you’ll appreciate that something that smells this strong–peppery, menthol, earthy–would have some potent medicinal gifts to offer.

Chaparral flower essence is an important psychic and physical cleanser, which is indicated when the soulhas been assailed by too much of the brutality modern civilization has thrown its way–chaotic, violent, and degrading images and experiences, both in real life or in the media. It has many applications, but its star quality is in working through the dreamscape to cleanse the psyche.

Chaparral flower essences are good for people who have witnessed actual violence or too many disturbing images in the media. As a liver cleanser, it is also a very beneficial herb for detoxifying, whether from prescription medicines or other drugs. While psychotropic drugs expand psychic boundaries, they also distort the true landscape of the awakened conscious, leaving it littered with emotional debris that the subconscious mind picks up. It is also helpful for people who feel brittle and rigid, both in their bones and in their thinking.

Chaparral’s Secret Lore

Chaparral corresponds to the First Chakra (Root) and Fourth Chakra (Heart). Meditating on the Chaparral plant, people have reported a sense of magical abilities to dissolves blocks of fear, especially around insects and reptiles, like bees and snakes. It is said Chaparral allows one to go through their process, face their fears, and be successful because Chaparral provides what you need exactly when you need it. 

A good affirmation while meditating on Chaparral is,

“I am ever strong, enduring, and wise, knowing always how to solve the problem at hand.”

Now continuing with our session I did a 1 min Spiritual Healing, a beautiful training for bringing spiritual stress and imbalance back into harmony.

As Auto Frequency training was suggested as a number one choice from Calibration I thought it was good to address that right away and get some balance before continuing. The purpose being to introduce the body magnetic frequencies that are designed to create a relaxed electrical trivector signature and are unfriendly to microorganisms.

While that was being balanced a “warning” came up about a possible personality oppression, Spirit Superimposition Energetically being detected. When this happens it means that there is an energy present that is not our own and could be feeding of our energy field and that is not a healthy situation for any of us. This is not necessarily a negative energy but we have to be very clear on keeping our energy fields clean as only then can we have a beautiful and clear cooperation with other energy on any level we so choose. As all of you taking part in this session gave permission to be worked through our Collective Consciousness I continued to get this balanced. It is important when working with clients to ask for permission to clean and balance when a message like this comes up as not everyone are ready to let go of other energies that they have maybe chosen to have in their field or are holding on to.

The balancing only needed one go so this was not too deeply manifested for the group.

I personally thought that this was interesting to get up for the group at this time as electrical disturbance had already shown in the beginning of the session, so for me this only confirmed the powerful energies and shifts that were taking place during our session.


This coming up changed the direction a bit on what I had in mind for our session but as we all know is that we are always directed to what is needed at each time. So to continue and working deeper to clear up any energies that may have been affecting us that evening I did some balancing in the Biofeedback panel. Starting with doing “Balance stress in nerves” and that took a good while. When working in the Biofeedback panel it is important to let the time that is needed for each selection to run until balanced. Somethings may take longer time than others but that is the beauty of all of this, as our energies know exactly what we need and how much we need.

While running “reduce stress in Nerves” I Activated the Bodyviwer, starting with train paths of all old trauma. For the group the balancing in the BodyViwer started with balancing “” Clogged throat chakra Clogged Spleen Chakra, Clogged heart chakra, clogged brow chakra”” after some time each chakra started showing as “Healthy”. Lot of old stagnated energy being released for our Collective Consciousness.

The autofocus on the most stressed organ for the session showed to be the intestines, and we can see the connection to that and the highest thing on the Main Matrix. So making sure to boost our self’s with some good probiotics if we feel it’s needed is very positive, as to keep our immune systems strong it is important to keep our gut healthy.


Now back to the Biofeedback panel as the BodyViwer continued working with all its selections in the background. Now “Reduce stress in Nerves” had balanced to maximum then the next step was to “”Release Spiritual Attack or Oppression” and Simultaneously combined with “Body and Soul Connection relaxation training” This is done after a “warning” came up about a possible personality oppression, Spirit Superimposition Energetically being detected. To make sure to heal the field of each individual as much as possible. There are other steps that can be done as well but as this cleared up fast for the group I felt these steps were enough to get it cleared from the field.

When all this was balanced to the maximum an unconscious search of training. The group chose two things 15 min to stimulate Psychic Abilities and 15 min to train innate Intelligence. Powerful stuff that is for the group and this was respected and balanced.

At the same time in BodyViwer the short ACU(acupuncture) balance was activated. It showed a Metallic interference being detected as well as an injury tissue detected and being repaired.

At this point the later section of the session had started and all the above had been balanced, then choosing “Silver that stands for a new beginning or is often drawn to one starting a new part of life, and is used to guide you” was set on MAX power and ran for 3 min. Simultaneously in the Bodyviwer the “Decagon pentagonal star for seeking direction” was activated.


Now going into the Auto Scalar training, a program that is to relax and re-educate the muscles along the subtle energy centers the Chakra system. The chakras subtle life force energy is absorbed and distributed to our cells, organs and body tissue, also the flow of energy is greatly affected by our personality structure, emotions and our state of spiritual development. Adding to the program a few beautiful signature to straighten us on our path of a new beginning.

These are the 7 signatures:


“YL Transformation that is energizing, stimulating to the conscious mind and allowing for support and changes”,

SHUL 1/ formula for dealing with Mental Emotional Blocked desire, releasing of being stuck at the beginning of anything (Monastery Herbs)”,

YL into the Future/supporting emotions to move forward and leaving the past behind, letting go of obstacles”,

Narayani Special 2 Divine protection/ creating a protection on all levels, including travel and x-ray”,

“Meteorite/ connecting to the energies of the Universe (Crystal),

Alchemama 20/ Our hearts provide the way out of duality, to be unconditional towards others, including their incapacities and inabilities ( Liquid Light Remedies”,

EL-ELOHA 10/ Realize that you (our) consciousness influences other planets and vice versa. Work consciously together with the Masters (Liquid Light Remedies”,


As this balancing takes about 5-10 min, I activated the Disease Dictionary and ran “Dealing with Healing” the group chose to run it for 5 min along site the balancing mentioned here above and the BodyViwer that now was set on “Aura Cleanse” . It showed to be a black cloud around the feet of the group’s Collective consciousness, and this can be related to what came up earlier with the energy that was interrupting our energy and space As it was located around the feet this can indicate the feeling of being stuck or fear of taking the next step.

Black draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. It is the color of protection... It is not always bad and does not always mean death or terminal illness.

Black is a warning sign in most cases when seen as part of the aura colors but can also mean that a person is protecting himself from outside influences. Be careful how you handle seeing black in a person’s aura.

When black spots appear in the aura, it can be something as simple as a previous operation or a cold on the chest. Instead of rendering an opinion rather just suggest that the person see a doctor.


When the aura had balanced the Sacred Geometry of “Golden Ratio Spirals of Love” was activated and ran until the end of the session.

Now at the end of our session I end as always in the Body Scan and face therapy panel doing a more thorough Chakra balancing and making sure to train all foci that may still be lingering on in our energy field. The things the group is working through or/and releasing from the energy field at this time were “Enthusiasm, Passivity, Curiosity and Embarrassment”

Closing up the session with the highest reactance of:

Back flower “ELM for occasionally feeling inadequacy, exhaustion from trying for perfection, being overwhelmed by responsibilities, stress and helps to calm down and think”

And two beautiful signatures from YL:

Live with passion/ emotionally balancing and uplifting, feeling the passion for life, relied of hopelessness.

White Angelica/ Ward off bombardment of negative energy, increases Aura, strength and protection.

Then to top it with some “FEEL GOOD”


New Moon in Pisces Mars 2016

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With much gratitude to all of you that participated in this month’s New Moon in Pisces session, and to all the new participants, thank you for contributing your energy to the session and for opening your hearts to join our Collective Consciousness.

In believe that our join effort of strengthening the light on our planet and within our hearts will give hope for a brighter and more peaceful time space continuum, here and now, past and present in all dimensions and all through the Universe.

As always during the test, we take a look at the Auto Varhope panel. We see right away that the main stressors are A (Amprage) and H (hydration) as they are on the low side. A is associated with brain function and will power, for me that is also an indicator of an bowel flora imbalance as when the bowel flora is imbalanced serotonin levels are lower and we get more tired. It can also be an indicator of lack of sleep then again boosting up the bowel flora is also important as our Serotonin level (happiness hormone) is also out of balance. Remembering that although serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter, it is estimated that 94 percent of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive track. Here is a link that explains what serotonin is  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232248.php

H is associated with the body´s water absorption reactivity, are we making sure we are well hydrated with good water and/or is our body not using the water we drink as well as it should.

Taking a quick look at the Main Matrix we can see that Miasm-FNG is our highest stressor and you will see going up the list that the bowel repeats itself…Then again I pay more attention to the next highest item ‘’Organ pipe Cactus (FE) that is to support dealing with mundane aspects of life. Mundane meaning lacking interest or excitement….Can any of you relate to that?


We are often challenged on many fronts and when our spirit goes down it can lead to lack of interest in life or what life has to offer. It can take time to get the focus back on track and who knows often times new interest will come to light. The main thing is never to give up hope that there is more to life than the naked eye can see as all our treasures and power we hold within. It is easy to get distracted in our fast spinning world and sometimes we just need a time out to gather our spirit and reconnect to our source to continue our human experience on this beautiful Planet of ours.

In the Universal Biofeedback panel you can see the two suggested items the first one being the AUC auto Meridian balancing. Just like in our Full Moon session in February. But I decided to address this suggestion in the Bodiviwer panel as our focus for this session was a little different as you will see.

In the Cybernetic Feedback timed therapies music and super learning panel I wanted to see what was the highest stressor and as you can see in Bold letters it was the Digestive System, so we started to do a little balancing there.

With a rectification of only 54% we addressed this again.

The second time the balancing went down to 44% and this indicates that what we were addressing is very relevant. But as I have said before I don’t like to force a rectification to a 100% as for me when a number drops I interpret it as the messages has been received and needs more time to be worked through, or can also be addressed in a different panel. Just remembering less Is more…

We can also connect the digestive track to the third chakra called Manipura, which means “lustrous gem.” Located around the navel in the area of the solar plexus and up to the breastbone, it is a source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation.

Now going into the Nutritional panel and doing a Adrenal balance as I have mentioned many times before the importance of balancing the Adrenals (See older blogs). There was not a significant gap between the numbers but doing a balance never the less, and if you take a look below what repeats connecting to thyroid and Depression regulation.

The first attempted leaved us with 79% rectified so attempting to get a 100% we continued the balancing.

Here is what happed the number dropped to 58% so indicating there is deeper stress on our adrenal aria than our body shows, most likely it has adapted to our Adrenal stress and is in a stand still so it is important to continue working with the Adrenals and taking good care of that aria.

Bodyviwer Clogged Brow chakra, heart chakra and intestines came up repeatedly. Then when doing a Auto Foci arms came up starting in 57%. Usually the Auto Foci clears quite quickly but not in our session for 30 min balancing of the arms continued.


 Giving and receiving

 Holding on the reality

Reaching goals

Feel of action


Means of attaining goals

 Fear of inferiority


Connects the strength of the upper arms to the action of the forearm


As showing to the right on the Main Matrix Vitamin Therapy was added so doing a INDIGO Vitamin, Enzyme and Hormone therapy until rectified to a 100%. The only emotion that was connected to that balancing was Anxiety as you can see on the picture….
As showing to the right on the Main Matrix Vitamin Therapy was added so doing a INDIGO Vitamin, Enzyme and Hormone therapy until rectified to a 100%. The only emotion that was connected to that balancing was Anxiety as you can see on the picture…. It is good that the group was so determined to work through some deep seeded Anxiety and I truly hope you all we feel a sense of relive.

Now taking a look at the highest YL essential oil for the group and as you can see it is self-explanatory. What a great choice and well fitting

As mentioned in our New Moon text ‘’ The Solar eclipse will block out the Sun for a while, our nucleus selves, our Ego. It will allow us to connect unhindered with our inner being and collective consciousness, or as deep as we are willing to allow ourselves to connect.’’


So the next step was using the Stabilize ego from the Main Matrix banel and do some deep balancing.

Then fusing it together with the Emotional signatures


Here you see the results, the emotional signatures that needed balancing to help stabilizing the ego…. I thought it was very interesting how the Brain needed an overall balance so to speak, but then when we think about it is our brain that cuts us off from our heart energy and feeds the ego. So to keep both in balance is a challenging exercise.

Being in the center, watching our ego and Superego. Not expecting anything from others. With ego, we expect from others, with superego, we do for others. When we are centered we emit to ourselves with joy and love.


Searching the Main Matrix for the highest stressors connecting to the Brain and running a 5 min auto focus zap up the list

These were the signatures that were addressed, take a look at number two ‘’Christ Consciousness’’ what a beautiful signature for the group, it tells us that as a group we truly are expending our energies.

Now choosing one signature that connected us to our own Divinity

Putting that signature down to the red hold tray and working through the different Echo’s to help releasing the blockages that stand in our way of truly keeping our divine connection to our self and the source…

Starting with the Causal Echo and those of you that are SCIO/INDIGO users know how this works, for those of you that are not we are taking a look at the items in yellow that appear on the right hand side and balancing each of them to a 100%. Also we are looking for signatures that repeat themselves as they are more significant.

Noticing throughout the session the eye signature coming up very strong, if it is to eliminate toxins from the body or past eye infections, eyes are linked to the Liver organ that is constantly eliminating toxin from our body. If this is something you relate to Milk Thistle is a very good herb that supports the liver, this is one of the tools I use frequently both for myself and my animals.


I don’t have to go through the list as it is quite self-explanatory

Now the Causal Echo, again digestion needing more balancing.


Followed by the Etheric Echo, again eyes and digestion showing also ''Allergies'' and as we know this is not a diagnostic this is simply a signature reaction to an item that we could have some sensitivity to at the moment



Finally the Curative Echo balancing some emotional factors again bowel detoxification wanting more balancing

And now for the deeper work looking at the highest emotional signature ‘’Depression’’ and as mentioned before when our serotonin levels are low it will affect our mood and emotional wellbeing.

So taking the ‘’Depression’’ signature and dropping it into the purple hold tray below the red hold tray we were just working through. Combining it with our earlier signature of our own Divinity.

Starting with Harmonic coupling of the two items. Starting with Harmonic coupling of the two items. Looking at the number in read that appears in the yellow panel above, and we get a perfect high number so our two items are excellent to continue with.
Then doing a Search for Harmonic and addressing all the yellow items to the right.

I don’t have to go through the list as it is quite self-explanatory 

Now the Emotional Focus, pay attention to ''Denial of Joy

Homeo Focus again denial of joy....also Constipation Balance so linking to the bowel

Then General Focus, Need to change and denial of Joy repeating ones again

Finally Top 6 Homeopathic Denial of Joy for the forth time. It happens that we deny joy without realizing it, as old patterns of suffering is so deeply imbedded within our programming. We all deserve to be happy so let’s exercise lifting our spirits and finding one thing every day that brings us joy and breathe it in until it brings a big smile upon our faces.

When the device pre choses a number I make it a habit of respecting that chose and for the group the signature of Candida wanted to be addressed. Then remember that our highest reaction on the Main Matrix was the Fungus-Miasm

Now in the Biofeedback panel the group’s unconscious choice is showing and was addressed… We all have experienced physical trauma of some kind and it is important to work through them how ever big or small. Sometimes we don’t have the strength to do it ourselves but here the group collective consciousness finds strength to help each other to work through some of the trauma that is at hand. I look at that as a powerful cooperation between our energies.

