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New Moon in Virgo 13th of September 2015

Posted on September 13, 2015 at 2:40 AM

Thank you for participating in the New Moon session in Virgo 2015. Lets look at the things that came up and the things that where worked on.

Virgo is a grounded Earth sign with intelligent people in its energy. Mercury is the planet for Virgo, Mercury is the ruler of thoughts and is known to be the messenger of the Gods.

Virgoans are smart thinkers and very practical, they are modest and will never spring forth to bring attention to themselves. They work quietly, remarkable diligent and efficient, they are the ones that will get the work done and always be there for their loved ones.

The Affirmation for our session was :

I am healin from the inside out, emerging a victor, in charge of my own life, my own happiness, and my own peace. The more sure I  become of that, the more aware I am that love is available to me anytime I need it. Love multiplies itself the more it's given, even when I give it to my self. Others sense my love and are drawn to it like a light they want to be near, and I welcome those who will enhance my life and celebrate with me exactly who

I am.

Lets take a look at what was addressed in our session:

Starting by taking a look at the Varhop panel you will see that the voltage, which is associated with Adrenal function and will power . In previous session the Voltage has often been on the lower side and it shows as a group we hold a lot of stress within this aria

Oxygen that is associated with the ease of oxygen flow in the body where both on the lower side.

Then as you see Amperage that is associated with brain function, serotonin and the life force is also on the lower side. When my clients show to have a low Amperage tendencies I considerate on building up the bowel flora, as in most cases the gut is to toxic and that f.e.x prevents the right production of serotonin.

The Main Matrix speaks for it self

Fatty Acids showed to be a repeated pattern during our session of the group, so now as individuals take a look at your diet sources and make sure that you are including enough fatty acids in your diet.

Essential fatty acids (for example, the kind of fats found in fish) are surprisingly commonly deficient.

Among other things, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are responsible for the health of our skin, hair and nails. When deficient in these fats the health of our skin/hair/nails suffers, acting as a general indicator for our levels of these critical fatty acids.

The following table outlines the typical signs/symptoms seen in essential fatty acid deficiency. The significance of these deficiencies goes far beyond the presence of these obvious deficiency symptoms and relates to a large variety of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, inflammatory/auto-immune conditions, mental health conditions, etc.

Whether you are trying to overcome a particular health issue or are simply trying to preserve your health, then your balance of fatty acids deserves some attention.

Signs/Symptoms of Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

Dry skin (e.g., feet/face/general)

Scaly or flaky skin (e.g., legs)

Cracking/peeling fingertips & skin (e.g., heels)

Lackluster skin

Small bumps on back of upper arms

Patchy dullness &/or color variation of skin

Mixed oily and dry skin ('combination' skin)

Irregular quilted appearance of skin (e.g., legs)

Thick or cracked calluses

Dandruff or cradle cap

Dry, lackluster, brittle or unruly hair

Soft, fraying, splitting or brittle fingernails

Dull nails - lack of surface shine

Slow growing fingernails

Dry eyes

Dry mouth/throat

Inadequate vaginal lubrication

Menstrual cramps

Premenstrual breast pain/tenderness

Excessive ear wax

Excessive thirst

Allergic (e.g., eczema/asthma/hay fever/hives)

Crave fats/fatty foods

Stiff or painful joints

Fatty Acids also play a big role in general mental health, and when deficient can be related to depression, dementia, ADD/ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, and more

Here is a link that gives you good information about the 10 food sources that are high in fatty acids:


Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body for maintaining a sense of smell, keeping a healthy immune system, building proteins, triggering enzymes, and creating DNA. Zinc also helps the cells in your body communicate by functioning as a neurotransmitter. A deficiency in zinc can lead to stunted growth, diarrhea, impotence, hair loss, eye and skin lesions, impaired appetite, and depressed immunity. Conversely, consuming too much zinc can lead to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and headaches in the short term, and can disrupt absorption of copper and iron in the long term.

Here are some example”s of Zinc rich foods:

Toasted Wheat Gem, Seafood (Cooked Oysters) ,Spinach, Pumpkin and Squash Seeds, Nuts (Cashews) ,Cocoa and Dark Chocolate (organic Cocoa Powder), Beans (Cooked Mung Beans), Mushrooms (Cooked White Mushrooms), Cooked Napa Cabbage, Palm Hearts, Fireweed Sprouts, Lemon Grass (Citronella), Sun-Dried Tomatoes , Wasabi Root , Stir-Fried Lentil Sprouts , Raw Winged Bean Tubers, Shiitake Mushrooms Cooked Without Salt, Green Peas (Raw or Cooked) and Beef and Lamb (Cooked Lean Beef Shortribs).


