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Full Moon in Aries "SuperMoon" 28th September 2015

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 3:40 PM

Dear all, staring with thanking all of you that took part in our Supermoon session 2 days ago at the same time for your patience waiting for the blog update:)

What a magical experience this Full Moon in Aries was, and how privilege it feat to witness this extraordinary event. Sitting outside in the middle of the night running the virtual group session watching the clear starry sky was like being at a front seat row in a theater were the moon played its powerful part of shifting energies and adding to it some colorful eye candy for those watching.

Needless to say that this Aries Full Moon was very powerful, so don’t be surprised by the surprises that come your way. This lunar eclipse will created extra strong tides and energy flows, disrupting sleep and energy levels. Added to this, when eclipses occur near the equinoxes, a time when the Earth’s magnetic field decreases, they aid us in making rapid changes, releasing old energy patterns so there’s energy available to create new forms.

Keeping in mind that the energies will be intense. Give these energies a week or so to calm down before you try to integrate what you’ve learned..

Lets take a look at what came up in our SuperMoon session :

As in so many of our group sessions you will see that the V=Voltages is on the lower site as a normal reaction should be 85-100. This indicates that we need to pay more attention to our Adrenal aria and work on reducing our daily stress so we don’t abuse our adrenal energy so much and suffocate our life force(read more in previous blogs)

As you can see the highest trivector signatures for the group were 2 flower essences, the highest being

“Steptocarpus” that will help to bring clarity and healing to the heart, and clear conscience” how beautiful and appropriate was that for our session. Then the second being “Mountain Dahlia” to help balancing Insensitivity to others and to open up for telepathy”.

This for me was a perfect selection as with the South Node in Aries, we’ve been called on to let go of our old behavior patterns of reacting to situations with anger, domination and aggression, as well as our need to ‘go it alone’.

In the Orgon generater I added some positive affirmations starting with I am as I believe that there is were each and everyone of us holds our pure power.

Up in the left corner you will see a button “Add your own pryer” in that option added an even more powerful affirmation “I revoke”. My mother and I read this out loud 3 times facing the moon prior to our group session.. This is extremely effective and you can read it when ever you feel like doing so. Reading it out loud 3 times will help putting the intention to the core of this affirmation.

I revoke

all contracts that tallow's  others to misuse my free will.

I revoke all

contracts and agreements that have let to me minimizing my free will and earth power.

I revoke,

all small writings in any contract that I have made with my soul family that restrict my free will in any way.

I revoke these contracts now,from this moment forward  all these contract are revoked and I take charge of my free will, the flow of knowledge and happiness.

I am a free will spirit, I am and have always been connected to my true spirit,

I have the power of will to revoke all misunderstanding that have

concluded in restricting my connection to my purpose and growth

here on this planet, Mother Earth. I strictly announce that I and I alone in this graduating timeline on Planet Earth, now, the Mother of my biological vehicle, my

sacred body and my sacred DNA codes created here within her sacred

Energy Am in charge of all decisions made for my well being, safety and growth. I alone am in charge of the contract I have made with the Sacred Spirit of the Planet Mother

Earth. This contract is clean, clear and connected to my higher self that made the decision to join the core energy of this planet for her support and my own experience. This experience will on now way effect this planet but in good way and with her full

consent of every move I take. With respect for myself and Mother Earth, and with full consent of our spirits and higher selves our intentions are pure clear and in this graduation timeline.

I kept it very simple and clear in the hololinguistic program

As I have said so many times before I do strongly believe in doing a thorough adrenal balance for my clients in the start of every session and this session was no different.

As I just mentioned earlier I truly believe in the statement I AM and chose one within the program that I felt was fitting for the session:

Alchemema 7 Brings the I am presence into the central channel, extending it to galactic consciousness and puts the “messiah” complex behind you.

Not to mention that the sign ARIES is the sign representing I AM

I started by dragging and dropping Alchemema 7 into the purple hold tray on the right side and linking it to the “Imponderables” in the sub-files above it.

Then addressing every item(yellow line) that came up linking the two choices and balancing each item to a 100%

The second sub-file choice I did was linking the Alchemema 7 to the Flower Essences. Take a good look at what we chose as a group I get goosebumps just looking at it...Then again pay attention to Mountain Dahlia appearing here in this section again so obviously is a significant choice for the group.

Again as described above each item was balanced to a 100%.

In the Clients subconscious choice program I was curious to see what would come up for the group by putting the focus on emotions. Here you can see for your self’s many different things that were in need of clearing and balancing.

linking the step above to the spinal program, and it does not come as a surprise that C4 come up in read representing guilt, repressed anger and stuffed tears.

Then we have T7 that often represents discontent and family conflicts.

Now from the Clients Superconscious panel I linked it to the NLP panel still connected to the emotional profile from before. Starting with a 12 sec relaxation balancing followed by an unconscious choice and as you can see on the picture we did not get any recommendation.

I had a certain idea on what I wanted to run in this session from this panel going through the unconscious reactivity panel into the message panel and do some affirmations and messages to change some old patterns that we as a group are holding on to and connecting to higher alignment. But that did not happen as the program froze. So at this time that part of the program was not to be used in our session. I take these hints seriously and respect when it is so obvious what is not meant to be worked with in a session.

At this point I had to close the program and go back in to it doing the calibration for the group again and then continuing.