Oxygen balance for 10 min

Now addressing the Releasing unconscious negativity and as you can see Anger was coming up very strongly, very good that the group could address this together as with realizing anger we can open up for our well deserved JOY.

Then Swim with dolpihns  balance for 11 min

In the BodyViwer clearing the Aura

Green is health and comfort representing nature and nature's growth, the color of renewal, the color of healing.

When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change.

Many healers have green in their aura.

If you observe bright shades of green blending into an electric blue in a persons aura colors they more than likely have healing abilities and generally work with healing energy.

You might also observe green in the aura if a person is healing from something be it emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.

The muddier green hades can signify jealousy, possessiveness and untrustworthiness.

Doing one unconscious choice in the NLP panel and the groups choice being ‘’Ascension Stimulation, Accelerate Spiritual growth’’ what a fitting choice after opening up for our Divinity.
As you see the rectification went to a 118 and as I have mentioned before I don’t consider it a good balancing so I ran it again.

Now the percentage went down to 81 present, usually I would not continue but I was curious to see if we should get a rectification with one more try


Then going up to a 112 again for me that is not balanced so one more try

And as you can see the number dropped to 59 so it is obvious that this is a item that is relevant for our group to work further with but at this point we got enough of the signature to start opening better up our channels for spiritual growth.


On the Main Matrix doing some powerful balancing for 3 min with Narayani Special 10 to support our unconscious choice from the NLP panel


Followed by a 3 min balancing of Hops to support our unconscious choice from the NLP panel


Sacred Geometry in BodyViwer the same choise as in our last Full Moon session


The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It's closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life.

The Ancient Egyptians used the ankh to stand for a word meaning life. It is also called crux ansata, Latin for cross-with-a-handle.


Back to the NLP panel doing an  Electro – Transcendental – Meditation, expand consciousness

And that addressed the group´s Racialization and hesitation, ran until a 100% rectification

Now getting to the end of the session balancing the chakras and aura.

Taking a look at the Foci (Red and purple nets) they pretty much cover our whole body, so the subject that we chose to work through in this session were obviously very blocked and in need of some attention. Starting by clearing the Foci and then we can look at the chakras and you see the heart chakra is the one that is most balanced followed by the Energy chakra. The other chakras needed some more attention and love to be able to release the blockages that was holding their flow back.

After all that balancing our chakras are back in balance and our aura color is beautiful, then you can take a look at on the right hand side the things that we are working on releasing from our filed after this session.

On the Main Matrix choosing the Schuman wave signature on MAX for 3 min to get us more connected to our planet.

Followed by Unconditional Love

And finally Joy that has shown to be a very significant factor of our session and well deserved

Full Moon in Virgo Virtual biofeedback Group

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With love and gratitude to all of you that took part in our Full Moon in Virgo session yesterday evening.

The session was very powerful and brought up some interesting perspectives for the group.

We truly hope that all of you enjoyed the session and it will bring you healing and empowerment.

It would be lovely to get some feedback if you feel you have something to share.

Universal Love and Light

Margret jr and Margret Sr

As you can see here during the ‘Test’ the basic numbers for the group Collective Consciousness are on the lower side, still ‘V’ voltage that represents the adrenal function and will power is balanced and that is a very good sign ;) But reading into the other numbers I feel that some old exhaustion both emotional and physical are coming to the surface.

Here on the Main Matrix you see that AntiBacterial Chronic is our groups highest response. I know there are many people around the world that have been working through heavy colds and flu so this could be representing that. So make sure to pay attention to your gut and straighten it with good probiotics as all problems start or connected to our gut…

The second highest item linking to memory and brain function. I don’t know if any of you can relate to having trouble concentrating and focusing for the last couple of weeks or even longer, I for one have. This is relating to how fast the energy around us is heightening faster and faster, but in steps and our mind and body are adjusting to each step of the heightening process and it can give a sensation of feeling drained and in the need for sleep and rest. So it is important to both understand these changes and allowing oneself to rest when the chance is at hand.

You can also see in the Martix the repeat of the need of detoxification


As before adding all the participants to the session via the ‘’Timed cybernetic therapy Music and superlearning’’ panel

One minute spiritual healing before continuing, and now pay attention to the two prechosen options from Calibration ‘’Auto Meridian’’

As this session was about empowering our inner work, I felt it was fitting to run Young Livings ‘’Highest Potential’’ signature for the group. This is a beautiful and majestic oil blend that opens up the senses and helps taking in ones power. As you also can see I put it on MAX power for 3 min. and for those of you working with Biofeedback devices just remember to put the strength back to Normal after using it as running the session on MAX will bring up a lot of Alarms and be to invasive for your client. For this group session as all my group sessions I run the session on Double streanth.

Back in the ‘’Timed cybernetic therapy Music and superlearning’’ panel, I ran a Virtual Quick Check to see how our left and right brain were working together and as you can see it was not very balanced. I decided to do this as our second item on the Main Matrix links to the Brain and Brain function

From PHASERx I went into the Brain Stress Conflict A ID
From PHASERx I went into the Brain Stress Conflict A ID Running the Brain Foci ID but skipping the ‘’Degeneration panel’’ that opens and only balancing the disorders that are showing on this pitcher. I did so by clicking the first one ones then going down the list, starting again from the top until it got rectifying, Weakness in Frontal Lobe came up as well after doing each of those on the picture ones.

Here in this panel you can see that on the emotional side the highest thing for the group was Religious Conflict, each individual has to find within him/her self what the means. This may be a reflection on believing in oneself and trusting in our inner journey that shapes our reality and function in this 3rd dimension instead on relying on outside sources.

The two other emaitional things that follow are Depression and Rationalization

Now looking at the Neurotransmitters

Norepinephrine also called Noradrenaline a hormone which is released by the adrenal medulla and by the sympathetic nerves and functions as a neurotransmitter. It is also used as a drug to raise blood pressure. The general function of norepinephrine is to mobilize the brain and body for action. Norepinephrine release is lowest during sleep, rises during wakefulness, and reaches much higher levels during situations of stress or danger, in the so-called flight r flight response. In the brain, norepinephrine increases arousal and alertness, promotes vigilance, enhances formation and retrieval of memory, and focuses attention; it also increases restlessness and anxiety. In the rest of the body, norepinephrine increases heart rate and blood pressure,, triggers the release of glucose from energy stores, increases blood flow blood to skeletal muscles, reduces blood flow to the gastrointestinal system, and promotes voiding of the bladder and large intestine.

I thought this was an interesting stressor to come up after beginning our session looking at the Varhope panel in the beginning and the only number that came up in balance was ''V'' Voltage, that is associated to Adrenal function and willpower, so this tells us that with its quiet exterior the Group Voltage most likely has a long term stress in its adrenal aria and our bodies are not responding to it as it should but instead has adapted to that stressor so for us as a group lets give this aria some focus for the next couple of days and when we feel stress and overwhelmed just take a moment to breath and sending our calming focus to our adrenals

the other two highest stressors being:

Substance P is a type of Tachykinin Neuropeptide that is comprised of 11 Amino Acid, believed to function as a Neurotransmitter within the Enteric Nervous system. Substance P is released from the terminals of specific sensory nerves. It is found in the brain and spinal cord and is associated with inflammatory processes and pain.

Dopamine is is an important Catecholamine Monoamine Neurotransmitter produced only in a few, very specific regions of the brain, including the substantia nigra and the ventral tegmental area. It is a neurohormone that is released by the hypothalamus. Its action is as a hormone that is an inhibitor or prolactin release from the anterior lobe of the pituitary.


Here is a link that gives a good picture on how blodd sugar influences Dopamine/Adrenalin levels


Now back to the ’Timed cybernetic therapy Music and superlearning’’ panel, I ran ‘’Train Client Group Virtually with Trivector’

AS you can see here the Left and Right lobes have already started to get more synchronized

Activating the Bodyviwer starting with train paths of all old trauma, auto focusing on the energy chakras, brain and heart. Then I ran the Auto Foci and as you can see the shoulders come up for the group as having too much tension, so lets remember to relax our shoulders and do some light stretching of the neck and shoulders

After that was finished, running the Emotions and Rt –Lt Brain Stability

Now running the Virtual Harmonic Program and as you see the balance between the Left and Right brain are harmonizing well. It is possible to run this one more time to see if a balance of all going to 0 would be accomplished, but less is more and I am very happy with the groups response to this balancing.

At the same time in BodyViwer running the Auto Aura cleanse and you see there is a little red cloud circling around the feet

Red relates to the physical body, in particular the blood (your physical life force) and is an action color. It is one of the most powerful aura colors.

Red has the lowest frequency and is the densest color in the spectrum. It can be positive or negative, creates the most friction which either attracts or repels.


Red is also nature's warning color.


Red in the aura can indicate success, willpower, passion, competitiveness, high energy, attraction, vitality, survival instinct, courageousness, strength, brilliance and competitiveness.


Since it can indicate high levels of dense emotion be aware that it can represent rebellion, aggression, anger or unforgiveness, anxiety or nervousness, impulsiveness or hate.


Achievers, adventurers and highly sexual people have a lot of red in their auras.


When looking at aura colors and what they mean, it is important to keep in mind that red can also mean "heat" and can therefore indicate swelling, pain or injury on the physical body.

Now to the ACU program taking a quick look at the Meridian Program and seeing that the groups is electrically to YIN, this can indicate lack of stimulated meridians among other things. Yin organs are thought to have more internal functions and are called interior organs

The Meridians are energy channels 'transporting' life energy (Chi/Qi) throughout the body. If there are blockages, leading to lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, or a surplus of energy in other areas...

The Body Meridians can be used for Treatment of a condition or/and Diagnosis.

Energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury or trauma, or bad living habits (diet,habits/addictions, lack of exercise) and can be traced to the root of all health (physical/mental/spiritual) problems.

YIN and YANG diet. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, every food has an energy. Yin food is cool and expanding; Yang food is warm and contracting. Think of a shell of iceberg lettuce (Yin), and now a chunk of beef steak (Yang), and you will instantly recognize this meaning.


Now taking a closer look at the blockages at hand for the group and what caught my eye is the Unresolved Social Factor Blocks Qi. This does not come often up so I got very excited, as we were working on a large group of people and having this come up I found just amazing, and how wonderful that we all agree that we want and need to unblock this social factor to be better communicators with each other. Well done us ;)

Then at the same time doing a unconscious choise in the Sacred Geometry in the BodyViwer panel and the group chose the ‘’Ankhs (ansate cross)and the seed of life’’

What a wonderful choice

The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It's closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life.

The Ancient Egyptians used the ankh to stand for a word meaning life. It is also called crux ansata, Latin for cross-with-a-handle.


Now continuing deeper in the ACU panel and writing in ‘’empowerment’ and doing a ‘’Super Conscious search for point’’ choosing St 4(stomach meridian), it only to one training to get this point balanced.

Now writing in ‘’Self Adjustment’’ and then running the ‘’Super Conscious search for point’’ getting up DU 6 (governing vessel) and you see for your self’s what connects to this point.  It took three tries to get this point balanced

Now as the two main choices from Calibration were the ACU program I thought we needed to go a little deeper so I decided to run the ‘Consciousness Form Test’’ taking the pre chosen ACU points from the ACU screen. For those of you that know the program understand that this approach will take some time and it is necessary to get it balanced, so if the first attempt is not enough you will run this panel until rectified. This can take from 5 min up to one hour, depending on the blockages at hand and also what ground work has been done before going into this panel.

While the ACU program was running I activated ‘’Full Spinal rectification’’ in the BodyViwer, as it came up an spinal energy flow disorder after calibration (See Varhope panel/Main Martix up in the right corner)

For the group the whole spine came up as Extremely Degenerated, I take from that as a group we have carried and are carrying a lot of emotional and physical burden on our backs and shoulders as it showed earlier in the session. These are our experiences, our worries and fear from this life and other that we are working through. As a group with this session I believe that we support each other to heal and release these blockages as we don’t need them anymore. All the things we go through in this life and others have made us what we are today, we go through them to be able to help others that go through similar things. Our experiences however big or small are here to help us rise above them in our own strength and to be proud of what we have accomplished so far. We may not understand some things that happen when we are in that moment but with time, with forgiveness in our hearts the picture will become crystal clear and in our humbleness we will find our grateful heart.


Back in the ACU ‘’Consciousness Form Test’’ was not rectified after the first try, so we ran it again.


The spinal energy slowly started to shift.


The second time around did the trick and we got everything rectified, perfect.

In the ACU Dig I ran a ''Rectify All' and after only one try everything got balanced....Great work you all these results for the group are beyond words.

As in the Main Matrix the second highest item was Dementia Disorder I ran the Disease Dictionary in the background while doing the ACU panel with the Focus on the Dementia Disorder. The group felt that 7 min would be enough time to get that balanced and that was correct only one try and 101 rectification


Nerve cells (neurons) in the brain - loss or damage can cause dementia. Alzheimer's disease is the leading cause. But as well as progressive brain cell death like that seen in Alzheimer's disease, dementia can be caused by a head injury, a stroke or a brain tumor, among other causes


Now in the Main Matrix taking the word ‘Social’’ and running it through the Matrix as I though working a little deeper with the groups Social Factor blockage that was showing in the ACU panel. You can see the results then running 5 min Zap from filter, meaning that for 5 min the program will address each item as is needed up the list.

In the Disease Dictionary we  then ran a 7 min Healing for the group 

Now going into the NLP program and doing one unconscious choice and you see the group chose Neuro Peptide Balance, Stimulate Innate Intelligence Reactivity, note that after all the work that has been done we are reminded to drink pleanty of water ...

Innate Intelligence is a chiropractic term for the organizing properties of living things. This vitalistic concept states that all life contains innate (inborn) intelligence and that this force is responsible for the organization, maintenance and healing of the body. Philosophically, chiropractors believe that when they remove the interference to the nervous system (by way of a spinal adjustment) so that the spine is in correct alignment, Innate Intelligence can then act (by way of the nervous system), to heal disease within the body. The term is intimately connected with the term universal intelligence.


It only took two attempts to get this balanced.

Getting closer to ending the session and as I always end by going into Body Scan and Face therapy panel balancing the chakras and Aura, this time was no different.

At the same time in the BodyViwer panel running a ''General Health'' balance

Here we can see that both the Spleen Chakra and Brow Chakra come up as boxes this often indicates energetic parasites that come from different sources and are not yet manifested in the body but are in the energy field so it very important to clean that as well as possible.

If taking a look earlier in our session to the ACU panel when we looked for a ACU point connecting to Self-Adjustment Du 6 came up and that point links to the spleen ‘’Adjust Spleen’’.

The emotion that connects directly to the Spleen is Worry

A very common emotion in our stress-filled society, worry can deplete the energy of the spleen. This can cause digestive disturbances and eventually lead to chronic fatigue: A weakened spleen cannot efficiently turn food into qi, and the lungs are unable to extract qi from air efficiently. A person who worries too much "carries the weight of the world on her shoulders," a good description of how a person feels when her weak spleen qi leads to dampness. Treatment would include moxa and herbs that strengthen the spleen, allowing a person the energy to deal with life's problems instead of dwelling on them.


Too much thinking or obsessing about a topic can also deplete the spleen, causing a stagnation of its qi. A person with this condition may exhibit such symptoms as poor appetite, forgetting to eat, and bloating after eating. In time, the person may develop a pale complexion from a deficiency of spleen qi. This can eventually affect the heart, causing the person to dream about the same subjects at night. Students are often affected by this

If the third-eye chakra becomes unbalanced, we may feel bombarded with our own thoughts, unable to process them effectively and may feel stuck in an emotional and intellectual rut. We lose our sense of intuition, making our judgment clouded and causing us to make poor decisions. With a blocked third-eye chakra, we become closed to new ideas and fall off the paths of our true destiny.


