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Blue Moon 31st of July 2015

Posted on August 1, 2015 at 3:45 AM

I want to start by thanking all of you for participating in this powerful Blue Moon session yesterday. As I mentioned before part of the New Moon protocol from the 16th of July was ran again but in a different manner as during this Blue Moon session the focus became more on the deeper layers of past blockages as will be demonstrated here below.

For the next few days this session will continue to sink in deeper and deeper for each and everyone of us and it can bring up different thoughts, physical patterns and emotions to the surface due to the layers that were balanced to help our collective consciousness and us as individuals to release many things that have had a deep hold on us for many years and many lifetimes.

If you do experience any discomfort just remember it is a part of your healing process, take a deep breath and say to yourself " I let go, I am safe"

I would love to get feedback from what you experience in the next couple of days/weeks, and if you would share your thoughts here on the blog with the group I know it will be well appreciated.

So let’s take a look at yesterday’s session:


As you can see right away is that the Varhope numbers for the group was on the lower site. I personally felt very tired and heavy a couple of days prior to the Blue Moon, so my interpretation for that was that the energy of this rare occasion had started working very deeply and I could feel it in my body. Would love to hear if any of you had a similar experience.

Throughout the session I noticed that Digestion and Starvation repeated quite often so the question is what life experiences are we having difficulty/Denying us to enjoy or process? Followed by the heart/Cardiac that for me holds and is the foundation of love and tranquility, and we all share challenges of trusting and opening up our hearts to others due to past hurts….

If you take a closer look at the Man Matrix picture item number7 from the bottom is “Mannan- linking to the emotional conflict of disbelief”. Usually this is the disbelief we hold within our self’s do to our programing of fear from early age, and hopefully being a part of this session we will all help each other to start releasing this disbelieve through our collective consciousness.

 As I always use YL essential oils in my session I take a look at what oils come up the highest for my clients in the Main Matrix. For the Blue Moon group Jasmine was the choice and what a wonderful choice that was, as it is very uplifting and healing for heaviness and low waves of emptiness. So I did not only balance it in the program but also as I am so lucky owning this wonderful jasmine oil from YL so I diffused directly and put the list of names of all the group attendees underneath the diffuser..

After balancing some Spiritual Prana healing within the “Universal Biofeedback panel” I went into “timed therapies music+superlearning” and started by addressing “Restore Chi” followed up with “Virtual Quick test” as shown on the picture, and you can see the brain imbalance. This was then later addressed and balanced in the session. Also addressing the overall immune system within the ""Timed Therapies". From there going into "Nutrition panel" and balancing the Adrenals as I think that is one of the most important things to address in every session as in general we do abuse our adrenal energy on a daily basis.

As nutrition is of a vital importance and the groups Varhope numbers were on the lower side I felt it was appropriate to do an overall Nutriti/Enzy/Horm balance.
Now one of my favorite things to do is to go into the Risk Profile and take a look what the situation is from that point of view. As you can see the group is well in the range of Alarm so our Collective consciousness is healthy enough to take on and resolve the issues at hand. I chose to work with “Inherited” as from how I look at the Risk Profile list it fits perfectly with in the range of the Selye Bar, and is also a perfect fit to do some Past/life releases…
The things that now follow are all linked to the “Inherited” from the Risk Profile

Now going through Virtual Doctor linking to the Spinal Program and here we can see how much tension sits stuck in our cervical region

This is composed by seven vertebrae located in the neck. The neck supports the head and is the link between the head and the torso. It corresponds to the passage of concepts, ideas, wishes and will (all coming from the brain) to practice (action, fulfilment, expression, relation). The neck is a passage. Not yet the action itself. The neck precedes the action and the mental formation of the action.

People who store up anger have chronic tension on their shoulders, neck and arms.

Neck-related problems can occur in the muscles, the bones or in the skin. However, here we are dealing with the bones of the neck. And bones form part of the locomotor system. The common denominator here is undervaluation.

This area is associated to what the person is. The cervical vertebrae show who I am.