Prana healing for one minute as I feel it relaxes the whole system and makes it easier communicate with the subconscious for the rest of the session.


As in previous Adrenal balance is a very important factor for our life force. I always take the time to balance the Adrenals in the beginning of a session as it will relax the clients energy and build up a better foundation for the session.

As the Fatty Acids were showing as the highest reaction on the Main Matrix I felt it was very appropriate to do an over all Fatty Acid Balance in the Nutritional Panel. It took 4 attempts to get the rectification showing.

Now taking a look at the risk profile you will see the Selye bar is in the Adaption face meaning that at this point something within our system is not reacting like it should, being more in a waiting position to see if we start addressing it. As I look at the Selye bar and it is positioned a little lower than the middle I will look at the Risk Profile list to see more or less what items are between the middle and the lowest reaction of the list. I started to look at Stress via virtual Doctor but at this point it only went up to 67% so I did not address it. As in the Universal Biofeedback therapy Panel the second training suggested from the Calibration calculations was Mental NLP so I decided to choose Emotional (even though it was a bit on the lower side of the list) to see how relevant that would be, and as you can see that was what our group wanted to address further.

Now linking the Emotional to the Spinal Panel you see that C4 is read (that is the most common emotional vertebra that shows blockages) representing : Guilt, repressed anger and stuffed tears just to name a few. Then C7 not as blocked but still needing some balancing connecting to: Confusion, anger, feeling helpless and not being able to reach out for help.

Then the whole Lumbar aria being read(When the outlines are read it means the whole aria), this is linking to a variety of things like: L1- Insecurity and a crying for love. L2 – being stuck in childhood pain and seeing no way out. L3 – Sexual abuse, guilt and self hatred. L4 – Rejection of sexuality, financial insecurity, fear of cancer and feeling powerless. L5 – Insecurity, difficulty in communication, anger and the inability to accept pleasure.

So as you can see a lot of possible stuck emotion that are necessary to start addressing and releasing.

Continuing in the Spinal Program and going into Timed Therapies taking a look at what Sarcode signature needed to be addressed linking to the Emotional choice via Virtual doctor, and as you can see Immune Stim was what the group chose.

Giving that some balancing that took 3 attempts to get rectified but also paying attention to the piggy bag items below and you will see “use highest emotional imponderable” repeating with connection to Detox. So that gave me an idea for the next few steps of our session.

The BodyViwer had been activated at this point and as you can see from the Auto detection Foci the feet are showing in red this can be an indicator to lack of grounding/earth connection that is in direct connection to our life force, and as we saw in the beginning of our session Voltage was on the lower side(adrenal energy and life force).

Also wait was activated in the BV was the partial Acu program that worked on blockages in the meridians and in connection to f.e.x. dehydration and internal emotional disturbance .

The ACU program was the first choice of Training after the Calibration calculations so I feat it was appropriate to address it via the BV at this time as our focus for the session was needed to be more on the emotional side.



Still working via Virtual Doc. Through the Spinal Panel and now going from there into the NLP panel.


Instead of going in to the Main Matrix and looking at the Emotional Imponderables from there I decided to do it in connection to the Emotional choice from the Risk Profile via Virtual Doctor linked through the Spinal Panel and finally in the NLP panel.

Now as you see the highest emotion showing was Betrayal, this emotion has a broad meaning but I believe that everyone at some point in their life’s experience the feeling of betrayal and this feeling often sits very deep within the system and manifests as a long term blockage, so as this emotion showed up for our group consciousness I thought it was a good thing to take it further(as you will see a little later).

Within the mental factors/emotional chart panel the 3 highest emotions were balanced and the 3 highest neurotransmitters. Also Pay attention to the LOVE and Frustration balancing as that was trained as well and took 4 attempts to get the LOVE index 2 times higher than the frustration index, so well done everyone :)

Within the Mental factors panel I went into the Unconscious Reactivity panel.....I do apologize but it seams like the picture I took from this panel did not get saved properly....For those of you that are device owners I did not put in any age I took out the 0 that is automatically there and then clicked start. I did this as our group represents many different ages and to make sure as a group everything would be taken into account.

Trauma that came up was at gestation week 13

What is happening in the Gestation week 13:

A baby is about 6.7cm long from crown to rump and weighs nearly 23g, about the same as a pea pod . Tiny fingerprints are now at the tips of their fingers. A baby has sucking muscles in it's cheeks, so when the tummy gets poked gently the baby will feel it and start rooting. It's a rehearsal for the important instinct of searching for your nipple once the baby is born.