Common psychological symptoms of an unbalanced third-eye chakra: headaches and migraines, nightmares, seizures, neurological disorders, personality disorders and neuroses, learning difficulties, and hallucinations.


Common physical symptoms of an unbalanced third-eye chakra: eye problems, glaucoma, ear problems and hearing difficulties, spinal conditions, and scalp/hair issues.


Healing the Brow/Third-Eye Chakra:

Balancing and opening the third-eye chakra promotes clarity, inspiration, and innovation. It allows us to follow our dreams and enhances our innate psychic abilities and spiritual connections. A balanced third-eye chakra helps us process the timeline of our own lives, enabling us to learn from our past, be present in the now, and see and achieve our future. Dream interpretation becomes easier, intuitions are stronger and clearer, and we feel a deeper connection to the universal plan of our lives. This sense of being “guided” opens up doors of possibilities to reaching our goals. It is important to wear or carry crystals/gemstones to heal the third-eye chakra and maintain its positive energy flow.


Harmonizing to Divine Light

Here we can see what our energy fields are working through and releasing ‘’Shame, Compulsiveness and Delusion’’

Now ending our wonderful session with these powerful signatures on MAX strength for 3 min

Almost all clear still some unknown Blockages that need some more work but we do that with little steps.

Ending our Full Moon in Virgo session with a bonfire, reading up the names of each participant with love and respect

Im not sure why the pictures are showing on their side but I will try to fix it, on this picture you will see our beautiful bonfire with the Full Moon in a distance.

Here are some helpful affirmations that are incredibly self-empowering. They help you to remember your True Source – your True Self – rather than an ego-identity that may be anything but empowered.

I choose. On my own sovereign authority, I allow myself to choose for my happiness.

I release my body from projections of guilt and shame. I take back what is mine and give back to my body what belongs to my body.

I trust my body as my partner in this life. I love my body and my body loves me

I am safe and protected because I am in Our Creator and Our Creator is in me.

My future is innocent and deserves my happiest thoughts right now.

I Am the Love and the Peace and the Power that makes me free to Be Me.


New Moon in Sagittarius 2015 Virtual Group session

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 A sincere thank you too all of you that participated in today’s New Moon session

As you can see right off in Varhope panel is that the H- Hydration and O- Oxygen is on the lower side, so remember to stop and take deep breaths during the day and drink plenty of water.


You can take a look for your self’s what came up in the main matrix in today’s session but I did not go into details on balancing from the Main Matrix panel today

In the Hololinguistic Program under Primary disease I added physical, emotional and spiritual blockages

 As you can see on the Main Matrix under Regulatory Dysfunction you will see ‘Organ System’ so looking into the Electro-physiological oscillation program clicking the start button we will see what the group is wanting to address in the session.



As you can see with the results the focus is on the Heart aria, rhythm and blood pressure. To understand better how important potassium is for our physical heart take a look at this link: http://www.livestrong.com/article/304747-potassium-and-cardiac-function/

So in this panel I addressed both the ‘’Stabilize Heartbeat’’ that got balanced right away, followed up with 5 min Blood pressure Stabilization.

When working on the Biofeedback devices with clients that have Blood Pressure issues and are taking medication for that situation, I always use this panel with care and monitor my client closely. Also it is good to tell your client to talk to his/her physician to monitor their medication, as when working on this particular program the balancing is very strong and medication may need to be reduced as taking the usual dose can cause major problems for your client.

Following up with a thorough Autonomic Nerval System balance. I started with doing a Sympathetic Stabilization balanced followed by a Vagus Nerve balance and ending with the Parasympathetic balance

The Group was in an Alarm state on the Selye bar meaning that whatever the challenge our collective consciousness is facing at the moment is doable and our physical, emotional and spiritual energies will take in and release what we do in this session with ease.

I looked at Cardiovascular connection for the group as it  came so strongly up for the group and as you see it went up to 96%. This was balanced in connection to everything that is showing on the image. Pay attention to ‘’Magnesium Chloride’’ coming up here but on the Main Matrix list it is showing as reaction for the group 7th from the bottom.

(I do appologize for the Spinal image being missing something went wrong in saving it)

Connecting Cardiovascular to the spinal program and seeing as so many times before C4 representing Guilt, repressed anger and bottled up feelings. The affirmation that can be helpful is: I am clear in my communication with life. I am free to enjoy life right now. I think this fits perfectly in this New Moon session as the goal is to let go of what we ourselves are haltering in our life’s and opening up for our freedom.

Then we see T7 that stands for Storing pain and refusal to enjoy and the affirmation that can be helpful in these situations is; I willingly let go. I allow sweetness to fill my life.

 From there going into Timed Therapies, at first nothing was pre chosen for the group so I clicked on ‘’repeat Unconscious search’’ and up came ‘’Intestinal Stim’’ that took two tries to get balances.

When returning to the Spinal Program we had an Alarm response present that was corrected, but still indicates that we were addressing things that are important but maybe at the same time sensitive.

 In the BodyViwer the Foci automatic selection showed the face as the most stressed for the group

 Closing out and coming back into the Virtual Doctor panel I then chose to go into ‘’Connection to DF Blood’’ and run a ‘’Indigo Immune+Blood stim’’, as blood comes up very strongly in our session as so many times before. Make note if ''Deal with Courage'' as that was the focus for the 10 min this program ran....It takes courage to allow oneself to be free.

Why It Is Important to Purify Your Blood, Health Benefits of Blood Detoxification

1. Why Is It Important to Purify your Blood? Our blood is the oxygen and nutrient supplying means without which the transport isn’t possible. It also transmits the impurities to the respective filtering organs such as liver and kidneys so as to make the body free of toxins all the time. It has self-healing properties but with years of job being done, it itself gets toxic and needs immediate cleanse.

2.  What Is Blood Detoxification? Blood detoxification in this context refers to cleaning the blood so that it gets rejuvenated and performs its task optimally. It can be done once in a year by following healthy lifestyle.

3.  Health Benefits of Blood Detoxification Now we are going to reveal the top 10 health benefits of blood detoxification. These points will greatly help you in collecting the knowledge so that you can better take care of your health.

4. Improved Immunity Presence of a number of harmful toxins inside the body hampers the immune system. Detoxification flushes out those elements and hence improves the immunity.

5.  Protection Against Tumours Detoxification involves having enzymes between or after meals that help getting rid of the toxic elements. This prevents from any kind of tumour build-up.

6.  Acne-Free Skin Clean blood reduces the chances of pimple formation, thereby providing smooth, light and glowing skin.

7. Reduced Cholesterol Levels Blood cleansing also removes the extra cholesterol along with the wastes from the body of those who consume refined foods in large amounts.

8.  Free-Radical Damage Since detoxification process includes loads of anti-oxidants intake, it is pretty obvious that they neutralize all the harmful effects of free radicals which might cause cancer.

9.  Liver Stimulation Clean blood when reaches the liver helps in its enhanced functioning. It can better throw out the wastes so as to keep the body free from wastes.

10.  Waste Elimination The detoxification process excretes out the wastes as much as possible as in this process the person takes healthy diet and keeps himself away from refined foods or alcohol.

11. Improved Blood Circulation Since the detoxification process has well balanced meals, it means it has fulfilled the blood’s iron requirement as well, thereby improving its circulation and oxygen and nutrient supplying abilities.

12.  Enhanced Digestive System The detoxification process means to clean everything in the body. Digestive wastes are no exceptions to this. The process flushes out everything that isn’t needed by the body any further. So, the person’s bowel movements are improved.

13.  Elevated Brain functioning The blood, whether cleaned or not, reaches every bodily organ including brain. Toxic blood hampers its working whereas detoxified blood enhances its functioning.

14.  Elevated Brain Functioning The toxic blood can lead to psychological, cognitive or concentration issues which can be prevented if the blood cleaning is done.

15.  Ways to Cleanse the Blood Naturally It is advised to feed on lots of green veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, watercress, kale, broccoli, etc; foods that stimulate the liver to encourage the detoxification enzymes like garlic;

16.  Ways to Cleanse the Blood Naturally and citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon, orange, etc. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. These types of meals also balance the sugar and cholesterol levels in the body.cholesterol levels in the body.

Now in the BodyViwer the whole immune system was addressed, stimulating the nutritional absorption, emotions and anti-inflammation.

In the aura clense in the BodyViwer you see the muddy aura color for the group including a black cloud around the face aria. Previously when running the ‘’Foci detection automatic’’ the face is red or the most stressed aria

Black draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. It is the color of protection...

It is not always bad and does not always mean death or terminal illness.

Black is a warning sign in most cases when seen as part of the aura colors but can also mean that a person is protecting himself from outside influences. Be careful how you handle seeing black in a persons aura.

When black spots appear in the aura, it can be something as simple as a previous operation or a cold on the chest. Instead of rendering an opinion rather just suggest that the person see a doctor.

 Now respecting our groups first choice after calibration and working in the Auto Trivector panel (see previous blogs for more info), but this panel helps us to charge the battery of the body. From there into the ‘’DNA book o Life´´ panel doing a ‘’DNA Tingle’’ as was suggested for the group as a second choice after calibration.

Now in the NLP panel a 12sec ‘’relaxation pulse’’ followed by an Unconscious choice ‘’Personality Division Retraining, Reunion to self’’ how perfect is that for our group ;) This got rectified to a 116 in the first round but as I have explained before, I do not look at that as a balanced item, I want all rectifications to be as close to a 100% as possible so I ran it again.

Through the Unconscious reactivity panel with in the NLP program clicking on the atom a few times to get up the communication panel

To ; New Moon Group December 2015 The Quantum Universe

Effect of change:  

I AM Free Of limited thinking I AM Free Of doubt I AM Free Of fear I AM Free Of worry I AM Free Of not having enough ….. [fill in the blank] I AM Free Of pain I AM Free Of suffering I AM Free Of various health issues I AM Free Of feeling powerless I AM Free Of struggling I AM Free Of conflict I AM Free Of being a victim I AM Free Of the constraints of a lower consciousness I AM Free To explore who I am I AM Free To find my Joy I AM Free To discover my truth I AM Free To find my purpose I AM Freedom

Activate QIF – Insert Prayer to QIF ;

 I ask for guidance and protection and on my path surrounding me with the finest the highest and the best energies to fulfil my life and purpose according to the good of all living things.

Additional Instructions:

Please grant me the strength I require to manifest my goals and dreams now

It is optional to click ‘’Allow change in timeline´’ I did that for the group and we got a small change and one major change that were allowed, so that is fantastic….Then I clicked ‘’Send’’ to get our message out to the Universe.

The YL oils that came up for the group today were Raven that helps to the upper respiratory, Sacred Mountain that gives a feeling of protection, empowerment and grounding..

In the Main Matrix in the white hold tray writing in Freedom and then running a MAX 5 min Zap from filter to address all that we need to help us in practicing our freedom and strength.

Then as usual repairing our session up with cleaning the Aura and strengthening the chakras. As you can see the Root and Spleen chakras of the group are quite blocked so opening up for our connection to the earth and taking in her life force energy is something worth focusing on.

The Foci´s today are around the group’s feet but as we know when we are braking through old patterns and taking steps forward it sometimes can be challenging and we often feel stuck. That is what our session today is all about having the strength to move forward in freedom of who we are.

Now sealing our session with a MAX feel good Zap.

Thank you for participating in this wonderful session and I hope you embrace your freedom and strength to your highest potential.




New Moon in Scorpio 2015

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Dear all
Thank you again for your patience and understanding for the lack of
blogging on the New Moon session in November.
My intention this week was to put the info on the blog page but
unfortunately I found that my USB stick that all the info was saved on
stopped working. I´m not sure what happened and I have tried all that I can
to retrieve the information for the session but have not been successful.
I deeply apologize for this inconvenience.
November was eventful and challenging for me in so many ways and on top of
it all finding that my blog info is gone it was just an ending of a highly
transforming month.
I don´t know about you but the energy was very strong and effective for
last month.
In not so many words the things that came up in the session was mainly the
nervous system so that was balanced to the fullest also the adrenal energy
for the group needed much attention, and I for one can relate to that very
Working on courage and bravery followed by deep emotional forgiveness.
In the biofeedback panel relaxing the stress in spine and nerves followed
by balancing subconscious negative emotions.....
The Young Living oils that came up were Lavender that is calming and also
clarity that is quite self explanatory..
Balancing the life force through Timed therapies music and super learning
panel and then in the same panel Feel good therapy that took about 10 min
to get rectified.
Ending the session with MAX strength on unconditional love and protection.
I do hope even tough this is not as detailed as usual that you still get a
feeling of what the session held and I truly hope it gave you some
upliftment and hope.
I sincerely thank you again for your understanding
Much love to you all

New Moon in Libra "Let us be more loving and forgiving" 13.10 2015

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Thank you for participating in last night New Moon in Libra virtual group session.

Learning how to forgive and extend love and compassion to others is one of the most important things we can learn. Holding grievances hurts ourselves far more than anything anyone else has ever appeared to “do” to us. It puts a veil over the Light that shines within us, cutting us off from our experience of being connected with the source energy, and therefore, love.

If we can find forgiveness in our hearts for those who have caused us hurt and injury, we will rise to a higher level of self-esteem and well-being.

Varhope panel shows that the groups Hydration is on the lower side, so it goes without saying that our group needs to make sure that each individual drinks enough water through the day so our bodies will be able to nourish the cells and help clear out toxins that need to be flushed out of our system

As you can see on the Main Matrix lung and Kidney aria come strongly up….Remembering to breath and focusing on our breathing.

As we know according to TMC(Traditional Chinese Medicine) every organ has a partner organ, one being Yin and the other Yang and they work together to keep the body in balance. Each organ linkes to an emotion and a season.

The Lungs are the Yin and their partner is the Large Intestine. The lungs take in the new and the large intestine release the waste. Many breathing and bowel disorders are rooted in excess grief and sadness. Excess grieving can then lead to disorders of both the lungs and the large intestine. Therefor are our abilities to accept and be open to new experiences and to let fo of things that are painful or harmful is important both to our emotional and physical wellbeing.

There are beneficial foods that can and will benefit the lungs and give them the energy they need to help you move through your grief more quickly. The flavor of the lung is pungent so foods that are the most nourishing to the lungs are considered pungent in TCM:

Garlic, sweet potato, ginger, onion, cabbage, pears, walnuts, black pepper, radish, chili, cinnamon, cardamom, leek, miso, navy beans, soy beans, almonds, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, mustard greens, apricot, banana and eggs.

The season for the lungs is the Autumn so this is the time to give your lungs the attention they deserve.

Then we have the kidney with the partner organ the bladder. The Kidney is the powerhouse of the body, supplying reserve energy to any organ running low on Qi.

The season associated with the kidney is the winter, so it’s especially important to slow down and conserve energy in the winter by going with nature and getting more rest. . The kidney stores reserve energy called “pre-natal Qi” inherited from your parents. So when another organ is low on energy, the kidney sends it an extra Qi boost from this inheritance.

Any ear problems for example such as deafness, tinnitus, ear infection, are a signal from your body letting you know that your kidney’s energy needs extra support. The bone is the tissue associated with the kidney. If the kidney energy is low, you may have symptoms such as osteoporosis, dental issues or developmental issues.

When you are craving salt according to the five element theory your kidneys are asking for support, so it is important to listen to your kidneys and have a salty snack.