I have problems in those vertebrae when I feel judged. The conflict I have has to do with unfairness. “I was only loved by what I had or did, not by who I was.” For those who work with chakras, the neck, like the collarbone and shoulders, is in the blue chakra area, the chakra that connects to the metaphysical world, the chakra through which the entrance of energy into the body takes place.

One needs to look after the cervical vertebrae with love.

C1 supports the cranium. It is like a ring. C2 is the bony protuberance that goes through the ring of C1. C1 and C2 correspond to the so-called Buddha shape. If they break, we could die. They show what the person thinks of the quality of his being, at the highest level.


Now going from there into timed therapies (Sarcode panel) and as you can see nothing was highlighted. I repeated the unconscious search but the group was not in need of anything within this panel at that moment…Pay attention to the Piggy Bag thereapies though, as you can see Blood repeating in need for detoxification. In this month’s New Moon session we worked specifically on the Blood via Virtual Doctor (see last blog). “Blood”( The Elixir of Life) as it circulates in the arteries and veins carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body so it is necessary to support it to clear out as many toxins as possible that may sit as blockages within our body Matrix.
Next step was in the Original Sarcode Results panel were all systems were balanced to the maximum. Giving our group a good foundation for the next few steps.
Now going back into the Virtual Doctors panel (Inhered) and linking it to the NLP panel and there we addressed two different unconscious choices for the group. As you can see here above the first item addressed went up to 128% rectification but how I look at that is not being rectified but in need of more balancing. For me an item should be rectified from 85/90-106 not lower or higher. If an items jumps between a very low and very high balancing number I recognize it as a significant item that needs more detailed attention.
The second choice connecting strongly to an earlier item on the Main Matrix and as you see a sensitive one as well. I do feel that both unconscious choices in the NLP panel complemented each other. Also this was the only Alarm we got in the session.

At the same time in Bodyviewer: Indigo Therapy/FOCI Unconscious detection.

Now finally back in the Virtual Doctor Panel (Inhered) linking to “Connect to DF Blood” for Immune System
and Blood Stim.

This is the way I went to get into the Past Life panel from the Virtual Doctor: Connect to Acupuncture/Close Timed Therapy Music Superlearning/Aging when in the Aging panel in the left hand upper corner you have a yellow instruction panel click close. Now click on the ATOM until you see the PAST LIFE button appear next to the “Spin Game” button.

Started by clicking “Start Unconscious Search”

Here it is our group’s collective consciousness choice. Taking a look at the Emotional link “Anxiety” that if we think about it we can link to a deeper level and has already been showing up as “Depression”. So a very old pattern coming up for the group. With that said entering the emotional link to the blue hold tray “Enter Primary Conflict
Clicking on “Release Conflict”

Not surprising that this had some difficulty in correcting in connection to spiritual conflict.
Now as our “Personality Flaw got corrected” make a note of the “Guilt Burden” that got detected.

After closing out of the Past Life panel all the way to the Risk Profile take a look at how the Selye Bar had risen all the way to Alarm, I don’t see this very often, but think it is pretty awesome:) well done you all…

Now back on the Main Matrix
At this point in the session I thought it would be appropriate to go deeper within the layers and chose the item “Ilima” that goes into releasing ingrained past life blockages and concerning spiritual reality.

Starting by checking the Mental Echo, then the Causal Echo, Etheric Echo and finally the Curative Echo all in connection to the choice above. For each Echo there are yellow item that appear on the right hand side of the Main Matrix and each item was thoroughly balanced to a 100% rectification. Making this process a long one but well worth the work as I feel this way we will get the best results for a session like this.
Worth making note of what is repeating even though it is not necessarily the exact same item…

Mental echo results:

Causal Echo results:
Etheric Echo results:
Curative Echo results: 
Now take a note of “Biliary Track Liver” as the Liver did come up a couple of times during the session like in most of the New Moon sessions. I thought it would be appropriate to open this selection in the Disease Dictionary and calculate how intensely the group was feeling about the importance of this item. 
As you can see it was a good choice to balance in the background.

