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New Moon in Cancer ''focusing on the gentle mother energy that comes from the deepest emotions to give and nurture all life" 16.7 2015

Posted on July 19, 2015 at 5:05 AM

New Moon in Cancer virtual group session.

For the month of July the focus is ''focusing on the gentle mother energy that comes from the deepest emotions to give and nurture all life’’

Cancer, the home of the Moon, the ultimate mother’s sensitivity and caring. With Moon in Cancer we will feel our deepest connection to the Mother, our water is

Playing with our emotions, taking us to our secret connection of Earth and Woman. Woman

has the key to the ultimate answers of our existence here on Earth, wo-man in all

of us, the female connection is our key.

Let’s have a quick overview of our group session yesterday:

After starting the testing of the group, ‘’hydration’’ showed to be on the lower site, so all of us have to remember to drink enough water, especially now during the warm summer months…Spinal energy flow coming up as well and later in the session some deep balancing connection to emotions was done.

As you can see with only one item in RED(highest reaction after the Test) for the group ‘Viburnum Opulus – Cranberry Tree. That acts on female generative system, goes into feeling irritable and depressed, and having a difficult time working mentally(brain)’’. What a fantastic chose to work with to release this stress from our bodies.


Working a bit within the Risk Profile program our group was well balanced and in the ‘Alarm’ state meaning that any issues or blockages at this point is well in our power to short out and heal.

I chose to work and balance via Virtual Doctor the “Blood”( The Elixir of Life) as it circulates in the arteries and veins carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body then connecting that choice to different panels in the program to clear out as many toxins as possible that may sit as blockages and get the blood in a balanced state:

Working with in the Spinal program/Sarcode panel:

from there going into the NLP panel where the groups Unconscious choice was to “Stimulate Emotional Growth and to Stabilize the defense Mechanism (at that point a Hydration Disorder got detected), followed by the second choice that was “Healthy Aging”.

After working and balancing the blood in detail, the next step was to get some balancing done in the ACU panel, the ACU(acupuncture) was the first chose of training after calibration the group choice. Here on the picture below you can see were the blockages within that program lied.


The “Consciousness form”” was ran within that program and for those you know the program well understand that it can take a while to get this balanced.

For the group it took 3 times to work through all the ACU blockages and by addressing them in this manner when going back and retesting the previous panel (purple panel above) we got everything rectified at ones and that show as the picture here below(everything going to zero)

When closing out of that program and going back to the Main Matrix there was a highlighted that means it comes from the unconscious choice of the group and in expect for that it was balanced, and as you can see it addresses “”Releasing from caring about others i.e your need to make everything alright for them. And for you to realize you just have to be there”

Then as the “Spinal Energy Flow” of the group repeatedly was showing throughout the program it was necessary to go and get some balancing done in the “Spinal Program”. Following the pictures below you will see were some of the blockages were lying and what emotions where being worked on in each section of the vertebra’s (the box that shows). Paying attention to the 2-3 highest emotions that are being worked on in the now and then the lowest number that is an emotion that is more suppressed and has been for a while.

At the same time as working on the spinal blockages the BodyViwer addressed clearing the Aura and in sacred geometry the unconscious choice for the group was “ Armonia 2 that cleanses the mental body”.

The Crystals the group chose for the session were

Diamond(the master healer that dispels negativity and purifies the body , spirit and amplifies energy) Carnelian(Friendly stone that is an excellent healer for the physical, mental and emotional self and is a social stimulator) Fluorite(The Gathering stone that gathers and absorbs vital nutrient energy that helps the teeth and bones).

Those were the tree stones that we used in this session but as you can see Quartz and Tiger Eye were chosen as well.

Working also with the three highest YL essential oils and those we chose were: Sandalwood(that is anti-depressant/septic and calming, 3 Wise Men(opens up the crown chakra facilities and releases negative emotions and is uplifting) and Rosemary(Anti bacterial/ Infectious)

Now working from the Main Matrix choosing to work with 2 items and fuse them together and those two items were: Living Grail 11: From quietude I weave my contribution of light to a new world and feel myself embedded in the grail energy of mother earth. And SELF-ESTEEM CACTUS (FE)4903 | Nurtures the compassion and the awareness of group energies.

I chose these two items as they are good representatives for this month’s New Moon session of connecting to our mother earth energy on a deeper level and fusing it with a nurturing compaction and awareness.

The first step was to fuse the two items and run it across the whole Matrix of items within the program and you will see the results in the yellow lines, each item was balanced ones.

Next step was fusing the two items with the Imponderables within the Matrix and you can see the yellow item the group chose to balance. Make note of that Anger comes up and if you go back looking at the Spinal balancing Anger started out as the groups highest emotion, also Ecstasy showing here and in the connection on the Spinal panel Lust was the lowest number…So for the group those items were strong in the field that needed to be balanced.

Third fusion with the two items from the Matrix as done connecting through the “Monastery of Herbs” within the Matix as you can see here below.

Then finally ending this two item fusion by connecting them to the Crystals of the Matrix and you will see that the groups choice was Tiger Eye just as before and as it was the 5th highest crystal it was not addressed earlier in the session but the group obviously needed to get the energy of the Tiger Eye crystal balanced. Then Smokey Quartz Crystal got chosen here but earlier in the session the 4th crystal was Quartz crystal and that one also was not balanced.. both Quartz going into releasing old negativity.

Here all items in yellow were balanced until 100% rectified….

In this session we also addressed the nervous system via “ Cybernetic Therapies, Music and super learning” and Auto Trivector panel to boost up the battery of the body to help the group to store, hold and release their energy as is needed.

Aura and Chakra balance, I feel is always appropriate doing when finishing up a session.

Then to seal the session putting on Maximum power from the “System Power Settings” and doing a feel good balance for 3 minutes.

Rectifications after the session were fantastic…..


As you can see the group chose to release and work through quite allot of negative emotion release and connecting to more uplifting energy’s.

I thank you all for participating in this New Moon session and hope you will feel how the body, mind and spirit starts to feel lighter during the next three weeks.

Sending you much universal love and light

Margret jr


Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good

There are no victims, no accidents and no coincidences EVER. They simply do not exist in this reality as you and others will only attract what you and they are a part of. So know from the bottom of your heart that everything happens for a reason and in perfect synchronicity. You are at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen. Your fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

I am ready for change.

I am a radiant being filled with light and love.

As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.

I give and receive love easily and joyfully.

I create my reality.

I trust myself.

I compare myself only to my highest self.

I now feel loved and appreciated by my parents, my friends.

I radiate love to all persons and places and things.

I am grounded in acceptance.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

I attract amazing people.

Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones

Realize that any difficult time are only a short phase of life. This too shall pass along with your old habits as you take in the new. You are a fully adapting being with creative energy which surges through you and leads you to new and brilliant ideas and the mindset that allows that energy to flow.



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Reply margret@quantumpoints.us
8:19 AM on July 28, 2015 
Im sharing Tzasna Martínez comment on FB after the session; My gratitude to you dear Margaret 🏽🌎
Reply margret@quantumpoints.us
8:18 AM on July 28, 2015 
Im sharing Ulrika Lindskog comment that she posted on FB after the session: Thank you, feel so good after this session!:)