Then we have the emotion Fear that is lint to the kidneys. So f.e.x if you often have severe panic attacks, anxiety, and fear, your body may be trying to tell you that your kidney energy is running low or is imbalanced, and that will blow these emotions out of proportion.


Here are some beneficial food ideas to support your kidney’s specially now as winter is coming:

Salty black foods such as, seaweed, seafood especially shellfish, black sesame seeds, goji berries, walnuts and cashew, black and kidney beans, watermelon, cauliflower, nut oil, pine nuts, lamb and chicken. Also salty crunchy foods stimulate your teeth witch benefits the kidney energy, such as a handful of wasabi peas or salty nuts.


Now for those of you that took part in our “Super” full moon session in the end of September, take a look at the fourth item from the bottom of the Matrix,” Alchemama 7 Brings the I am presence into the central channel”, This is the Item I chose to work with for the group in our full moon session(see previous blog entry) and we worked very deeply with it, and now the group itself chooses this frequency again to continue working with it. How exiting is that ? 

Just a little Prana healing to opening up for the session and taking a look at what the two suggested therapies were from the calibration.

Going into the Systemic Relaxation Biofeedback panel starting with balancing “reducing stress in nerve” that ran for about 7 minutes until it got rectified.

Then doing an unconscious choice within the panel to see what the group would choose, and as you can see ATP active transport, that was addressed and balanced until rectified.

ATP is the major energy currency molecule of the cell, ATP, is evaluated in the context of creationism. This complex molecule is critical for all life from the simplest to the most complex. It is only one of millions of enormously intricate nanomachines that needs to have been designed in order for life to exist on earth. This motor is an excellent example of irreducible complexity because it is necessary in its entirety in order for even the simplest form of life to survive.

This was the only thing that was worked on in this panel but another unconscious choice was made to see what the group would need as well.

From here going into the Risk Profile, and you can see the group is in quite good balance as the selye bar is still close enough the Alarm.

Addressing the highest and lowest and then choosing Trauma (as physical trauma coming up in the biofeedback panel and not being address in that panel) and going into Virtual Doctor.

Here we can now see connection to the Trauma the primary cause and cure is Trauma or injury fitting the physical trauma that came up in the previous panel. But now pay attention to liver that is repeating, like in our previous session Liver always comes up strongly. The liver is affiliated with anger. Anger causes the liver’s energy flow to be blocked. If pronounced enough, this congestion causes a sensation of heat rising up to the head, often showing up as a red face and blood shot eyes. Practitioners of TCM typically use a similar treatment strategy (improving the flow of liver energy) for those with chronic liver disease and those who anger easily. Interestingly, those with chronic liver disease frequently present with high levels of irritability and anger issues.

Auto Zap Emotions for 5 min was done after the Risk Profile and the next few steps that will show. I had some difficaulty with putting the image in the right place :)

Connecting the Trauma from Virtual doctor to the spinal panel you see as so many times before C4 coming up and then we have L1.

Activating the Disease Dictionary running Healing for 7 minutes

In the Biofeedback Sarcode panel Heart Stabilizer for the group was balanced.

At the same time in BodyViewer some liver balance was done

Now in the Biorhythm panel looking at th

e Chinese Astrology for the group, first line being positive and uplifting and the second line more with what each one of us can look at and work on, then the risk of the day.

Medical Astrology information for the group still in the Biorhythm panel

Today’s Astrology information, it speaks for it self and got balanced.

At the same time in the BodyViewer.

Under Children’s talk we got some nice information.

In the sport panel, cortisol increase got a stabilize hormones. Then we got an overall conflict reduction with the focus on reducing conflict with the self and others.

In the NLP panel still linked to the Trauma in the Virtual Doctor panel the group’s first choice was “Dissipate away: action Consequences+superimposition”(karma). I usually am very selective when it comes to this choice but as everyone that took part in this session had given their consent by registering I went ahead and did the balancing. This balancing went very well.

The second unconscious choice was “Open mind training, reduce false illusions” this on the other hand took some time to get balanced as you can see.

At the same time in the disease dictionary median nerve disorder ran for 37 minutes.

The second unconscious choice was “Open mind training, reduce false illusions” this on the other hand took some time to get balanced as you can see.

Back on the Main Matrix looking at the highest reaction of the flower essences and the group had chosen the Wild Oat that balances uncertainty, dissatisfaction at the same time opening up for higher purpose alignment, helping to make life path decisions and ambitions.

I felt that this actually was a very good fit after what the group had chosen in the NLP panel.

In the BodyViewer “tours of forgiveness” was getting balanced.

3 min pituitary balancing as the most stressed organ linked to trauma was the pituitary gland..

Then dragging and dropping the Pitui Liq in the purple hold tray and fusing it with the Flower Essence subfile. Then each flower essence frequency was balanced to a 100%.

Getting closer to the end of the session and respecting one of the prechosen therapies from calibration, Auto Trivector being the second choice, but it felt appropriate to boost up our body battery energy (see previous blog for more info).

In the Body scan and face therapy you can see that the energy chakras of the group are very blocked making the overall en
ergy flow and body communication labored..

After the balancing we got a beautiful clear colored aura back and all chakras back on track…Sealing it with Harmonizing to Divine Light.

Searching for Unconditional Love from the Main Matrix and balancing the selection for 5 minute.

7 sec max zap of a feel good frequency.


Hope this session will help you feel uplifted and tranquil. Remember all this balancing will continue working very strongly for the next couple of days so be observant of what you are experiencing.



Full Moon in Aries "SuperMoon" 28th September 2015

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Dear all, staring with thanking all of you that took part in our Supermoon session 2 days ago at the same time for your patience waiting for the blog update:)

What a magical experience this Full Moon in Aries was, and how privilege it feat to witness this extraordinary event. Sitting outside in the middle of the night running the virtual group session watching the clear starry sky was like being at a front seat row in a theater were the moon played its powerful part of shifting energies and adding to it some colorful eye candy for those watching.

Needless to say that this Aries Full Moon was very powerful, so don’t be surprised by the surprises that come your way. This lunar eclipse will created extra strong tides and energy flows, disrupting sleep and energy levels. Added to this, when eclipses occur near the equinoxes, a time when the Earth’s magnetic field decreases, they aid us in making rapid changes, releasing old energy patterns so there’s energy available to create new forms.

Keeping in mind that the energies will be intense. Give these energies a week or so to calm down before you try to integrate what you’ve learned..

Lets take a look at what came up in our SuperMoon session :

As in so many of our group sessions you will see that the V=Voltages is on the lower site as a normal reaction should be 85-100. This indicates that we need to pay more attention to our Adrenal aria and work on reducing our daily stress so we don’t abuse our adrenal energy so much and suffocate our life force(read more in previous blogs)

As you can see the highest trivector signatures for the group were 2 flower essences, the highest being

“Steptocarpus” that will help to bring clarity and healing to the heart, and clear conscience” how beautiful and appropriate was that for our session. Then the second being “Mountain Dahlia” to help balancing Insensitivity to others and to open up for telepathy”.

This for me was a perfect selection as with the South Node in Aries, we’ve been called on to let go of our old behavior patterns of reacting to situations with anger, domination and aggression, as well as our need to ‘go it alone’.

In the Orgon generater I added some positive affirmations starting with I am as I believe that there is were each and everyone of us holds our pure power.

Up in the left corner you will see a button “Add your own pryer” in that option added an even more powerful affirmation “I revoke”. My mother and I read this out loud 3 times facing the moon prior to our group session.. This is extremely effective and you can read it when ever you feel like doing so. Reading it out loud 3 times will help putting the intention to the core of this affirmation.

I revoke

all contracts that tallow's  others to misuse my free will.

I revoke all

contracts and agreements that have let to me minimizing my free will and earth power.

I revoke,

all small writings in any contract that I have made with my soul family that restrict my free will in any way.

I revoke these contracts now,from this moment forward  all these contract are revoked and I take charge of my free will, the flow of knowledge and happiness.

I am a free will spirit, I am and have always been connected to my true spirit,

I have the power of will to revoke all misunderstanding that have

concluded in restricting my connection to my purpose and growth

here on this planet, Mother Earth. I strictly announce that I and I alone in this graduating timeline on Planet Earth, now, the Mother of my biological vehicle, my

sacred body and my sacred DNA codes created here within her sacred

Energy Am in charge of all decisions made for my well being, safety and growth. I alone am in charge of the contract I have made with the Sacred Spirit of the Planet Mother

Earth. This contract is clean, clear and connected to my higher self that made the decision to join the core energy of this planet for her support and my own experience. This experience will on now way effect this planet but in good way and with her full

consent of every move I take. With respect for myself and Mother Earth, and with full consent of our spirits and higher selves our intentions are pure clear and in this graduation timeline.

I kept it very simple and clear in the hololinguistic program

As I have said so many times before I do strongly believe in doing a thorough adrenal balance for my clients in the start of every session and this session was no different.

As I just mentioned earlier I truly believe in the statement I AM and chose one within the program that I felt was fitting for the session:

Alchemema 7 Brings the I am presence into the central channel, extending it to galactic consciousness and puts the “messiah” complex behind you.

Not to mention that the sign ARIES is the sign representing I AM

I started by dragging and dropping Alchemema 7 into the purple hold tray on the right side and linking it to the “Imponderables” in the sub-files above it.

Then addressing every item(yellow line) that came up linking the two choices and balancing each item to a 100%

The second sub-file choice I did was linking the Alchemema 7 to the Flower Essences. Take a good look at what we chose as a group I get goosebumps just looking at it...Then again pay attention to Mountain Dahlia appearing here in this section again so obviously is a significant choice for the group.

Again as described above each item was balanced to a 100%.

In the Clients subconscious choice program I was curious to see what would come up for the group by putting the focus on emotions. Here you can see for your self’s many different things that were in need of clearing and balancing.

linking the step above to the spinal program, and it does not come as a surprise that C4 come up in read representing guilt, repressed anger and stuffed tears.

Then we have T7 that often represents discontent and family conflicts.

Now from the Clients Superconscious panel I linked it to the NLP panel still connected to the emotional profile from before. Starting with a 12 sec relaxation balancing followed by an unconscious choice and as you can see on the picture we did not get any recommendation.

I had a certain idea on what I wanted to run in this session from this panel going through the unconscious reactivity panel into the message panel and do some affirmations and messages to change some old patterns that we as a group are holding on to and connecting to higher alignment. But that did not happen as the program froze. So at this time that part of the program was not to be used in our session. I take these hints seriously and respect when it is so obvious what is not meant to be worked with in a session.

At this point I had to close the program and go back in to it doing the calibration for the group again and then continuing.

I went back into the NLP program and din an unconscious choice again and this time the group chose Higher purpose Alignment, stabilize self goals. What a great and relevant choice we made...as you can see the first rectification was 114% then it went down to 73%. I personally do not feel that an item is balanced when it has a very high rectification my interpretation is when an item goes from a low rectification to a very high(or the contrary) rectification there is definitely an imbalance in need for further work and balancing and as you can see on the pictures for the group that was the case. Usually when a number goes from a very high to a very low number I run it the third time to see if that was enough to get a good rectification( for me a rectification is from over 90%-104%). As you see the rectification went to a high number again and then to a 108% and I did not push this rectification more. Ideally when this happens specially if a number drops significantly down to a low rectification after 3 tries I stop the training of that item as for me that is my client telling me the signature has been received but at this moment more time is needed to adapt to this signature and that is enough for now in this panel. This is my opinion but those of you working with devices just listen to your intuition.

From here we clicked on “Transfer to Main Matrix” then the item that was being balanced gets moved to the Main Matrix into the red and purple hold trays at the bottom of the screen. When this is done you will see four options of Echo's appear.

Starting from the Left “Mental Echo” making sure that the subfile panel to the right is set on “Return to Main” then running the first Echo linking to the whole Matrix and then getting up on the Right side yellow lines that link to each echo. Items that need to be balanced so help with releasing things that are holding back our own healing process. Each yellow line is then balanced to a 100% rectification. Take notice of what items re-accrue in each echo as they are significant and may need further attention.

Mental Echo

Causal Echo

Etheric Echo


BodyVewer running in the background

Now focusing on the purple hold tray and adding Alchemema 7 that we used in the beginning to see how comparable the two items are and if it would be ideal to fuse them together.

In the yellow panel that you see now(Indiv. Reaction) we are only looking at the number that is highlighted in RED and wanting it to be over a 100 as then means our two chosen items are ideal to work with in combination.

Clicking search Harmonics, and again we are working our way through the yellow lines and as you see even more options are showing.

Emotional Focus

Homeo Focus

General Focus

Top 6 Homeopathics

This method takes time as when you start doing this process you want to make sure you finish what you start. I find this process very rewarding and until now I have gotten amazing results with my clients using this option of the program. This shows many different aspects and goes very deep within each level and truly stir up a lot of different blockages in many different layers.

The YL essential oil Joy came up a couple of times and so did Flu90 so make sure to be open for the joy within your hears and also boosting your immune system properly to prevent any colds or flu.

As Auto frequency was the first choice of balancing after Calibration I felt it was important to respect that for the group. This is a powerful Rife like balancing that conducts a polarity test and balance: it is to introduce the body's magnetic frequencies that are designed to create a relaxed electrical signature unfriendly to microorganisms.

As Auto Frequency was the first choice of therapy I was curious to see if Negative Magnetic(In the Homitoxicology panel) was higher then the Positive magnetic as it is supposed to be but as you can see that was not the case...Also Left spin was lower than Right spin.

Ideally the Negative Magnetic and Left Spin are supposed to be higher that Positive Magnetic and Right Spin.

Read more about magnetic field and the body: http://waterpollutionfilters.com/magnets.htm

Read more about left and right spin: http://www.biznet1.com/water/spin.htm

Balancing the left spin on MAX in the Main Matrix

In the Biofeedback panel under Relaxation : Release subconscious Negativity ran for a good 15 min(I chose to let this run as in the NLP panel while balancing higher purpose alighnment a negative disorder was detected) and these were some of the things that it balanced.

The Auto Scalar panel will help to spin the Chakras(subtle energy centers) in the right direction, the subtle life force energy is absorbed and distributed to our cells, organs and body tissue. The energy flow- greatly effects our personality structure our emotions and state of spiritual development.

At the same time in BodyViwer an Energy Boost was activated

In the Main Matrix a Moon Stone 7 sec balancing was done

Supspace Morphic Trance clearing disturbances in different dimensions.

Physical: Physical form of the body.

Mental: Plane of your perception of others or others of you.

Ancestral Miasmatic: Passed on traits or tendencies, emotions, fear, patterns.

Etheric: Earthbound relations, energetic imprints.

Cosmic Plane: Multi-dimensional.

Microcosms: Past lives, totality of experiences.

Polymorphic Structure: Weaving of the Web in the Cosmos.

(Note: It is important to clear these dimensions that may be having an interference or influence on the mind/body relationship)

A little more balancing for on the Mental Interference.

Getting ready to rep up the session, balancing the Aura and Chakras...As you see our collective consciousness had big foci interferences in the field and it took some time to get it all cleared... Up in the left corner you see a colorful box, in not so many word it should not be there and it usually indicates that a energy presence has come to close to the body itself. Does not mean that it is a negative energy some may call it a guardian energy. Still it is necessary to understand that it is important to keep our energy field as clean as possible and any guardian energy needs to be outside our Etheric field so both our energy and the guardian energy can work together without interruptions.

Harmonizing to Divine Light after the Aura/Chakra balancing...You see that Resentment repeats it self here on the right something that we are working hard subconsciously to release.

These 5 items all got a 7 sec balancing on Maximum power to complete the session.

