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New Moon in Gemini,Open for happy, loving communication 16.6 2015

Posted on June 17, 2015 at 4:40 AM

New Moon in Gemini virtual group session.

For the month of June the focus is ''Opening up for happy, loving communication with all living beings''

Gemini, the sign of Air, the sign of communication, the sign of Mercury. Mercury just turned direct again, good for new flowing communication. Neptune is now retrograde so there is a questions of spirituality to address, usually coming from the unknown and in your dreams.

Let’s have a quick overview of our group session yesterday:

Right away in the Varhope panel the resistance of the group showed to be on the lower side meaning that the energy that flows around and through the body is being challenged in combination with low oxygen transfer.

When going over the Main Matrix the liver came up repeatedly connecting to sugar regulation…For me seeing that and as we are working on our collective consciousness both indicates that the liver is working hard detoxifying but what I think was more important to look at was the emotion that in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) links to the emotion Anger. I will get back to that in a sec.

The other thing on the Main Matrix and was the fourth highest was ”Positive Magnetic imbalance” and gives an indication that we as a group are being challenged heavily with perverse energy. At the end of the blog I have added some information about Positive and Negative magnetic frequencies.

In the “In the Universal Biofeedback pane” the main chosen program was “”Auto Frequency” and that program is a Rife like balancing with the purpose to introduce the body magnetic frequencies that are designed to create a relaxed electrical signature, unfriendly to microorganisms. So as you can see a perfect program to start balancing the Positive Magnetic imbalance from the Main Matrix

In the Risk Profile our collective consciousness was very close to Adaption phase, meaning that we have adapted to certain situations and our bodies are not responding to them to correct them, but that can all be worked on and balanced by continuing to re-educate our bodies:)

In the Risk Profile I thought choosing the Liver and going into Virtual Doctor would be an interesting way to go and to see how we would respond and it was a 100%. Liver being the most stressed organ linked to blood and “Napthol” was repeated 3 times but that links to toxin that weakens the kidney and liver, emotional inactivity, being fearful and angry at the same time”…so here we got the link to the emotion of anger that I was talking about earlier. So if we look at the picture then the emotion anger is a big stone in our path that is hindering us from being “Open for happy, loving communication”. Now take a look at the image below:

As you can see C4 is in read and it stands for “Repressed anger and bottled up feelings” a new thought pattern to start to heal this is f.e.x to say to one self : I am clear in my communication with life. I am free to enjoy life right now.

Those of you that work with the Biofeedback devices will see this indication very often, and that just shows how significant this vertebra is.

Doing the balancing and back to the Virtual Doctor now connecting the liver to the Hometoxicology panel:

Info click first off course and as you will now see how much imbalance is related to the “Positive Magnetic”, Ideally the Negative Magnetic and Left Spin are supposed to be higher that Positive Magnetic and Right Spin. But as mentioned before our Collective consciousness needs more balancing connection to this situation. In this panel choosing Liver and continuing into the Xenobiotics panel, and as you know a lot of information come up there, but in our session “Echinacea” came up repeatedly to help correct blood toxicity and boost the immune system(this is a good choice to take in orally to boost and strengthen the body and immune system 30 drops a day for 7 days is very good to do regularly).The physical that was balanced were the liver and blood and Thyroid and the emotions were block of joy and need for unconditional love.

This was followed up by overall Nutrition/Enzyme and Hormone balance and Immune+Blood stim. As I felt that would be very beneficial for the group at this point. Also the blood stim I think was very important to help clear toxins and increase oxygen flow as that was quite low for the group when we started the session. Not forgetting the Sport Program – oxygenation Stim in “Timed cybernetic therapy, music and superlearning.

5 min from filter to open up for communication

Then looking for the number 2796 that in the Main Matrix is ”Negative Magnetic” as it was a vital balance to do, do to the imbalance of the Positive Magnetic.

First 3 min balancing from the Main Matrix then adding the item to the Info report and going into the Homeopathic panel

Loading the report into the white hold tray, and I chose to work with a high potency 1 MM and that goes more into the field to start the healing there. I have made remedies for clients that have struggled with this kind of imbalance (seen over 3-5 sessions) and most of them have had cancer or are working through that situation, and to my amazement giving a remedy with the “Negative Magnetic signature” has shown to be very effective in the healing process and I see the changes with the Negative Magnetic measuring getting higher than the Positive Magnetic in the Homotoxicology program.

Reaction of the chosen signature was a 100% right away so a 3 min Zap was done for the group.

Our collective consciousness also asked to addictive behavior released and that was balanced in the NLP program

Then doing one unconscious choice in the NLP the group chose

What a wonderful choice :)

I always like to check what Young Living oils come up highest and at this time our group chose< Tansy and that goes to balance and open up for positive attitude and general feeling of wellbeing

Than ending the session with a chackra and Aura balance



Not forgetting a 5 min feel good zap before closing the program:)

Make sure to drink plenty of water, you may experience some emotional shifts, don’t fear them as they are part of the healing changes we are working through as a group. Let’s support each other to let go of all anger patterns as that is something we don’t need to carry with us anymore. Let your heart open up for loving and positive communication with all living beings and most importantly with yourself.

