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New Moon 18th ofApril 2015 ''Abundance and Prosperity''

Posted on April 19, 2015 at 3:15 PM

Dear QuantumFamily

The Indigo Quantum Biofeedback New Moon session done yesterday,

18th. of April 2015 was powerful and very interesting.

We want to thank you all for participating in the session, it was wonderful to have so many from different corners of the World.

We had, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Azores, Portugal and Spain. So great to send the power of Abundance and Prosperity in all these places. Your contribution and participation opened a gateway to your regions for these positive energies to flow. Quantum is “No time No space” infinite energy were we are all connected, were we erase separation and are united in the Divine energy of Love.

After the Session, we, Margret jr. and Margret sr. went outside and made a fire in the pitch black starry night, we live far away from light pollution. We had with us the list of the participants and we asked the Fire to cleanse our bodies and our fields of energy even deeper to have plenty of clear clean space for the new and vibrating inspiration the Indigo sent our way and for all the new things we want in our lives.

The Fire did its job perfectly as expected and you will see on the photos how impressive it fired up all sorts of energy beings that had invite themselves to stay in our energy field.

In the times of fast and faster driven days our energy fields are constantly compromised and it is necessary to give it a thought every night. Take a shower when you come home after a long exhausting day, your evening will be more peaceful and fulfilling.. Smudging your house with sage before going to sleep, especially your bedroom.

So lets go through some of the main things that came up in the session

Starting on going into the Biorhythms as I wanted to visualize how our Collective Consciousness expressed itself.

Those of you that are Biofeedback users and Device owners will understand the panels I refer to, but for those that are not I will do my best to explain it as well as I can (nothing complicated).

We are: Elegant, creative, sweet-natured, intelligent, homespun,persevering,diligent, amorous and peace-loving…””how wonderful is that””

Also taking in consideration things that we are working on/through being: pessimistic, dissatisfied, fussbuget,capricious,intuitive,undidciplined,imponderable and dependent, self critical….All things I’m sure all of us recognize being apart us us at some point and maybe still are..

The conclusion being that : Self awareness was disturbed, excess stress detected and struggle with accepting life

The affirmation that our Collective Consciousness as a group chose and are asked to repeat many times a day was: My Kidneys Works perfectly….

Side note:

TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) views the kidneys as the center of the bodies Yin and Yang the “Congenital foundation” or the organ of LIFE. In other words the kidneys store the primordial Yin(true yin or true water, is the foundation of the yin fluid in the whole body, it moistures and nourishes all organs and tissue) and Primordial Yang(true Yang or true fire, the foundation of the Yang is Qi of the whole body, it warms and promotes the functions of all organs and tissues), in other words being the place were nutrients are stored and physiological functions take place. When the balance of Kidney Yin&Yang is disturbed, pathological changes take place and illness starts to accrue “

The Program then came up with a message to me, asking me to look on the Homeopathic Screen.

Will get to that in a bit

The third message being “ Life is a process of Spontaneous growth and challenges”…,,,isn’t that the truth 

The Scan “Test” showed that the group’s numbers (all) were in the 50s so for me seeing “Chronic Fatigue” coming up in in the program was not a surprise…. Long term worries and over worked Consciousness..

Pathogens came strongly up In the program…I felt like it was more linked to Energetic Parasites, and got that confirmed when closing the session in “body Scan and Face therapy” as most of the chakras were displayed as little boxes.

Primary Program calculated during Calibration was “Auto Scalar” balancing and I think that was very appropriate.. This program addresses all Chakras and the Organs that are related to them…so it was addressed about 30 minutes into our session…

In NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming)the group chose to “Experience Other Mental or Etheric Realms for 90 sec”.

In “Timed Therapy’s, Music+Superlearning” I ran the “virtual Quick Check” to see how the eight channels of Neurological Aberration(lobes of brain) were presented for the group…Leaving it like that for a bit while going to the Matrix and doing some 5 min Balancing on Abundance and Prosperity…At the same time opening up the Body Viewer and seeing what was the most stressed organ “the Brain”.

