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New Moon in Scorpio 2015

Posted on December 7, 2015 at 5:05 AM

Dear all
Thank you again for your patience and understanding for the lack of
blogging on the New Moon session in November.
My intention this week was to put the info on the blog page but
unfortunately I found that my USB stick that all the info was saved on
stopped working. I´m not sure what happened and I have tried all that I can
to retrieve the information for the session but have not been successful.
I deeply apologize for this inconvenience.
November was eventful and challenging for me in so many ways and on top of
it all finding that my blog info is gone it was just an ending of a highly
transforming month.
I don´t know about you but the energy was very strong and effective for
last month.
In not so many words the things that came up in the session was mainly the
nervous system so that was balanced to the fullest also the adrenal energy
for the group needed much attention, and I for one can relate to that very
Working on courage and bravery followed by deep emotional forgiveness.
In the biofeedback panel relaxing the stress in spine and nerves followed
by balancing subconscious negative emotions.....
The Young Living oils that came up were Lavender that is calming and also
clarity that is quite self explanatory..
Balancing the life force through Timed therapies music and super learning
panel and then in the same panel Feel good therapy that took about 10 min
to get rectified.
Ending the session with MAX strength on unconditional love and protection.
I do hope even tough this is not as detailed as usual that you still get a
feeling of what the session held and I truly hope it gave you some
upliftment and hope.
I sincerely thank you again for your understanding
Much love to you all

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