No specific emotional trauma came up but then we got up some nerve trauma and muscular trauma. This all got balanced


First unconscious choice with in the NLP panel, took 3 attempts to get it rectified

Second unconscious choice with in the NLP panel, 2 attempts to get it rectified

Continuing within the NLP program

Corpus Callosum broad band of nerve fibers joining the two hemispheres of the brain. This took few attempts toget rectified.

After getting the Corpus Collosum balanced the Frontal Lobe fealt like it needed some attention as well :) The part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behavior. It is, in essence, the “control panel” of our personality and our ability to communicate.

While balancing the Brain Stress I opened up and ran some balancing in the Degen Scan panel as well, this was being balanced as we continue.

I love working within this program as it gives a wide range of layers that are addressed. This panel can be used with all clients and people do NOT need to have cancer to get the benefits of this balancing. Even though the program ran simultaneously with the main Training Panels I put all the results here below so it keeps the content in tacked.




In the BodyViwer the program was clearing the energetic imbalances around the Aura.

Red is an action color. Red has the lowest frequency and is the densest color in the spectrum.

It can be positive or negative, creates the most friction which either attracts or repels.

Red is also nature's warning color.

Since it can indicate high levels of dense emotion be aware that it can represent rebellion, aggression, anger or unforgiveness, anxiety or nervousness, impulsiveness or hate.

This panel comes from the work of Joe Scogna, Joe was a friend of mine who spent many hours discussing healing

with me. He developed the SAF technique before his untimely death from cancer. The panel shows the conflict of the

patient his present situation and the causes, items in the middle show additional complications. I hope this panel can

help in your practice. The next page of Meta Programs comes from a modification of Stanislav Graff's work by

Jean-Pierre Garitte and his friend, Jimmy Eerebout from Belgium. This chart will attempt to show fixations of emotional

tension, the result from our spiritual path.

I thought it would be intresting for the group to see what came up in this panel

In this part of the program a few things were addressed(the core emotion), Anger, Pain and Hate and the Spirit Emotion Dissect, Respond and Achieve. The Yellow color represents the Present the Fuchsia Color Causal and the Green color the conflict

Continuing within the Survival Form Panel and taking a deeper look at the colored items that are shown Red being primary and doing a light Training on all colored items within the panel.

As you clearly see there are many different things that are being worked on within our subconsciousness at all times so it is vital to be aware of them as that will make all changes better and smother within the near future.

Back at the Virtual Doctor panel(Still linked to Emotional), now connecting into the Homotoxicology panel.

At this point I’m not reading much into the information that are showing here but I clicked on the CNS motor sensory nerves

  This opens up the green panel you see on this picture. I did not fill anything out here but clicked the box in the low left corner(Check this box) and that opened up the Detox panel. For some mysterious reasons that picture is also missing from my library and I do apologize for that.

For those of you that have attended some of my training have seen this method of detoxing emotion. Now as we saw earlier in the program Betrayal was the highest emotion so in the Detox panel(no picture) in Nosodes I put in the emotion Betrayal. Then in the Sarcode line I put in numbers :10380, 10360, 10356, 10384, 10284 and 4910. See what these numbers stand for on the pictures below. The Detox balancing was started and ran for about 2 min.

Now back at the Main Matrix opening the Auto Focus Bio-resonance Zap you will see that there are quite a few X-es in front of different items. What catches the eye are the 2x Xes in front of the Emotional option meaning that it is of great significance. As this session was build up on clearing up old and stagnant emotions I feat respecting the groups choice of this item was very important, so a 5 min balancing was done and you can see here below what emotions were addressed in the process.

Giving some attention to the YL essential oil that came up highest and what a good choice it was and well deserved after all the work we had been doing.

Now getting to the end of our session going into Body Scan and Face therapy to balance the Chakras and Aura you will see that the Foci's tha were detected are more in the energetic field, and on the Right side representing things that we are now ready to release from our field.

Then taking a closer look at a energy foci that has gotten to close into our field and positioned itself on the right side of the face, could cloud our creative focus and abilities.

Beautiful colors surrounding our group aura, and appropriate to give some balance of Harmonizing to the Divine Light.

From System Power settings Maximum power activated for the 7sec Feel good Zap to rep up our session

Dear Quanntum Family, be aware of the depth in this session. We travelled deep within our

emotions with the detailed thoroughness of Virgo.

This will have rippled far into your existence, notice that it could cause emotional fluctuation for few days. Allow yourself to ride these ripples until they calm down naturally. Respect your own deeper need to heal and let go of things you have out grown and are not beneficial for your life anymore.

Be cautious and respectful of your inner work,

your outer world will reflect your respectwith gratitude.


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