It’s all energy. We’re swimming in energetic streams. We are connected to the movements of the cosmos and are all woven together in this intricate and multidimensional tapestry that is Life. There is a lot of charge in the air which could be wiping some of us out! Energy has been building toward this BLOODMOON~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, which is the final of the “rare” tetrad configuration that will culminate on September 27th.

Passions will be stirring so we must take deep breaths, connect with the grounding energy of the Earth, and bring patience and love to our interactions/relationships. We can transmute the fire and rise to see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart. 

Mystic Mama



New Moon in Virgo 13th of September 2015

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Thank you for participating in the New Moon session in Virgo 2015. Lets look at the things that came up and the things that where worked on.

Virgo is a grounded Earth sign with intelligent people in its energy. Mercury is the planet for Virgo, Mercury is the ruler of thoughts and is known to be the messenger of the Gods.

Virgoans are smart thinkers and very practical, they are modest and will never spring forth to bring attention to themselves. They work quietly, remarkable diligent and efficient, they are the ones that will get the work done and always be there for their loved ones.

The Affirmation for our session was :

I am healin from the inside out, emerging a victor, in charge of my own life, my own happiness, and my own peace. The more sure I  become of that, the more aware I am that love is available to me anytime I need it. Love multiplies itself the more it's given, even when I give it to my self. Others sense my love and are drawn to it like a light they want to be near, and I welcome those who will enhance my life and celebrate with me exactly who

I am.

Lets take a look at what was addressed in our session:

Starting by taking a look at the Varhop panel you will see that the voltage, which is associated with Adrenal function and will power . In previous session the Voltage has often been on the lower side and it shows as a group we hold a lot of stress within this aria

Oxygen that is associated with the ease of oxygen flow in the body where both on the lower side.

Then as you see Amperage that is associated with brain function, serotonin and the life force is also on the lower side. When my clients show to have a low Amperage tendencies I considerate on building up the bowel flora, as in most cases the gut is to toxic and that f.e.x prevents the right production of serotonin.

The Main Matrix speaks for it self

Fatty Acids showed to be a repeated pattern during our session of the group, so now as individuals take a look at your diet sources and make sure that you are including enough fatty acids in your diet.

Essential fatty acids (for example, the kind of fats found in fish) are surprisingly commonly deficient.

Among other things, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are responsible for the health of our skin, hair and nails. When deficient in these fats the health of our skin/hair/nails suffers, acting as a general indicator for our levels of these critical fatty acids.

The following table outlines the typical signs/symptoms seen in essential fatty acid deficiency. The significance of these deficiencies goes far beyond the presence of these obvious deficiency symptoms and relates to a large variety of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, inflammatory/auto-immune conditions, mental health conditions, etc.

Whether you are trying to overcome a particular health issue or are simply trying to preserve your health, then your balance of fatty acids deserves some attention.

Signs/Symptoms of Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

Dry skin (e.g., feet/face/general)

Scaly or flaky skin (e.g., legs)

Cracking/peeling fingertips & skin (e.g., heels)

Lackluster skin

Small bumps on back of upper arms

Patchy dullness &/or color variation of skin

Mixed oily and dry skin ('combination' skin)

Irregular quilted appearance of skin (e.g., legs)

Thick or cracked calluses

Dandruff or cradle cap

Dry, lackluster, brittle or unruly hair

Soft, fraying, splitting or brittle fingernails

Dull nails - lack of surface shine

Slow growing fingernails

Dry eyes

Dry mouth/throat

Inadequate vaginal lubrication

Menstrual cramps

Premenstrual breast pain/tenderness

Excessive ear wax

Excessive thirst

Allergic (e.g., eczema/asthma/hay fever/hives)

Crave fats/fatty foods

Stiff or painful joints

Fatty Acids also play a big role in general mental health, and when deficient can be related to depression, dementia, ADD/ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, and more

Here is a link that gives you good information about the 10 food sources that are high in fatty acids:


Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body for maintaining a sense of smell, keeping a healthy immune system, building proteins, triggering enzymes, and creating DNA. Zinc also helps the cells in your body communicate by functioning as a neurotransmitter. A deficiency in zinc can lead to stunted growth, diarrhea, impotence, hair loss, eye and skin lesions, impaired appetite, and depressed immunity. Conversely, consuming too much zinc can lead to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and headaches in the short term, and can disrupt absorption of copper and iron in the long term.

Here are some example”s of Zinc rich foods:

Toasted Wheat Gem, Seafood (Cooked Oysters) ,Spinach, Pumpkin and Squash Seeds, Nuts (Cashews) ,Cocoa and Dark Chocolate (organic Cocoa Powder), Beans (Cooked Mung Beans), Mushrooms (Cooked White Mushrooms), Cooked Napa Cabbage, Palm Hearts, Fireweed Sprouts, Lemon Grass (Citronella), Sun-Dried Tomatoes , Wasabi Root , Stir-Fried Lentil Sprouts , Raw Winged Bean Tubers, Shiitake Mushrooms Cooked Without Salt, Green Peas (Raw or Cooked) and Beef and Lamb (Cooked Lean Beef Shortribs).


Prana healing for one minute as I feel it relaxes the whole system and makes it easier communicate with the subconscious for the rest of the session.


As in previous Adrenal balance is a very important factor for our life force. I always take the time to balance the Adrenals in the beginning of a session as it will relax the clients energy and build up a better foundation for the session.

As the Fatty Acids were showing as the highest reaction on the Main Matrix I felt it was very appropriate to do an over all Fatty Acid Balance in the Nutritional Panel. It took 4 attempts to get the rectification showing.

Now taking a look at the risk profile you will see the Selye bar is in the Adaption face meaning that at this point something within our system is not reacting like it should, being more in a waiting position to see if we start addressing it. As I look at the Selye bar and it is positioned a little lower than the middle I will look at the Risk Profile list to see more or less what items are between the middle and the lowest reaction of the list. I started to look at Stress via virtual Doctor but at this point it only went up to 67% so I did not address it. As in the Universal Biofeedback therapy Panel the second training suggested from the Calibration calculations was Mental NLP so I decided to choose Emotional (even though it was a bit on the lower side of the list) to see how relevant that would be, and as you can see that was what our group wanted to address further.

Now linking the Emotional to the Spinal Panel you see that C4 is read (that is the most common emotional vertebra that shows blockages) representing : Guilt, repressed anger and stuffed tears just to name a few. Then C7 not as blocked but still needing some balancing connecting to: Confusion, anger, feeling helpless and not being able to reach out for help.

Then the whole Lumbar aria being read(When the outlines are read it means the whole aria), this is linking to a variety of things like: L1- Insecurity and a crying for love. L2 – being stuck in childhood pain and seeing no way out. L3 – Sexual abuse, guilt and self hatred. L4 – Rejection of sexuality, financial insecurity, fear of cancer and feeling powerless. L5 – Insecurity, difficulty in communication, anger and the inability to accept pleasure.

So as you can see a lot of possible stuck emotion that are necessary to start addressing and releasing.

Continuing in the Spinal Program and going into Timed Therapies taking a look at what Sarcode signature needed to be addressed linking to the Emotional choice via Virtual doctor, and as you can see Immune Stim was what the group chose.

Giving that some balancing that took 3 attempts to get rectified but also paying attention to the piggy bag items below and you will see “use highest emotional imponderable” repeating with connection to Detox. So that gave me an idea for the next few steps of our session.

The BodyViwer had been activated at this point and as you can see from the Auto detection Foci the feet are showing in red this can be an indicator to lack of grounding/earth connection that is in direct connection to our life force, and as we saw in the beginning of our session Voltage was on the lower side(adrenal energy and life force).

Also wait was activated in the BV was the partial Acu program that worked on blockages in the meridians and in connection to f.e.x. dehydration and internal emotional disturbance .

The ACU program was the first choice of Training after the Calibration calculations so I feat it was appropriate to address it via the BV at this time as our focus for the session was needed to be more on the emotional side.



Still working via Virtual Doc. Through the Spinal Panel and now going from there into the NLP panel.


Instead of going in to the Main Matrix and looking at the Emotional Imponderables from there I decided to do it in connection to the Emotional choice from the Risk Profile via Virtual Doctor linked through the Spinal Panel and finally in the NLP panel.

Now as you see the highest emotion showing was Betrayal, this emotion has a broad meaning but I believe that everyone at some point in their life’s experience the feeling of betrayal and this feeling often sits very deep within the system and manifests as a long term blockage, so as this emotion showed up for our group consciousness I thought it was a good thing to take it further(as you will see a little later).

Within the mental factors/emotional chart panel the 3 highest emotions were balanced and the 3 highest neurotransmitters. Also Pay attention to the LOVE and Frustration balancing as that was trained as well and took 4 attempts to get the LOVE index 2 times higher than the frustration index, so well done everyone :)

Within the Mental factors panel I went into the Unconscious Reactivity panel.....I do apologize but it seams like the picture I took from this panel did not get saved properly....For those of you that are device owners I did not put in any age I took out the 0 that is automatically there and then clicked start. I did this as our group represents many different ages and to make sure as a group everything would be taken into account.

Trauma that came up was at gestation week 13

What is happening in the Gestation week 13:

A baby is about 6.7cm long from crown to rump and weighs nearly 23g, about the same as a pea pod . Tiny fingerprints are now at the tips of their fingers. A baby has sucking muscles in it's cheeks, so when the tummy gets poked gently the baby will feel it and start rooting. It's a rehearsal for the important instinct of searching for your nipple once the baby is born.

No specific emotional trauma came up but then we got up some nerve trauma and muscular trauma. This all got balanced


First unconscious choice with in the NLP panel, took 3 attempts to get it rectified

Second unconscious choice with in the NLP panel, 2 attempts to get it rectified

Continuing within the NLP program

Corpus Callosum broad band of nerve fibers joining the two hemispheres of the brain. This took few attempts toget rectified.

After getting the Corpus Collosum balanced the Frontal Lobe fealt like it needed some attention as well :) The part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behavior. It is, in essence, the “control panel” of our personality and our ability to communicate.

While balancing the Brain Stress I opened up and ran some balancing in the Degen Scan panel as well, this was being balanced as we continue.

I love working within this program as it gives a wide range of layers that are addressed. This panel can be used with all clients and people do NOT need to have cancer to get the benefits of this balancing. Even though the program ran simultaneously with the main Training Panels I put all the results here below so it keeps the content in tacked.




In the BodyViwer the program was clearing the energetic imbalances around the Aura.

Red is an action color. Red has the lowest frequency and is the densest color in the spectrum.

It can be positive or negative, creates the most friction which either attracts or repels.

Red is also nature's warning color.

Since it can indicate high levels of dense emotion be aware that it can represent rebellion, aggression, anger or unforgiveness, anxiety or nervousness, impulsiveness or hate.

This panel comes from the work of Joe Scogna, Joe was a friend of mine who spent many hours discussing healing

with me. He developed the SAF technique before his untimely death from cancer. The panel shows the conflict of the

patient his present situation and the causes, items in the middle show additional complications. I hope this panel can

help in your practice. The next page of Meta Programs comes from a modification of Stanislav Graff's work by

Jean-Pierre Garitte and his friend, Jimmy Eerebout from Belgium. This chart will attempt to show fixations of emotional

tension, the result from our spiritual path.

I thought it would be intresting for the group to see what came up in this panel

In this part of the program a few things were addressed(the core emotion), Anger, Pain and Hate and the Spirit Emotion Dissect, Respond and Achieve. The Yellow color represents the Present the Fuchsia Color Causal and the Green color the conflict

Continuing within the Survival Form Panel and taking a deeper look at the colored items that are shown Red being primary and doing a light Training on all colored items within the panel.

As you clearly see there are many different things that are being worked on within our subconsciousness at all times so it is vital to be aware of them as that will make all changes better and smother within the near future.

Back at the Virtual Doctor panel(Still linked to Emotional), now connecting into the Homotoxicology panel.

At this point I’m not reading much into the information that are showing here but I clicked on the CNS motor sensory nerves

  This opens up the green panel you see on this picture. I did not fill anything out here but clicked the box in the low left corner(Check this box) and that opened up the Detox panel. For some mysterious reasons that picture is also missing from my library and I do apologize for that.

For those of you that have attended some of my training have seen this method of detoxing emotion. Now as we saw earlier in the program Betrayal was the highest emotion so in the Detox panel(no picture) in Nosodes I put in the emotion Betrayal. Then in the Sarcode line I put in numbers :10380, 10360, 10356, 10384, 10284 and 4910. See what these numbers stand for on the pictures below. The Detox balancing was started and ran for about 2 min.

Now back at the Main Matrix opening the Auto Focus Bio-resonance Zap you will see that there are quite a few X-es in front of different items. What catches the eye are the 2x Xes in front of the Emotional option meaning that it is of great significance. As this session was build up on clearing up old and stagnant emotions I feat respecting the groups choice of this item was very important, so a 5 min balancing was done and you can see here below what emotions were addressed in the process.

Giving some attention to the YL essential oil that came up highest and what a good choice it was and well deserved after all the work we had been doing.

Now getting to the end of our session going into Body Scan and Face therapy to balance the Chakras and Aura you will see that the Foci's tha were detected are more in the energetic field, and on the Right side representing things that we are now ready to release from our field.

Then taking a closer look at a energy foci that has gotten to close into our field and positioned itself on the right side of the face, could cloud our creative focus and abilities.

Beautiful colors surrounding our group aura, and appropriate to give some balance of Harmonizing to the Divine Light.

From System Power settings Maximum power activated for the 7sec Feel good Zap to rep up our session

Dear Quanntum Family, be aware of the depth in this session. We travelled deep within our

emotions with the detailed thoroughness of Virgo.

This will have rippled far into your existence, notice that it could cause emotional fluctuation for few days. Allow yourself to ride these ripples until they calm down naturally. Respect your own deeper need to heal and let go of things you have out grown and are not beneficial for your life anymore.

Be cautious and respectful of your inner work,

your outer world will reflect your respectwith gratitude.


New Moon in Leo 14th of August 2015

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Thanks to all the participants in this New Moon session taking place yesterday 14th of August 2015. Many interesting things came up in this session and the collective consciousness of the group had its own idea of where to take it.

Now, lets take a look at what came up and what was worked on.

Starting by taking a look at the Varhop panel you will see that the voltage, which is associated with Adrenal function and will power and oxygen that is associated with the ease of oxygen flow in the body where both on the lower side. Also pay attention to explore risk of “oxygen transfer disfunction”. Then take a look at proton and electron pressure being imbalanced. As the proton pressure (65 -70 is the normal range of response) higher than the electro pressure (70-75 is a good range). This can be an indicator of an infection like candida, bacterial, virus, “chronic condition”, something that has manifested as a situation over a long period of time.

Taking a quick look at the main matrix that shows many different things, again I look at things that come up like repeated pattern for the group. Make note of the highest trivector response for the session “ fluoride varnish”, a dental isode that a manmade inorganic compound. As you my know the dangers of fluoride overuse will after a long period of time start to effect our bodily function tremendously. For example, calcification of the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland is responsible for production of Melatonin from Tryptophan. Melantonin helps to regulate Circadian rhythm and plays a role in the timing of puppetry. Here is a good link for more info; http://be.well.org/the-dangers-of-fluoride-and-how-to-decalcify-your-pineal-gland/

Also you can see Oxygen disorder being repeated.

As I have talked about before Adrenal balance is a very important factor for our life force. I always take the time to balance the Adrenals in the beginning of a session as it will relax the clients energy and build up a better foundation for the session.