Not forgetting to go into the Risk Profile and addressing the Kidneys connecting through the virtual doctor….and the most stressed organ connecting to the Kidney were the Kidney…so let’s be diligent in using our affirmation as given in the beginning ….Continuing working with the kidneys connecting into the Spinal program doing some balancing there(Lumbar all in read)…then going one step further into the Cranial panel(Still connecting to the Kidney)…this panel took a while to balance and the blocked energy came up in the “Cranial Congestion and Occiput” ending up in an ALARM RESPONSE…..but no worries that was all corrected but shows that these arias for the group are sensitive…


You may ask yourself why I chose to go into the Cranial Panel, and the answer is, I like to address that panel before going into more of the emotional panels, as I feel it helps opening up the flow of stagnant energy and making it easier for each being to connect to a higher realm.

In the Subspace Morphic Trans panel the only blockage for the group was “Mental Interference” but only took one round to get that balanced.

Now finishing up in Timed Therapy’s, Music+Superlearning and running the “Virtual harmonic Program” to balance the eight channels…this “brain wave” program helps to balance both sides of the brain so they will rice and descend in harmony with each other.(took 2 runs)…In the same panel, “Additional’ drop down menu working on “Restoring Chi” making sure to help our kidney energy as much as possible..

Now as asked by the program, opening up the Homeopatic panel to see what remedy came up the highest for the group…..and it was…..

PHOSPHORUS, that represent, to be Pathologically optimistic, attracts others, feet on the ground, liver, heart,pancreas, bright red blood Clenching…and the Potency chosen was 50M…that is very High and works from the outer layer in, cleaning up old things and is useful for all ordinary chronic diseases f.e.x.

Crystals that the Group chose were Turquoise: The Ecology stone that helps to absorb and stimulate nutrience and tissue renewal….. and Aquamarine : the serene one that is calming for nerves, reduces fluid retention and stimulates creativity and clarity of mind.

YL oils that came up were: Sage ; that is very cleansing for body, soul and spirit also anti-bacterial and e.x. Immune Power: to build up strength, and to protect the body and support the immune system.

Then the group was ready to go into the ‘Communication ‘Panel and send out our intentions and instructing our effect of changes….After filling everything in and clicking send the program ran for about 25 min….and Bodyviwer simultaneously ran on Balancing the spin (All) and in Sacred Geometry the unconscious choice was ‘Matreya Glory of Enlightenment’….In IRID all auto selections came up with nerves and Cranial…

After this finished and clicking ‘Allow change in time line’’ we got ‘’Small Change allowed’’

Going one step further into the ‘’Time Travel Access’’ using yesterday’s date and running it for 7 min…we got ‘’Small Change allowed’’ followed with the message ‘’ONE MAJOR CHANGE ALLOWED’’…..Well done 

Finally closing the session with balancing the Aura and Chakras in ‘’Body scan and face therapy’’ the Aura snags showing were: Anxiety, greed, nervous and Awe’…Divine light to Pineal gland balance followed with a feel good zap.

Also addressed were:

Autonomic Nervous system, enzyme pathways, blood, infection and throat/Larynx…Also Constipation and Digestion seemed to be a strong pattern of the group as well….that means usually resistance to let go of things, so that is a good practice as well…

Not forgetting the Orgon field being activated with numerous of positive affirmations as well as the Prayer Program…take a look:

Abundance and Prosperity prayer ''Affirmation''

I AM asking and humbly praying with all my heart, soul, mind and intent for divine abundance manifesting through my personal fortune and success. I AM manifesting, receiving, accepting and allowing my divine abundance to completely permeate all parts of my beingness on all levels, dimensions and aspects.

Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.

I was prosperous, am prosperous and will always be prosperous.

I always have whatever I need. The Universe takes good care of me.

My life is full of love and joy and all the material things that I need. Prosperity within me, prosperity around me; abundance within me, abundance around me.

I allow all good things to come into my life and I enjoy them.

I create prosperity easily and effortlessly.

I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally.

The whole Universe and entire mankind is conspiring to make me prosperous and abundant.

Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and I have it.

I let go of all resistance to prosperity and it comes to me naturally.

I am in a state of fulfillment, have abundant love and joy in my life and am free to do whatever I wish to do.

My job/business is an all-consuming love affair and I attract whatever I need through it.

I am prosperous, healthy, happy and live in abundance.

I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life.

Click on the like to se the pictures from the session :)







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