I went back into the NLP program and din an unconscious choice again and this time the group chose Higher purpose Alignment, stabilize self goals. What a great and relevant choice we made...as you can see the first rectification was 114% then it went down to 73%. I personally do not feel that an item is balanced when it has a very high rectification my interpretation is when an item goes from a low rectification to a very high(or the contrary) rectification there is definitely an imbalance in need for further work and balancing and as you can see on the pictures for the group that was the case. Usually when a number goes from a very high to a very low number I run it the third time to see if that was enough to get a good rectification( for me a rectification is from over 90%-104%). As you see the rectification went to a high number again and then to a 108% and I did not push this rectification more. Ideally when this happens specially if a number drops significantly down to a low rectification after 3 tries I stop the training of that item as for me that is my client telling me the signature has been received but at this moment more time is needed to adapt to this signature and that is enough for now in this panel. This is my opinion but those of you working with devices just listen to your intuition.

From here we clicked on “Transfer to Main Matrix” then the item that was being balanced gets moved to the Main Matrix into the red and purple hold trays at the bottom of the screen. When this is done you will see four options of Echo's appear.

Starting from the Left “Mental Echo” making sure that the subfile panel to the right is set on “Return to Main” then running the first Echo linking to the whole Matrix and then getting up on the Right side yellow lines that link to each echo. Items that need to be balanced so help with releasing things that are holding back our own healing process. Each yellow line is then balanced to a 100% rectification. Take notice of what items re-accrue in each echo as they are significant and may need further attention.

Mental Echo

Causal Echo

Etheric Echo


BodyVewer running in the background

Now focusing on the purple hold tray and adding Alchemema 7 that we used in the beginning to see how comparable the two items are and if it would be ideal to fuse them together.

In the yellow panel that you see now(Indiv. Reaction) we are only looking at the number that is highlighted in RED and wanting it to be over a 100 as then means our two chosen items are ideal to work with in combination.

Clicking search Harmonics, and again we are working our way through the yellow lines and as you see even more options are showing.

Emotional Focus

Homeo Focus

General Focus

Top 6 Homeopathics

This method takes time as when you start doing this process you want to make sure you finish what you start. I find this process very rewarding and until now I have gotten amazing results with my clients using this option of the program. This shows many different aspects and goes very deep within each level and truly stir up a lot of different blockages in many different layers.

The YL essential oil Joy came up a couple of times and so did Flu90 so make sure to be open for the joy within your hears and also boosting your immune system properly to prevent any colds or flu.

As Auto frequency was the first choice of balancing after Calibration I felt it was important to respect that for the group. This is a powerful Rife like balancing that conducts a polarity test and balance: it is to introduce the body's magnetic frequencies that are designed to create a relaxed electrical signature unfriendly to microorganisms.

As Auto Frequency was the first choice of therapy I was curious to see if Negative Magnetic(In the Homitoxicology panel) was higher then the Positive magnetic as it is supposed to be but as you can see that was not the case...Also Left spin was lower than Right spin.

Ideally the Negative Magnetic and Left Spin are supposed to be higher that Positive Magnetic and Right Spin.

Read more about magnetic field and the body: http://waterpollutionfilters.com/magnets.htm

Read more about left and right spin: http://www.biznet1.com/water/spin.htm

Balancing the left spin on MAX in the Main Matrix

In the Biofeedback panel under Relaxation : Release subconscious Negativity ran for a good 15 min(I chose to let this run as in the NLP panel while balancing higher purpose alighnment a negative disorder was detected) and these were some of the things that it balanced.

The Auto Scalar panel will help to spin the Chakras(subtle energy centers) in the right direction, the subtle life force energy is absorbed and distributed to our cells, organs and body tissue. The energy flow- greatly effects our personality structure our emotions and state of spiritual development.

At the same time in BodyViwer an Energy Boost was activated

In the Main Matrix a Moon Stone 7 sec balancing was done

Supspace Morphic Trance clearing disturbances in different dimensions.

Physical: Physical form of the body.

Mental: Plane of your perception of others or others of you.

Ancestral Miasmatic: Passed on traits or tendencies, emotions, fear, patterns.

Etheric: Earthbound relations, energetic imprints.

Cosmic Plane: Multi-dimensional.

Microcosms: Past lives, totality of experiences.

Polymorphic Structure: Weaving of the Web in the Cosmos.

(Note: It is important to clear these dimensions that may be having an interference or influence on the mind/body relationship)

A little more balancing for on the Mental Interference.

Getting ready to rep up the session, balancing the Aura and Chakras...As you see our collective consciousness had big foci interferences in the field and it took some time to get it all cleared... Up in the left corner you see a colorful box, in not so many word it should not be there and it usually indicates that a energy presence has come to close to the body itself. Does not mean that it is a negative energy some may call it a guardian energy. Still it is necessary to understand that it is important to keep our energy field as clean as possible and any guardian energy needs to be outside our Etheric field so both our energy and the guardian energy can work together without interruptions.

Harmonizing to Divine Light after the Aura/Chakra balancing...You see that Resentment repeats it self here on the right something that we are working hard subconsciously to release.

These 5 items all got a 7 sec balancing on Maximum power to complete the session.

It’s all energy. We’re swimming in energetic streams. We are connected to the movements of the cosmos and are all woven together in this intricate and multidimensional tapestry that is Life. There is a lot of charge in the air which could be wiping some of us out! Energy has been building toward this BLOODMOON~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, which is the final of the “rare” tetrad configuration that will culminate on September 27th.

Passions will be stirring so we must take deep breaths, connect with the grounding energy of the Earth, and bring patience and love to our interactions/relationships. We can transmute the fire and rise to see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart. 

Mystic Mama



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