In timed therapies through the music plus super-learning panel you will see two bold lettered pre chosen options. Usually I would work with those choses but in the case of the group in the radio buttoned option I chose metabolic error combined with sport program-oxygenation stim (voltage plus amperage put to maximum ran for three minutes).

Back on the main matrix going into the YL essential oils subfiles you will see the first selected oil “SclarEssence” that supports the hormones and goes into digestion and Ph balance. For those of you who own and use the YL essential oils this would be a good choice to apply on your self or defuse.

Now taking a look at the risk profile you will see the Selye bar, was in alarm meaning the the group can work through any blockages easily. For those of you that have participated in previous sessions you will see blood being the highest reactant in the risk profile as before. Taking a closer look via the virtual doctor the need for balancing the blood is not as important as before as it is only 72%. By looking at the items below you will see Ph imbalance showing to be repeated pattern as is the bowel ( if you take a further look at the main matrix). Closing out to the risk profile and choosing an other item from the list “water, acid, alk” that via virtual doctor shows a 100% reactance. Note, that Fluorite varnish comes up again connected to this item, linking to possible the most stressed organ that are the Kidney that are also linked to the Pineal gland.

Via virtual doctor, still connected to “water, acid, alk” connecting it to the NLP program. The unconscious choice for the group was to join hemispheres (brain) to know true self (rectification started with 122, as before that is not a good rectification as this is to high, this you will see in previous blogs). Now closing back to the main matrix.

Working a little bit in the main matrix, choosing to work further with two items in the main matrix. Number one, Gold (strengthens the nervous system, purifies the body, attracts positive energy and opens the mind). Number two, blood, Ph ( read previous blogs about the blood). The circulatory system of mother earth the “Great Goddess” are her golden veins. Veins of Gold flow through and around the planet as a grid of powerful energy nourishing all life there is. Like our veins systematically distribute life force with our blood flowing through our body giving it life and power.

Putting each item in the hold trays on the right side of the main matrix clicking the both trays buttons fusing these two items together showing the results in the yellow lines below, each was balanced to a 100% rectification. This will help with flow of communication between these two items and to the release the blockages that are there.

On the main matrix item number five after the test was shoulder dislocation linking to too many “should´s” or incisiveness. As it is listed in the disease dictionary I thought it would be good choice to balance and as you can see the group chose 35min. balancing in the disease dictionary program. Shoulder also represents our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude. A wonderful affirmation by Louise Hay would be “ I choose to allow my experiences to be joyous and loving”.

The experience I was having before this New Moon was heaviness and light headache and others around me had the same experience. So I chose to go into the Cranial Sacral panel and do a thorough balancing within that program. Showing that the Cerebral Ventricles was hardest to balance.

The ventricles of the brain are a communicating network of cavities filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and located within the brain parenchyma. The ventricular system is composed of 2 lateral ventricles, the third ventricle, the cerebral aqueduct, and the fourth ventricle (see the following images). The choroid plexuses located in the ventricles produce CSF, which fills the ventricles and subarachnoid space, following a cycle of constant production and reabsorption.

At the same time in the Body Viewer the acupuncture long scan was activated and the main focus was on the Ren Mai Channe rectifying excess stress / internal emotional disfunction, dehydration repair starting in 26% oxygenation varhope disturbance, EMR interference. When the Cranial program finally got rectified the group got an alarm response, a further balancing needed in this area.

Taking a quick look at timed therapies in the spinal program you will notice that blood is repeating in the piggy bag. As we are seeing through this session is how it is important to keep the Ph balance of the body correct.


Going into the electro-physiological oscillation FREQ+ MCES program choosing subspace morphic trans. Balancing the disturbances that where present, it only took one try to get everything balanced.

Continuing with the sam program taking a look at the brain waves. For those of you that are Device owner will know that this panel can be challenging and time consuming to get balanced. Having in mind that the group chose in the NLP panel “ join hemispheres”, to know true self. I thought it would be appropriate as we already did Cranial balancing and dimensional cleansing, to work within the “big” brainwave program. After only one attempt normal was the highest as it should be (ideally it should be 10 points higher than the next number) but as you can see it is rectified with only 8 numbers between. I decided that was enough balancing for the group, as we are so many people in this session. So actually it was an excellent rectification.

Followed up with a five minutes zap from filter on clarity ( writing clarity in the white hold tray on the right of the matrix and click on search above tray).

In the Body Viewer at the same time the unconscious choice in sacred geometry was “tree of life, connection to ground”.

As Ph imbalance had been showing throughout our session I chose to run the two programs that will help imbalance. First one is Auto varhope panel.

And the Bio Terrain program.

Diseased Dictionary program rectified 98%.

Respecting the first program of choice after the calibration process, that was Auto Trivector. This program represents the “Body Battery” for more clarification read previous blogs.

Getting closer to the end of our session we took a look in the Biofeedback systemic relaxation program. There we did some reduce stress and nerve balancing, at the same time in the Body Viewer, complete spinal therapy was run. Followed up with balancing unconscious with conscious until rectified.

In the Body Viewer at the same time an energy boost was activated.

Now in the Body scan and face therapy, balancing the Chacras and Aura, as I have mentioned before, I like to do that in the end of my sessions.

Ending in the main matrix using the info report, adding to it 8 powerful items to finalize our session. See above. They where run simultaneously on maximum power for three minutes.

This session has been very powerful and interesting as the New Moon in Leo this time. These session will continue to work for days and those who are sensitive will feel it immediately and other sense it gradually. Those who participate in all of the New Moon session are boosting their energies and changing their lives New Moon by New Moon, I good way of taking your powers to higher levels.


Blue Moon 31st of July 2015

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I want to start by thanking all of you for participating in this powerful Blue Moon session yesterday. As I mentioned before part of the New Moon protocol from the 16th of July was ran again but in a different manner as during this Blue Moon session the focus became more on the deeper layers of past blockages as will be demonstrated here below.

For the next few days this session will continue to sink in deeper and deeper for each and everyone of us and it can bring up different thoughts, physical patterns and emotions to the surface due to the layers that were balanced to help our collective consciousness and us as individuals to release many things that have had a deep hold on us for many years and many lifetimes.

If you do experience any discomfort just remember it is a part of your healing process, take a deep breath and say to yourself " I let go, I am safe"

I would love to get feedback from what you experience in the next couple of days/weeks, and if you would share your thoughts here on the blog with the group I know it will be well appreciated.

So let’s take a look at yesterday’s session:


As you can see right away is that the Varhope numbers for the group was on the lower site. I personally felt very tired and heavy a couple of days prior to the Blue Moon, so my interpretation for that was that the energy of this rare occasion had started working very deeply and I could feel it in my body. Would love to hear if any of you had a similar experience.

Throughout the session I noticed that Digestion and Starvation repeated quite often so the question is what life experiences are we having difficulty/Denying us to enjoy or process? Followed by the heart/Cardiac that for me holds and is the foundation of love and tranquility, and we all share challenges of trusting and opening up our hearts to others due to past hurts….

If you take a closer look at the Man Matrix picture item number7 from the bottom is “Mannan- linking to the emotional conflict of disbelief”. Usually this is the disbelief we hold within our self’s do to our programing of fear from early age, and hopefully being a part of this session we will all help each other to start releasing this disbelieve through our collective consciousness.

 As I always use YL essential oils in my session I take a look at what oils come up the highest for my clients in the Main Matrix. For the Blue Moon group Jasmine was the choice and what a wonderful choice that was, as it is very uplifting and healing for heaviness and low waves of emptiness. So I did not only balance it in the program but also as I am so lucky owning this wonderful jasmine oil from YL so I diffused directly and put the list of names of all the group attendees underneath the diffuser..

After balancing some Spiritual Prana healing within the “Universal Biofeedback panel” I went into “timed therapies music+superlearning” and started by addressing “Restore Chi” followed up with “Virtual Quick test” as shown on the picture, and you can see the brain imbalance. This was then later addressed and balanced in the session. Also addressing the overall immune system within the ""Timed Therapies". From there going into "Nutrition panel" and balancing the Adrenals as I think that is one of the most important things to address in every session as in general we do abuse our adrenal energy on a daily basis.

As nutrition is of a vital importance and the groups Varhope numbers were on the lower side I felt it was appropriate to do an overall Nutriti/Enzy/Horm balance.
Now one of my favorite things to do is to go into the Risk Profile and take a look what the situation is from that point of view. As you can see the group is well in the range of Alarm so our Collective consciousness is healthy enough to take on and resolve the issues at hand. I chose to work with “Inherited” as from how I look at the Risk Profile list it fits perfectly with in the range of the Selye Bar, and is also a perfect fit to do some Past/life releases…
The things that now follow are all linked to the “Inherited” from the Risk Profile

Now going through Virtual Doctor linking to the Spinal Program and here we can see how much tension sits stuck in our cervical region

This is composed by seven vertebrae located in the neck. The neck supports the head and is the link between the head and the torso. It corresponds to the passage of concepts, ideas, wishes and will (all coming from the brain) to practice (action, fulfilment, expression, relation). The neck is a passage. Not yet the action itself. The neck precedes the action and the mental formation of the action.

People who store up anger have chronic tension on their shoulders, neck and arms.

Neck-related problems can occur in the muscles, the bones or in the skin. However, here we are dealing with the bones of the neck. And bones form part of the locomotor system. The common denominator here is undervaluation.

This area is associated to what the person is. The cervical vertebrae show who I am.

I have problems in those vertebrae when I feel judged. The conflict I have has to do with unfairness. “I was only loved by what I had or did, not by who I was.” For those who work with chakras, the neck, like the collarbone and shoulders, is in the blue chakra area, the chakra that connects to the metaphysical world, the chakra through which the entrance of energy into the body takes place.

One needs to look after the cervical vertebrae with love.

C1 supports the cranium. It is like a ring. C2 is the bony protuberance that goes through the ring of C1. C1 and C2 correspond to the so-called Buddha shape. If they break, we could die. They show what the person thinks of the quality of his being, at the highest level.


Now going from there into timed therapies (Sarcode panel) and as you can see nothing was highlighted. I repeated the unconscious search but the group was not in need of anything within this panel at that moment…Pay attention to the Piggy Bag thereapies though, as you can see Blood repeating in need for detoxification. In this month’s New Moon session we worked specifically on the Blood via Virtual Doctor (see last blog). “Blood”( The Elixir of Life) as it circulates in the arteries and veins carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body so it is necessary to support it to clear out as many toxins as possible that may sit as blockages within our body Matrix.
Next step was in the Original Sarcode Results panel were all systems were balanced to the maximum. Giving our group a good foundation for the next few steps.
Now going back into the Virtual Doctors panel (Inhered) and linking it to the NLP panel and there we addressed two different unconscious choices for the group. As you can see here above the first item addressed went up to 128% rectification but how I look at that is not being rectified but in need of more balancing. For me an item should be rectified from 85/90-106 not lower or higher. If an items jumps between a very low and very high balancing number I recognize it as a significant item that needs more detailed attention.
The second choice connecting strongly to an earlier item on the Main Matrix and as you see a sensitive one as well. I do feel that both unconscious choices in the NLP panel complemented each other. Also this was the only Alarm we got in the session.

At the same time in Bodyviewer: Indigo Therapy/FOCI Unconscious detection.

Now finally back in the Virtual Doctor Panel (Inhered) linking to “Connect to DF Blood” for Immune System
and Blood Stim.

This is the way I went to get into the Past Life panel from the Virtual Doctor: Connect to Acupuncture/Close Timed Therapy Music Superlearning/Aging when in the Aging panel in the left hand upper corner you have a yellow instruction panel click close. Now click on the ATOM until you see the PAST LIFE button appear next to the “Spin Game” button.

Started by clicking “Start Unconscious Search”

Here it is our group’s collective consciousness choice. Taking a look at the Emotional link “Anxiety” that if we think about it we can link to a deeper level and has already been showing up as “Depression”. So a very old pattern coming up for the group. With that said entering the emotional link to the blue hold tray “Enter Primary Conflict
Clicking on “Release Conflict”

Not surprising that this had some difficulty in correcting in connection to spiritual conflict.
Now as our “Personality Flaw got corrected” make a note of the “Guilt Burden” that got detected.

After closing out of the Past Life panel all the way to the Risk Profile take a look at how the Selye Bar had risen all the way to Alarm, I don’t see this very often, but think it is pretty awesome:) well done you all…

Now back on the Main Matrix
At this point in the session I thought it would be appropriate to go deeper within the layers and chose the item “Ilima” that goes into releasing ingrained past life blockages and concerning spiritual reality.

Starting by checking the Mental Echo, then the Causal Echo, Etheric Echo and finally the Curative Echo all in connection to the choice above. For each Echo there are yellow item that appear on the right hand side of the Main Matrix and each item was thoroughly balanced to a 100% rectification. Making this process a long one but well worth the work as I feel this way we will get the best results for a session like this.
Worth making note of what is repeating even though it is not necessarily the exact same item…

Mental echo results:

Causal Echo results:
Etheric Echo results:
Curative Echo results: 
Now take a note of “Biliary Track Liver” as the Liver did come up a couple of times during the session like in most of the New Moon sessions. I thought it would be appropriate to open this selection in the Disease Dictionary and calculate how intensely the group was feeling about the importance of this item. 
As you can see it was a good choice to balance in the background.

Continuing opening up for the layers, choosing a second Matrix item to fuse together with “Ilima”. I took a look at “Sturt Desert Pea flower essence- that addresses deep hurt, sadness and emotional pain, trauma helps to let go, helps to go into healthy grieving and “RELEASING DEEP SUPPRESSED GRIEF” (remembering that after our Past life balancing, Grief burden was detected)…As you can see in the yellow individual reaction panel the Harmonic is 93% after checking the Harmonic combability….so a perfect choice to continue with connecting the two items….starting with “Search Harmonic” again yellow items to the right on the Main Matrix panel being addressed one at a time with a 100% rectification.

Emotin Focus:

Homeo Focus:

General Focus:

Top 6 Homeopathic:

From here going back into the Cybernetic Timed Therapies Music and Superlearning Panel and finally running the “Virtual Harmonic Program” to get it balanced as much as possible. As you will remember from the beginning of the session a “Virtual Quick Check” was done. After running the program it got fairly balanced, If I had been a different session I would have ran it one more time but I did not feel the necessity to push through to get a better balance as remembering less is more, and with all that had already been addressed in the session I did feel this was a good rectification for the group.

Now getting to the end of the session I took a look at what crystals the group had chosen and gave the highest three a 7 sec balancing….For those that were also took part in the earlier New Moon session this month can see that the third highest crystal of choice was Quartz but that was also one of the highest choices in the New Moon session.

Now getting everything into place via the Body scan and Face panel, you see that our heart Chakra was closed off and as I mentioned in the beginning of the session could be related to challenges of trusting and opening up our hearts to others due to past hurts….

A Square on our Solar Plexus Chakra, so we are most likely dealing with some energetic parasites that are lingering on in our filed draining our willpower/personal power our self-discipline as well as the warmth of our personalities. The energy of this Chakra allows us to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows us to meet challenges and move forward in life. The main challenge for the third Chakra is to use our personal power in a balanced manner

With all that said and balanced…wolla….closing with “Harmonizing to Devine Light”


The final two steps on Maximum power the YL essential oil “Into the Future” and a well-deserved “Feel good” Balance..

During the last 30 min running in the BodyViewer : Ankuas(ansate cross) and the seed of life.

As you can see a few things that will need to be better addressed and balanced connecting to the session we just did.. But not to worry it all got a light balancing before quitting the session.