Continuing opening up for the layers, choosing a second Matrix item to fuse together with “Ilima”. I took a look at “Sturt Desert Pea flower essence- that addresses deep hurt, sadness and emotional pain, trauma helps to let go, helps to go into healthy grieving and “RELEASING DEEP SUPPRESSED GRIEF” (remembering that after our Past life balancing, Grief burden was detected)…As you can see in the yellow individual reaction panel the Harmonic is 93% after checking the Harmonic combability….so a perfect choice to continue with connecting the two items….starting with “Search Harmonic” again yellow items to the right on the Main Matrix panel being addressed one at a time with a 100% rectification.

Emotin Focus:

Homeo Focus:

General Focus:

Top 6 Homeopathic:

From here going back into the Cybernetic Timed Therapies Music and Superlearning Panel and finally running the “Virtual Harmonic Program” to get it balanced as much as possible. As you will remember from the beginning of the session a “Virtual Quick Check” was done. After running the program it got fairly balanced, If I had been a different session I would have ran it one more time but I did not feel the necessity to push through to get a better balance as remembering less is more, and with all that had already been addressed in the session I did feel this was a good rectification for the group.

Now getting to the end of the session I took a look at what crystals the group had chosen and gave the highest three a 7 sec balancing….For those that were also took part in the earlier New Moon session this month can see that the third highest crystal of choice was Quartz but that was also one of the highest choices in the New Moon session.

Now getting everything into place via the Body scan and Face panel, you see that our heart Chakra was closed off and as I mentioned in the beginning of the session could be related to challenges of trusting and opening up our hearts to others due to past hurts….

A Square on our Solar Plexus Chakra, so we are most likely dealing with some energetic parasites that are lingering on in our filed draining our willpower/personal power our self-discipline as well as the warmth of our personalities. The energy of this Chakra allows us to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows us to meet challenges and move forward in life. The main challenge for the third Chakra is to use our personal power in a balanced manner

With all that said and balanced…wolla….closing with “Harmonizing to Devine Light”


The final two steps on Maximum power the YL essential oil “Into the Future” and a well-deserved “Feel good” Balance..

During the last 30 min running in the BodyViewer : Ankuas(ansate cross) and the seed of life.

As you can see a few things that will need to be better addressed and balanced connecting to the session we just did.. But not to worry it all got a light balancing before quitting the session.

With all the love in my heart for each and every one of you, thank you for tuning your energies together to make this session a powerful success. I truly hope you will feel your power within making you stronger for the future as well as relieved of not holding on to old things that only block the path that each of us in on. Enjoy every moment, the future is now, the future is yours.

Universal love and light

Margret jr

Affirmations about freedom of spirit

I Allow my mind to be quiet, for in this I am are free… releasing domination, my mind will be free and will experience its own depth in Spirit.

Every day I create the feeling of unlimited freedom in my life.

Everything I am and everything I become is under my own control.

I am free to choose the direction of all my thoughts.


I am free to create the life that I want.

I am free to desire all the best that life has to offer.

I am free to move my life forward.

I am the power and authority in my world.

I am totally free to be me.

I am totally free to become anyone I choose.

I am totally free to make my own choices and decisions.


I choose to embody freedom in all that I do.

I create total freedom in my life by releasing all emotional baggage.

I embrace the perfect freedom that knowing my spirit provides.

By letting go, I set myself free.


Affirmations of self-empowerment


I am growing more positive by the day

I love myself for being all that I can be right here, right now!

Abundance is the best way to describe my life with one word

My resources come from an unlimited source!

I enjoy the live that I am living

I deserve the best so I give the best

The more I smile the more good things I receive

My power is in the way that I think, positive thoughts are all there is

My circle of friends inspire me to do my very best

I am blessed to have another chance at success each day

I am thankful for this earthly experience

I know I will receive all that I will ever need in my life

I am talented and growing better by the hour

I have the power to make a change anytime I want to


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