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New Moon in Leo 14th of August 2015

Posted on August 15, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Thanks to all the participants in this New Moon session taking place yesterday 14th of August 2015. Many interesting things came up in this session and the collective consciousness of the group had its own idea of where to take it.

Now, lets take a look at what came up and what was worked on.

Starting by taking a look at the Varhop panel you will see that the voltage, which is associated with Adrenal function and will power and oxygen that is associated with the ease of oxygen flow in the body where both on the lower side. Also pay attention to explore risk of “oxygen transfer disfunction”. Then take a look at proton and electron pressure being imbalanced. As the proton pressure (65 -70 is the normal range of response) higher than the electro pressure (70-75 is a good range). This can be an indicator of an infection like candida, bacterial, virus, “chronic condition”, something that has manifested as a situation over a long period of time.

Taking a quick look at the main matrix that shows many different things, again I look at things that come up like repeated pattern for the group. Make note of the highest trivector response for the session “ fluoride varnish”, a dental isode that a manmade inorganic compound. As you my know the dangers of fluoride overuse will after a long period of time start to effect our bodily function tremendously. For example, calcification of the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland is responsible for production of Melatonin from Tryptophan. Melantonin helps to regulate Circadian rhythm and plays a role in the timing of puppetry. Here is a good link for more info; http://be.well.org/the-dangers-of-fluoride-and-how-to-decalcify-your-pineal-gland/

Also you can see Oxygen disorder being repeated.

As I have talked about before Adrenal balance is a very important factor for our life force. I always take the time to balance the Adrenals in the beginning of a session as it will relax the clients energy and build up a better foundation for the session.

In timed therapies through the music plus super-learning panel you will see two bold lettered pre chosen options. Usually I would work with those choses but in the case of the group in the radio buttoned option I chose metabolic error combined with sport program-oxygenation stim (voltage plus amperage put to maximum ran for three minutes).

Back on the main matrix going into the YL essential oils subfiles you will see the first selected oil “SclarEssence” that supports the hormones and goes into digestion and Ph balance. For those of you who own and use the YL essential oils this would be a good choice to apply on your self or defuse.

Now taking a look at the risk profile you will see the Selye bar, was in alarm meaning the the group can work through any blockages easily. For those of you that have participated in previous sessions you will see blood being the highest reactant in the risk profile as before. Taking a closer look via the virtual doctor the need for balancing the blood is not as important as before as it is only 72%. By looking at the items below you will see Ph imbalance showing to be repeated pattern as is the bowel ( if you take a further look at the main matrix). Closing out to the risk profile and choosing an other item from the list “water, acid, alk” that via virtual doctor shows a 100% reactance. Note, that Fluorite varnish comes up again connected to this item, linking to possible the most stressed organ that are the Kidney that are also linked to the Pineal gland.

Via virtual doctor, still connected to “water, acid, alk” connecting it to the NLP program. The unconscious choice for the group was to join hemispheres (brain) to know true self (rectification started with 122, as before that is not a good rectification as this is to high, this you will see in previous blogs). Now closing back to the main matrix.

Working a little bit in the main matrix, choosing to work further with two items in the main matrix. Number one, Gold (strengthens the nervous system, purifies the body, attracts positive energy and opens the mind). Number two, blood, Ph ( read previous blogs about the blood). The circulatory system of mother earth the “Great Goddess” are her golden veins. Veins of Gold flow through and around the planet as a grid of powerful energy nourishing all life there is. Like our veins systematically distribute life force with our blood flowing through our body giving it life and power.

Putting each item in the hold trays on the right side of the main matrix clicking the both trays buttons fusing these two items together showing the results in the yellow lines below, each was balanced to a 100% rectification. This will help with flow of communication between these two items and to the release the blockages that are there.

On the main matrix item number five after the test was shoulder dislocation linking to too many “should´s” or incisiveness. As it is listed in the disease dictionary I thought it would be good choice to balance and as you can see the group chose 35min. balancing in the disease dictionary program. Shoulder also represents our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude. A wonderful affirmation by Louise Hay would be “ I choose to allow my experiences to be joyous and loving”.

The experience I was having before this New Moon was heaviness and light headache and others around me had the same experience. So I chose to go into the Cranial Sacral panel and do a thorough balancing within that program. Showing that the Cerebral Ventricles was hardest to balance.

The ventricles of the brain are a communicating network of cavities filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and located within the brain parenchyma. The ventricular system is composed of 2 lateral ventricles, the third ventricle, the cerebral aqueduct, and the fourth ventricle (see the following images). The choroid plexuses located in the ventricles produce CSF, which fills the ventricles and subarachnoid space, following a cycle of constant production and reabsorption.

At the same time in the Body Viewer the acupuncture long scan was activated and the main focus was on the Ren Mai Channe rectifying excess stress / internal emotional disfunction, dehydration repair starting in 26% oxygenation varhope disturbance, EMR interference. When the Cranial program finally got rectified the group got an alarm response, a further balancing needed in this area.

Taking a quick look at timed therapies in the spinal program you will notice that blood is repeating in the piggy bag. As we are seeing through this session is how it is important to keep the Ph balance of the body correct.


Going into the electro-physiological oscillation FREQ+ MCES program choosing subspace morphic trans. Balancing the disturbances that where present, it only took one try to get everything balanced.

Continuing with the sam program taking a look at the brain waves. For those of you that are Device owner will know that this panel can be challenging and time consuming to get balanced. Having in mind that the group chose in the NLP panel “ join hemispheres”, to know true self. I thought it would be appropriate as we already did Cranial balancing and dimensional cleansing, to work within the “big” brainwave program. After only one attempt normal was the highest as it should be (ideally it should be 10 points higher than the next number) but as you can see it is rectified with only 8 numbers between. I decided that was enough balancing for the group, as we are so many people in this session. So actually it was an excellent rectification.

Followed up with a five minutes zap from filter on clarity ( writing clarity in the white hold tray on the right of the matrix and click on search above tray).

In the Body Viewer at the same time the unconscious choice in sacred geometry was “tree of life, connection to ground”.

As Ph imbalance had been showing throughout our session I chose to run the two programs that will help imbalance. First one is Auto varhope panel.

And the Bio Terrain program.

Diseased Dictionary program rectified 98%.

Respecting the first program of choice after the calibration process, that was Auto Trivector. This program represents the “Body Battery” for more clarification read previous blogs.

Getting closer to the end of our session we took a look in the Biofeedback systemic relaxation program. There we did some reduce stress and nerve balancing, at the same time in the Body Viewer, complete spinal therapy was run. Followed up with balancing unconscious with conscious until rectified.

In the Body Viewer at the same time an energy boost was activated.

Now in the Body scan and face therapy, balancing the Chacras and Aura, as I have mentioned before, I like to do that in the end of my sessions.

Ending in the main matrix using the info report, adding to it 8 powerful items to finalize our session. See above. They where run simultaneously on maximum power for three minutes.

This session has been very powerful and interesting as the New Moon in Leo this time. These session will continue to work for days and those who are sensitive will feel it immediately and other sense it gradually. Those who participate in all of the New Moon session are boosting their energies and changing their lives New Moon by New Moon, I good way of taking your powers to higher levels.


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