With all the love in my heart for each and every one of you, thank you for tuning your energies together to make this session a powerful success. I truly hope you will feel your power within making you stronger for the future as well as relieved of not holding on to old things that only block the path that each of us in on. Enjoy every moment, the future is now, the future is yours.

Universal love and light

Margret jr

Affirmations about freedom of spirit

I Allow my mind to be quiet, for in this I am are free… releasing domination, my mind will be free and will experience its own depth in Spirit.

Every day I create the feeling of unlimited freedom in my life.

Everything I am and everything I become is under my own control.

I am free to choose the direction of all my thoughts.


I am free to create the life that I want.

I am free to desire all the best that life has to offer.

I am free to move my life forward.

I am the power and authority in my world.

I am totally free to be me.

I am totally free to become anyone I choose.

I am totally free to make my own choices and decisions.


I choose to embody freedom in all that I do.

I create total freedom in my life by releasing all emotional baggage.

I embrace the perfect freedom that knowing my spirit provides.

By letting go, I set myself free.


Affirmations of self-empowerment


I am growing more positive by the day

I love myself for being all that I can be right here, right now!

Abundance is the best way to describe my life with one word

My resources come from an unlimited source!

I enjoy the live that I am living

I deserve the best so I give the best

The more I smile the more good things I receive

My power is in the way that I think, positive thoughts are all there is

My circle of friends inspire me to do my very best

I am blessed to have another chance at success each day

I am thankful for this earthly experience

I know I will receive all that I will ever need in my life

I am talented and growing better by the hour

I have the power to make a change anytime I want to


New Moon in Cancer ''focusing on the gentle mother energy that comes from the deepest emotions to give and nurture all life" 16.7 2015

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New Moon in Cancer virtual group session.

For the month of July the focus is ''focusing on the gentle mother energy that comes from the deepest emotions to give and nurture all life’’

Cancer, the home of the Moon, the ultimate mother’s sensitivity and caring. With Moon in Cancer we will feel our deepest connection to the Mother, our water is

Playing with our emotions, taking us to our secret connection of Earth and Woman. Woman

has the key to the ultimate answers of our existence here on Earth, wo-man in all

of us, the female connection is our key.

Let’s have a quick overview of our group session yesterday:

After starting the testing of the group, ‘’hydration’’ showed to be on the lower site, so all of us have to remember to drink enough water, especially now during the warm summer months…Spinal energy flow coming up as well and later in the session some deep balancing connection to emotions was done.

As you can see with only one item in RED(highest reaction after the Test) for the group ‘Viburnum Opulus – Cranberry Tree. That acts on female generative system, goes into feeling irritable and depressed, and having a difficult time working mentally(brain)’’. What a fantastic chose to work with to release this stress from our bodies.


Working a bit within the Risk Profile program our group was well balanced and in the ‘Alarm’ state meaning that any issues or blockages at this point is well in our power to short out and heal.

I chose to work and balance via Virtual Doctor the “Blood”( The Elixir of Life) as it circulates in the arteries and veins carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body then connecting that choice to different panels in the program to clear out as many toxins as possible that may sit as blockages and get the blood in a balanced state:

Working with in the Spinal program/Sarcode panel:

from there going into the NLP panel where the groups Unconscious choice was to “Stimulate Emotional Growth and to Stabilize the defense Mechanism (at that point a Hydration Disorder got detected), followed by the second choice that was “Healthy Aging”.

After working and balancing the blood in detail, the next step was to get some balancing done in the ACU panel, the ACU(acupuncture) was the first chose of training after calibration the group choice. Here on the picture below you can see were the blockages within that program lied.


The “Consciousness form”” was ran within that program and for those you know the program well understand that it can take a while to get this balanced.

For the group it took 3 times to work through all the ACU blockages and by addressing them in this manner when going back and retesting the previous panel (purple panel above) we got everything rectified at ones and that show as the picture here below(everything going to zero)

When closing out of that program and going back to the Main Matrix there was a highlighted that means it comes from the unconscious choice of the group and in expect for that it was balanced, and as you can see it addresses “”Releasing from caring about others i.e your need to make everything alright for them. And for you to realize you just have to be there”

Then as the “Spinal Energy Flow” of the group repeatedly was showing throughout the program it was necessary to go and get some balancing done in the “Spinal Program”. Following the pictures below you will see were some of the blockages were lying and what emotions where being worked on in each section of the vertebra’s (the box that shows). Paying attention to the 2-3 highest emotions that are being worked on in the now and then the lowest number that is an emotion that is more suppressed and has been for a while.

At the same time as working on the spinal blockages the BodyViwer addressed clearing the Aura and in sacred geometry the unconscious choice for the group was “ Armonia 2 that cleanses the mental body”.

The Crystals the group chose for the session were

Diamond(the master healer that dispels negativity and purifies the body , spirit and amplifies energy) Carnelian(Friendly stone that is an excellent healer for the physical, mental and emotional self and is a social stimulator) Fluorite(The Gathering stone that gathers and absorbs vital nutrient energy that helps the teeth and bones).

Those were the tree stones that we used in this session but as you can see Quartz and Tiger Eye were chosen as well.

Working also with the three highest YL essential oils and those we chose were: Sandalwood(that is anti-depressant/septic and calming, 3 Wise Men(opens up the crown chakra facilities and releases negative emotions and is uplifting) and Rosemary(Anti bacterial/ Infectious)

Now working from the Main Matrix choosing to work with 2 items and fuse them together and those two items were: Living Grail 11: From quietude I weave my contribution of light to a new world and feel myself embedded in the grail energy of mother earth. And SELF-ESTEEM CACTUS (FE)4903 | Nurtures the compassion and the awareness of group energies.

I chose these two items as they are good representatives for this month’s New Moon session of connecting to our mother earth energy on a deeper level and fusing it with a nurturing compaction and awareness.

The first step was to fuse the two items and run it across the whole Matrix of items within the program and you will see the results in the yellow lines, each item was balanced ones.

Next step was fusing the two items with the Imponderables within the Matrix and you can see the yellow item the group chose to balance. Make note of that Anger comes up and if you go back looking at the Spinal balancing Anger started out as the groups highest emotion, also Ecstasy showing here and in the connection on the Spinal panel Lust was the lowest number…So for the group those items were strong in the field that needed to be balanced.

Third fusion with the two items from the Matrix as done connecting through the “Monastery of Herbs” within the Matix as you can see here below.

Then finally ending this two item fusion by connecting them to the Crystals of the Matrix and you will see that the groups choice was Tiger Eye just as before and as it was the 5th highest crystal it was not addressed earlier in the session but the group obviously needed to get the energy of the Tiger Eye crystal balanced. Then Smokey Quartz Crystal got chosen here but earlier in the session the 4th crystal was Quartz crystal and that one also was not balanced.. both Quartz going into releasing old negativity.

Here all items in yellow were balanced until 100% rectified….

In this session we also addressed the nervous system via “ Cybernetic Therapies, Music and super learning” and Auto Trivector panel to boost up the battery of the body to help the group to store, hold and release their energy as is needed.

Aura and Chakra balance, I feel is always appropriate doing when finishing up a session.

Then to seal the session putting on Maximum power from the “System Power Settings” and doing a feel good balance for 3 minutes.

Rectifications after the session were fantastic…..


As you can see the group chose to release and work through quite allot of negative emotion release and connecting to more uplifting energy’s.

I thank you all for participating in this New Moon session and hope you will feel how the body, mind and spirit starts to feel lighter during the next three weeks.

Sending you much universal love and light

Margret jr


Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good

There are no victims, no accidents and no coincidences EVER. They simply do not exist in this reality as you and others will only attract what you and they are a part of. So know from the bottom of your heart that everything happens for a reason and in perfect synchronicity. You are at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen. Your fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

I am ready for change.

I am a radiant being filled with light and love.

As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.

I give and receive love easily and joyfully.

I create my reality.

I trust myself.

I compare myself only to my highest self.

I now feel loved and appreciated by my parents, my friends.

I radiate love to all persons and places and things.

I am grounded in acceptance.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

I attract amazing people.

Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones

Realize that any difficult time are only a short phase of life. This too shall pass along with your old habits as you take in the new. You are a fully adapting being with creative energy which surges through you and leads you to new and brilliant ideas and the mindset that allows that energy to flow.



New Moon in Gemini,Open for happy, loving communication 16.6 2015

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New Moon in Gemini virtual group session.

For the month of June the focus is ''Opening up for happy, loving communication with all living beings''

Gemini, the sign of Air, the sign of communication, the sign of Mercury. Mercury just turned direct again, good for new flowing communication. Neptune is now retrograde so there is a questions of spirituality to address, usually coming from the unknown and in your dreams.

Let’s have a quick overview of our group session yesterday:

Right away in the Varhope panel the resistance of the group showed to be on the lower side meaning that the energy that flows around and through the body is being challenged in combination with low oxygen transfer.

When going over the Main Matrix the liver came up repeatedly connecting to sugar regulation…For me seeing that and as we are working on our collective consciousness both indicates that the liver is working hard detoxifying but what I think was more important to look at was the emotion that in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) links to the emotion Anger. I will get back to that in a sec.

The other thing on the Main Matrix and was the fourth highest was ”Positive Magnetic imbalance” and gives an indication that we as a group are being challenged heavily with perverse energy. At the end of the blog I have added some information about Positive and Negative magnetic frequencies.

In the “In the Universal Biofeedback pane” the main chosen program was “”Auto Frequency” and that program is a Rife like balancing with the purpose to introduce the body magnetic frequencies that are designed to create a relaxed electrical signature, unfriendly to microorganisms. So as you can see a perfect program to start balancing the Positive Magnetic imbalance from the Main Matrix

In the Risk Profile our collective consciousness was very close to Adaption phase, meaning that we have adapted to certain situations and our bodies are not responding to them to correct them, but that can all be worked on and balanced by continuing to re-educate our bodies:)

In the Risk Profile I thought choosing the Liver and going into Virtual Doctor would be an interesting way to go and to see how we would respond and it was a 100%. Liver being the most stressed organ linked to blood and “Napthol” was repeated 3 times but that links to toxin that weakens the kidney and liver, emotional inactivity, being fearful and angry at the same time”…so here we got the link to the emotion of anger that I was talking about earlier. So if we look at the picture then the emotion anger is a big stone in our path that is hindering us from being “Open for happy, loving communication”. Now take a look at the image below:

As you can see C4 is in read and it stands for “Repressed anger and bottled up feelings” a new thought pattern to start to heal this is f.e.x to say to one self : I am clear in my communication with life. I am free to enjoy life right now.

Those of you that work with the Biofeedback devices will see this indication very often, and that just shows how significant this vertebra is.

Doing the balancing and back to the Virtual Doctor now connecting the liver to the Hometoxicology panel:

Info click first off course and as you will now see how much imbalance is related to the “Positive Magnetic”, Ideally the Negative Magnetic and Left Spin are supposed to be higher that Positive Magnetic and Right Spin. But as mentioned before our Collective consciousness needs more balancing connection to this situation. In this panel choosing Liver and continuing into the Xenobiotics panel, and as you know a lot of information come up there, but in our session “Echinacea” came up repeatedly to help correct blood toxicity and boost the immune system(this is a good choice to take in orally to boost and strengthen the body and immune system 30 drops a day for 7 days is very good to do regularly).The physical that was balanced were the liver and blood and Thyroid and the emotions were block of joy and need for unconditional love.

This was followed up by overall Nutrition/Enzyme and Hormone balance and Immune+Blood stim. As I felt that would be very beneficial for the group at this point. Also the blood stim I think was very important to help clear toxins and increase oxygen flow as that was quite low for the group when we started the session. Not forgetting the Sport Program – oxygenation Stim in “Timed cybernetic therapy, music and superlearning.

5 min from filter to open up for communication

Then looking for the number 2796 that in the Main Matrix is ”Negative Magnetic” as it was a vital balance to do, do to the imbalance of the Positive Magnetic.

First 3 min balancing from the Main Matrix then adding the item to the Info report and going into the Homeopathic panel

Loading the report into the white hold tray, and I chose to work with a high potency 1 MM and that goes more into the field to start the healing there. I have made remedies for clients that have struggled with this kind of imbalance (seen over 3-5 sessions) and most of them have had cancer or are working through that situation, and to my amazement giving a remedy with the “Negative Magnetic signature” has shown to be very effective in the healing process and I see the changes with the Negative Magnetic measuring getting higher than the Positive Magnetic in the Homotoxicology program.

Reaction of the chosen signature was a 100% right away so a 3 min Zap was done for the group.

Our collective consciousness also asked to addictive behavior released and that was balanced in the NLP program

Then doing one unconscious choice in the NLP the group chose

What a wonderful choice :)

I always like to check what Young Living oils come up highest and at this time our group chose< Tansy and that goes to balance and open up for positive attitude and general feeling of wellbeing

Than ending the session with a chackra and Aura balance



Not forgetting a 5 min feel good zap before closing the program:)

Make sure to drink plenty of water, you may experience some emotional shifts, don’t fear them as they are part of the healing changes we are working through as a group. Let’s support each other to let go of all anger patterns as that is something we don’t need to carry with us anymore. Let your heart open up for loving and positive communication with all living beings and most importantly with yourself.

Pay attention to your dreams as well as they may become stronger and bringing up old situations or people related to uncomfortable past experiences, but that is very positive as that means that we are letting go.

I thank you all for participating in this June 2015 New moon session.

I love you

Margrét jr


Here below is more information about the effects of Positive and Negative Magnetic energies, followed by Positive affirmations about communication..

We all know that we are being bombarded everyday with different magnetic energies and when there is a overload it will affect our body’s. Being endlessly exposed to: Televisions, Computers , Cell phones, Alarm clocks, Motors , Office equipment Electrical wiring , Microwave ovens , Electric blankets , Power lines, Radio and cell phone towers , Fluorescent lights , Smart Meters, airports , airplanes and Wi-Fi just to name a few, all this is slowly making our bodies weaker.

The frequency at which a magnetic field is pulsed determines whether or not it is harmful. For example, the frequency of the electrical current is usually used in homes is around 40- 60 cycles per second, or hertz (HZ). In contrast, normal frequencies of the human brain during waking hours range from 8 to 22 Hz, while in sleep they can drop to as low as 2 Hz.

The higher frequencies present in artificial electrical currents may disturb the brain's natural resonant frequencies and in time lead to cellular fatigue.

The physiological effects of positive magnetic fields include: Produces acid, Produces oxygen deficiency, Evokes cellular edema, Often exacerbates existing symptoms, Accelerates microorganism replication; speeds up infections, Biologically disorganizing, Increases pain and inflammation, Governs wakefulness and action, Evokes catabolic hormone production, Produces toxic end-products of metabolism, Produces free radicals, Speeds up electrical activity of the brain. Positive magnetic fields have also been associated with cancer, depression, chromosomal abnormalities and learning difficulties.

The power and proximity of positive magnetic fields to your energy field are very important, and to understand their frequency. In addition to that, understanding how to "neutralize" these positive magnetic fields becomes very important.

So as you can see it is off the most importance to learn how to get grounded and neutralize these frequencies. For example start by turning of all your electrical equipment before going to sleep, you will notice that you sleep better and have more energy when you wake up.


Negative magnetic fields and their effects

Examples of negative magnetic fields that one may experience on a day-to-day basis include: Earth material (soil, rock, salt), Bodies of water (ocean, lake, river), Plants

The physiological effects of negative magnetic fields include: Normalizes pH, Oxygenates body, Resolves cellular edema, Usually reduces symptoms, Inhibits microorganism replication; slows down infections, Biologically normalizing, Reduces pain and inflammation, Governs rest, relaxation, and sleep, Evokes anabolic hormone production - melatonin and growth hormone, Clears metabolically produced toxins out of the body, Eliminates free radicals, Slows down electrical activity of the brain

In order to experience the most benefits of negative magnetic fields, one should put their bare skin in direct contact with grass, soil, sand or bodies of water. Failing that, one should look into available grounding technologies.