Pay attention to your dreams as well as they may become stronger and bringing up old situations or people related to uncomfortable past experiences, but that is very positive as that means that we are letting go.

I thank you all for participating in this June 2015 New moon session.

I love you

Margrét jr


Here below is more information about the effects of Positive and Negative Magnetic energies, followed by Positive affirmations about communication..

We all know that we are being bombarded everyday with different magnetic energies and when there is a overload it will affect our body’s. Being endlessly exposed to: Televisions, Computers , Cell phones, Alarm clocks, Motors , Office equipment Electrical wiring , Microwave ovens , Electric blankets , Power lines, Radio and cell phone towers , Fluorescent lights , Smart Meters, airports , airplanes and Wi-Fi just to name a few, all this is slowly making our bodies weaker.

The frequency at which a magnetic field is pulsed determines whether or not it is harmful. For example, the frequency of the electrical current is usually used in homes is around 40- 60 cycles per second, or hertz (HZ). In contrast, normal frequencies of the human brain during waking hours range from 8 to 22 Hz, while in sleep they can drop to as low as 2 Hz.

The higher frequencies present in artificial electrical currents may disturb the brain's natural resonant frequencies and in time lead to cellular fatigue.

The physiological effects of positive magnetic fields include: Produces acid, Produces oxygen deficiency, Evokes cellular edema, Often exacerbates existing symptoms, Accelerates microorganism replication; speeds up infections, Biologically disorganizing, Increases pain and inflammation, Governs wakefulness and action, Evokes catabolic hormone production, Produces toxic end-products of metabolism, Produces free radicals, Speeds up electrical activity of the brain. Positive magnetic fields have also been associated with cancer, depression, chromosomal abnormalities and learning difficulties.

The power and proximity of positive magnetic fields to your energy field are very important, and to understand their frequency. In addition to that, understanding how to "neutralize" these positive magnetic fields becomes very important.

So as you can see it is off the most importance to learn how to get grounded and neutralize these frequencies. For example start by turning of all your electrical equipment before going to sleep, you will notice that you sleep better and have more energy when you wake up.


Negative magnetic fields and their effects

Examples of negative magnetic fields that one may experience on a day-to-day basis include: Earth material (soil, rock, salt), Bodies of water (ocean, lake, river), Plants

The physiological effects of negative magnetic fields include: Normalizes pH, Oxygenates body, Resolves cellular edema, Usually reduces symptoms, Inhibits microorganism replication; slows down infections, Biologically normalizing, Reduces pain and inflammation, Governs rest, relaxation, and sleep, Evokes anabolic hormone production - melatonin and growth hormone, Clears metabolically produced toxins out of the body, Eliminates free radicals, Slows down electrical activity of the brain

In order to experience the most benefits of negative magnetic fields, one should put their bare skin in direct contact with grass, soil, sand or bodies of water. Failing that, one should look into available grounding technologies.

Negative magnetic field therapy has been used effectively in the treatment of: Cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, Infections and inflammation, Headaches and migraines, Insomnia and other sleep disorders, Circulatory problems, Fractures and pain, Environmental stress.

 Understanding the sources of negative and positive magnetic frequencies and how to avoid and use them effectively is a key component to an overall wellness plan. Identify the worst offenders and avoid them as much as possible, and keep in touch with the earth to discharge them appropriately.

 Here you can get some ideas for crystal protection



Communication Positive Affirmations


Because I communicate my needs, I get what I want out of life.

Every day I am more comfortable talking to others.

Every day I practice listening to others.

Every day I practice understanding another person's point of view.

I actively listen to what others say without interrupting them.

I allow others to freely express their viewpoints.

I always answer the telephone with a friendly, cheerful voice.

I always know the right thing to say in every situation.

I always let the other person have the last word.

I always listen and let people finish what they are saying.

I always look into the eyes of the person I am talking to.

I always speak in terms of success and prosperity.

I increase my vocabulary every day.

I interact well with others.

I keep in touch with relatives.

I know just what to say in every situation.

I listen first and talk later.

I listen intently when others are speaking.

I listen intently when people are speaking to me.

I listen more than I talk.

I listen patiently when my child speaks.

I listen respectfully, without judgment, to gain complete appreciation of the situation at hand.

I listen to my children when they speak and show genuine interest in what they are saying.

I listen to others attentively before I think about what I will say.

I listen to others, and only talk about myself when asked.

I listen with an open mind.

I speak confidently and eloquently.

I speak from my soul.

I speak in a relaxed and pleasant tone of voice.

I speak with a relaxed, clear voice.

I speak with confidence and clarity.

I start great conversations effortlessly.

I state my opinion with clarity and purpose.

I speak the truth with sincerity.

I take pleasure in listening attentively to the thoughts of others.

I talk less and listen more.

I talk only when others have finished speaking.

I talk openly with my mate about all things.

I talk to others openly and honestly.

I think before I speak.

I treasure my ability to communicate with others.

I turn pending arguments into enriching discussions.

I understand body language and use it to my advantage.

I use clear and expressive words to communicate my thoughts.

I value what other people have to say.

I write with confidence, clarity, and passion.

My ability to communicate effectively improves daily.

My audience finds me engaging.

My audience finds me entertaining, so I easily hold their attention.



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