Negative magnetic field therapy has been used effectively in the treatment of: Cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, Infections and inflammation, Headaches and migraines, Insomnia and other sleep disorders, Circulatory problems, Fractures and pain, Environmental stress.

 Understanding the sources of negative and positive magnetic frequencies and how to avoid and use them effectively is a key component to an overall wellness plan. Identify the worst offenders and avoid them as much as possible, and keep in touch with the earth to discharge them appropriately.

 Here you can get some ideas for crystal protection



Communication Positive Affirmations


Because I communicate my needs, I get what I want out of life.

Every day I am more comfortable talking to others.

Every day I practice listening to others.

Every day I practice understanding another person's point of view.

I actively listen to what others say without interrupting them.

I allow others to freely express their viewpoints.

I always answer the telephone with a friendly, cheerful voice.

I always know the right thing to say in every situation.

I always let the other person have the last word.

I always listen and let people finish what they are saying.

I always look into the eyes of the person I am talking to.

I always speak in terms of success and prosperity.

I increase my vocabulary every day.

I interact well with others.

I keep in touch with relatives.

I know just what to say in every situation.

I listen first and talk later.

I listen intently when others are speaking.

I listen intently when people are speaking to me.

I listen more than I talk.

I listen patiently when my child speaks.

I listen respectfully, without judgment, to gain complete appreciation of the situation at hand.

I listen to my children when they speak and show genuine interest in what they are saying.

I listen to others attentively before I think about what I will say.

I listen to others, and only talk about myself when asked.

I listen with an open mind.

I speak confidently and eloquently.

I speak from my soul.

I speak in a relaxed and pleasant tone of voice.

I speak with a relaxed, clear voice.

I speak with confidence and clarity.

I start great conversations effortlessly.

I state my opinion with clarity and purpose.

I speak the truth with sincerity.

I take pleasure in listening attentively to the thoughts of others.

I talk less and listen more.

I talk only when others have finished speaking.

I talk openly with my mate about all things.

I talk to others openly and honestly.

I think before I speak.

I treasure my ability to communicate with others.

I turn pending arguments into enriching discussions.

I understand body language and use it to my advantage.

I use clear and expressive words to communicate my thoughts.

I value what other people have to say.

I write with confidence, clarity, and passion.

My ability to communicate effectively improves daily.

My audience finds me engaging.

My audience finds me entertaining, so I easily hold their attention.



New Moon 18th of May ''Filling our hearts with Joy and Positive Attitude''

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New Moon in Taurus virtual group session

 For the month of May the focus was ''Filling our Hearts with Joy and Positive Attitude''

 Taurus is the sign of Venus, appropriate for Taurus and coming summer is fruitfulness of spring and gentleness of flowering Earth.

 Earth is smiling with colors, giving optimistic energy to sprouting branches and new life.

 Lets filling our Hearts with joy, love and positive attitude. Lets bring in all the growth and hopefulness for the coming summer. Lets fill our hearts to the brim with cheer and raise our spirit to the highest heights and fill it with grace and gratitude.

 This is our life, we are here, lets take good care of it.

Lets have a quick overview of our group session yesterday..

 There was excess stress and struggle with accepting life that put its mark on the session combined with old patterns of sadness that weigh a heavy burden at the same time of having bouts of Joy, can anyone relate to that?

 When opening up and starting the balance of Joy and Positivity for about 10 minutes, there was an alarm reaction that came up. How interesting is that? There was a tremendous blockage in our group consciousness to accept those frequencies.



As you can see on this images above the through chakra was the most stressed at that point ; The Throat area At the back: feeling of not worthy of love, not worthy of life and similar. Left side of the neck: Feeling of not allow oneself to enjoy life. Feeling of being lied to and feelings related to dishonesty. To feel fooled. Right side of the neck: To feel the need to punish oneself, judge oneself, To feel violated, offended. To feel disparaged. Front of neck: To feel that nobody cares, that nobody sees us or hears us.

 Continuing in the program a pancreas blockage came up and that usually stands for ''Sweeness of life'' it took a while to get that balanced and related to that issue was a lot of frustration high up to 300(those of you knowing the program well know that LOVE index should always be at least double higher), but in our case yesterday the frustration was 3 times higher even when this had been balanced....

 Then the core of what was our highest choices were the Lungs and Expiration the group chose 18 min to run the Lungs and 15 min to run Expiration in the Biofeedback panel....In the Disease dictionary the group also chose ''Plumonary Hypertention'' and asked it to ran for 22 min...do we see a pattern here ?This aria in TCM stands for sadness and that came strongly up right at the beginning of our session. So our collective consciousness is dealing with letting go of those heavy patterns not for getting old experiencing but accepting them as lessons to be able to move forward into a joyful and positive future.


In the NLP panel our unconscious choice was ''obsession Release, Reduce worry'' and for our subject at hand I thought it was a perfect group choice seeing what was already in the works for the group.

 Before ending the session that had ran quite smoothly with some long choices programs I went into ''Inverting excess sadness and passivity'', and here is were things got very interesting I think. As usual it takes 2-4 rounds to get this balanced but in our session it took 9 times and at that tie the INDIGO device was taking a very long time with each click and it took about 25 minutes to get this balanced. this is one of the panels I feel strongly about pushing to get a rectification as long as an alarm response does not accrue.

 This fitted so well with all that had come up in the session and just shows the importance on working regularly on opening up for our joy and positive attitude as you can see there are allot of blockages holding our joy down.

Ending the INDIOG session with a aura balance, and the session with a well deserved feel good zap :)

If you have anything to share after this session I would love to hear it, also pay attention to your dreams and see what emotions and memories will be popping up for the next couple of days..

Last night we made a bonfire were all the names from those that took part in this New Moon session were offerd to the fire as a part of the cleansing for the session.


Thank you for participating, until next time much love and light M jr

Affirmations on Joy and Positivity

I will create a home full of joy and peace.

I am Love, I am abundance, I am joy

Every atom of my being is resonating with joy and happiness now.

I accept the blessed, peaceful, and joyous flow of abundant divine, living love.

I am joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

I wake up every new morning to love and joy.

I smile through my beautiful eyes.

I accept peace and joy in all aspects of my life

I am enjoying daily exercise now.

I open myself to a wonderful and blessed new future full of love and joy.

I trust in the process of life

I am enjoying eating healthy and nutritious foods now.

I am experiencing joy at the highest vibration every second of my life.

Joy is a healing choice and I choose it for myself now.

I enjoy other people

I am organized and have a home full of joy and peace.

I am fruitful and I create more love and joy in the world.

My life is full of joy

I release all anxiety, doubt, worry, fear to the power within me and I am filled with love, peace and joy.

Joyful dreams of love surround me everywhere.

I am a positive thinker

Positive thinking comes easy to me

I always find the positive in everything

I feel great about myself and my life

I think positive thoughts and radiate positive energy with ease

I am full of positive thoughts from the moment I wake up

I am someone that others are drawn to because of my positivity

I think positively even in difficult or stressful situations

I find it easy to have positive thoughts at will

Positive thinking is a natural part of who I am

Each day my thoughts become more and more positive

Being a positive thinker is an important part of who I am

Thinking positively feels natural and normal for me

Staying positive no matter what is just who I am



New Moon 18th ofApril 2015 ''Abundance and Prosperity''

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Dear QuantumFamily

The Indigo Quantum Biofeedback New Moon session done yesterday,

18th. of April 2015 was powerful and very interesting.

We want to thank you all for participating in the session, it was wonderful to have so many from different corners of the World.

We had, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Azores, Portugal and Spain. So great to send the power of Abundance and Prosperity in all these places. Your contribution and participation opened a gateway to your regions for these positive energies to flow. Quantum is “No time No space” infinite energy were we are all connected, were we erase separation and are united in the Divine energy of Love.

After the Session, we, Margret jr. and Margret sr. went outside and made a fire in the pitch black starry night, we live far away from light pollution. We had with us the list of the participants and we asked the Fire to cleanse our bodies and our fields of energy even deeper to have plenty of clear clean space for the new and vibrating inspiration the Indigo sent our way and for all the new things we want in our lives.

The Fire did its job perfectly as expected and you will see on the photos how impressive it fired up all sorts of energy beings that had invite themselves to stay in our energy field.

In the times of fast and faster driven days our energy fields are constantly compromised and it is necessary to give it a thought every night. Take a shower when you come home after a long exhausting day, your evening will be more peaceful and fulfilling.. Smudging your house with sage before going to sleep, especially your bedroom.

So lets go through some of the main things that came up in the session

Starting on going into the Biorhythms as I wanted to visualize how our Collective Consciousness expressed itself.

Those of you that are Biofeedback users and Device owners will understand the panels I refer to, but for those that are not I will do my best to explain it as well as I can (nothing complicated).

We are: Elegant, creative, sweet-natured, intelligent, homespun,persevering,diligent, amorous and peace-loving…””how wonderful is that””

Also taking in consideration things that we are working on/through being: pessimistic, dissatisfied, fussbuget,capricious,intuitive,undidciplined,imponderable and dependent, self critical….All things I’m sure all of us recognize being apart us us at some point and maybe still are..

The conclusion being that : Self awareness was disturbed, excess stress detected and struggle with accepting life

The affirmation that our Collective Consciousness as a group chose and are asked to repeat many times a day was: My Kidneys Works perfectly….

Side note:

TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) views the kidneys as the center of the bodies Yin and Yang the “Congenital foundation” or the organ of LIFE. In other words the kidneys store the primordial Yin(true yin or true water, is the foundation of the yin fluid in the whole body, it moistures and nourishes all organs and tissue) and Primordial Yang(true Yang or true fire, the foundation of the Yang is Qi of the whole body, it warms and promotes the functions of all organs and tissues), in other words being the place were nutrients are stored and physiological functions take place. When the balance of Kidney Yin&Yang is disturbed, pathological changes take place and illness starts to accrue “

The Program then came up with a message to me, asking me to look on the Homeopathic Screen.

Will get to that in a bit

The third message being “ Life is a process of Spontaneous growth and challenges”…,,,isn’t that the truth 

The Scan “Test” showed that the group’s numbers (all) were in the 50s so for me seeing “Chronic Fatigue” coming up in in the program was not a surprise…. Long term worries and over worked Consciousness..

Pathogens came strongly up In the program…I felt like it was more linked to Energetic Parasites, and got that confirmed when closing the session in “body Scan and Face therapy” as most of the chakras were displayed as little boxes.

Primary Program calculated during Calibration was “Auto Scalar” balancing and I think that was very appropriate.. This program addresses all Chakras and the Organs that are related to them…so it was addressed about 30 minutes into our session…

In NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming)the group chose to “Experience Other Mental or Etheric Realms for 90 sec”.

In “Timed Therapy’s, Music+Superlearning” I ran the “virtual Quick Check” to see how the eight channels of Neurological Aberration(lobes of brain) were presented for the group…Leaving it like that for a bit while going to the Matrix and doing some 5 min Balancing on Abundance and Prosperity…At the same time opening up the Body Viewer and seeing what was the most stressed organ “the Brain”.

Not forgetting to go into the Risk Profile and addressing the Kidneys connecting through the virtual doctor….and the most stressed organ connecting to the Kidney were the Kidney…so let’s be diligent in using our affirmation as given in the beginning ….Continuing working with the kidneys connecting into the Spinal program doing some balancing there(Lumbar all in read)…then going one step further into the Cranial panel(Still connecting to the Kidney)…this panel took a while to balance and the blocked energy came up in the “Cranial Congestion and Occiput” ending up in an ALARM RESPONSE…..but no worries that was all corrected but shows that these arias for the group are sensitive…


You may ask yourself why I chose to go into the Cranial Panel, and the answer is, I like to address that panel before going into more of the emotional panels, as I feel it helps opening up the flow of stagnant energy and making it easier for each being to connect to a higher realm.

In the Subspace Morphic Trans panel the only blockage for the group was “Mental Interference” but only took one round to get that balanced.

Now finishing up in Timed Therapy’s, Music+Superlearning and running the “Virtual harmonic Program” to balance the eight channels…this “brain wave” program helps to balance both sides of the brain so they will rice and descend in harmony with each other.(took 2 runs)…In the same panel, “Additional’ drop down menu working on “Restoring Chi” making sure to help our kidney energy as much as possible..

Now as asked by the program, opening up the Homeopatic panel to see what remedy came up the highest for the group…..and it was…..

PHOSPHORUS, that represent, to be Pathologically optimistic, attracts others, feet on the ground, liver, heart,pancreas, bright red blood Clenching…and the Potency chosen was 50M…that is very High and works from the outer layer in, cleaning up old things and is useful for all ordinary chronic diseases f.e.x.

Crystals that the Group chose were Turquoise: The Ecology stone that helps to absorb and stimulate nutrience and tissue renewal….. and Aquamarine : the serene one that is calming for nerves, reduces fluid retention and stimulates creativity and clarity of mind.

YL oils that came up were: Sage ; that is very cleansing for body, soul and spirit also anti-bacterial and e.x. Immune Power: to build up strength, and to protect the body and support the immune system.

Then the group was ready to go into the ‘Communication ‘Panel and send out our intentions and instructing our effect of changes….After filling everything in and clicking send the program ran for about 25 min….and Bodyviwer simultaneously ran on Balancing the spin (All) and in Sacred Geometry the unconscious choice was ‘Matreya Glory of Enlightenment’….In IRID all auto selections came up with nerves and Cranial…

After this finished and clicking ‘Allow change in time line’’ we got ‘’Small Change allowed’’

Going one step further into the ‘’Time Travel Access’’ using yesterday’s date and running it for 7 min…we got ‘’Small Change allowed’’ followed with the message ‘’ONE MAJOR CHANGE ALLOWED’’…..Well done 

Finally closing the session with balancing the Aura and Chakras in ‘’Body scan and face therapy’’ the Aura snags showing were: Anxiety, greed, nervous and Awe’…Divine light to Pineal gland balance followed with a feel good zap.

Also addressed were:

Autonomic Nervous system, enzyme pathways, blood, infection and throat/Larynx…Also Constipation and Digestion seemed to be a strong pattern of the group as well….that means usually resistance to let go of things, so that is a good practice as well…

Not forgetting the Orgon field being activated with numerous of positive affirmations as well as the Prayer Program…take a look:

Abundance and Prosperity prayer ''Affirmation''

I AM asking and humbly praying with all my heart, soul, mind and intent for divine abundance manifesting through my personal fortune and success. I AM manifesting, receiving, accepting and allowing my divine abundance to completely permeate all parts of my beingness on all levels, dimensions and aspects.

Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.

I was prosperous, am prosperous and will always be prosperous.

I always have whatever I need. The Universe takes good care of me.

My life is full of love and joy and all the material things that I need. Prosperity within me, prosperity around me; abundance within me, abundance around me.

I allow all good things to come into my life and I enjoy them.

I create prosperity easily and effortlessly.

I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally.

The whole Universe and entire mankind is conspiring to make me prosperous and abundant.

Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and I have it.

I let go of all resistance to prosperity and it comes to me naturally.

I am in a state of fulfillment, have abundant love and joy in my life and am free to do whatever I wish to do.

My job/business is an all-consuming love affair and I attract whatever I need through it.

I am prosperous, healthy, happy and live in abundance.

I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life.

Click on the like to se the pictures from the session :)