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New Moon in Sagittarius 2015 Virtual Group session

Posted on December 11, 2015 at 8:55 AM

 A sincere thank you too all of you that participated in today’s New Moon session

As you can see right off in Varhope panel is that the H- Hydration and O- Oxygen is on the lower side, so remember to stop and take deep breaths during the day and drink plenty of water.


You can take a look for your self’s what came up in the main matrix in today’s session but I did not go into details on balancing from the Main Matrix panel today

In the Hololinguistic Program under Primary disease I added physical, emotional and spiritual blockages

 As you can see on the Main Matrix under Regulatory Dysfunction you will see ‘Organ System’ so looking into the Electro-physiological oscillation program clicking the start button we will see what the group is wanting to address in the session.



As you can see with the results the focus is on the Heart aria, rhythm and blood pressure. To understand better how important potassium is for our physical heart take a look at this link: http://www.livestrong.com/article/304747-potassium-and-cardiac-function/

So in this panel I addressed both the ‘’Stabilize Heartbeat’’ that got balanced right away, followed up with 5 min Blood pressure Stabilization.

When working on the Biofeedback devices with clients that have Blood Pressure issues and are taking medication for that situation, I always use this panel with care and monitor my client closely. Also it is good to tell your client to talk to his/her physician to monitor their medication, as when working on this particular program the balancing is very strong and medication may need to be reduced as taking the usual dose can cause major problems for your client.

Following up with a thorough Autonomic Nerval System balance. I started with doing a Sympathetic Stabilization balanced followed by a Vagus Nerve balance and ending with the Parasympathetic balance

The Group was in an Alarm state on the Selye bar meaning that whatever the challenge our collective consciousness is facing at the moment is doable and our physical, emotional and spiritual energies will take in and release what we do in this session with ease.

I looked at Cardiovascular connection for the group as it  came so strongly up for the group and as you see it went up to 96%. This was balanced in connection to everything that is showing on the image. Pay attention to ‘’Magnesium Chloride’’ coming up here but on the Main Matrix list it is showing as reaction for the group 7th from the bottom.

(I do appologize for the Spinal image being missing something went wrong in saving it)

Connecting Cardiovascular to the spinal program and seeing as so many times before C4 representing Guilt, repressed anger and bottled up feelings. The affirmation that can be helpful is: I am clear in my communication with life. I am free to enjoy life right now. I think this fits perfectly in this New Moon session as the goal is to let go of what we ourselves are haltering in our life’s and opening up for our freedom.

Then we see T7 that stands for Storing pain and refusal to enjoy and the affirmation that can be helpful in these situations is; I willingly let go. I allow sweetness to fill my life.

 From there going into Timed Therapies, at first nothing was pre chosen for the group so I clicked on ‘’repeat Unconscious search’’ and up came ‘’Intestinal Stim’’ that took two tries to get balances.

When returning to the Spinal Program we had an Alarm response present that was corrected, but still indicates that we were addressing things that are important but maybe at the same time sensitive.

 In the BodyViwer the Foci automatic selection showed the face as the most stressed for the group

 Closing out and coming back into the Virtual Doctor panel I then chose to go into ‘’Connection to DF Blood’’ and run a ‘’Indigo Immune+Blood stim’’, as blood comes up very strongly in our session as so many times before. Make note if ''Deal with Courage'' as that was the focus for the 10 min this program ran....It takes courage to allow oneself to be free.

Why It Is Important to Purify Your Blood, Health Benefits of Blood Detoxification

1. Why Is It Important to Purify your Blood? Our blood is the oxygen and nutrient supplying means without which the transport isn’t possible. It also transmits the impurities to the respective filtering organs such as liver and kidneys so as to make the body free of toxins all the time. It has self-healing properties but with years of job being done, it itself gets toxic and needs immediate cleanse.

2.  What Is Blood Detoxification? Blood detoxification in this context refers to cleaning the blood so that it gets rejuvenated and performs its task optimally. It can be done once in a year by following healthy lifestyle.

3.  Health Benefits of Blood Detoxification Now we are going to reveal the top 10 health benefits of blood detoxification. These points will greatly help you in collecting the knowledge so that you can better take care of your health.

4. Improved Immunity Presence of a number of harmful toxins inside the body hampers the immune system. Detoxification flushes out those elements and hence improves the immunity.

5.  Protection Against Tumours Detoxification involves having enzymes between or after meals that help getting rid of the toxic elements. This prevents from any kind of tumour build-up.

6.  Acne-Free Skin Clean blood reduces the chances of pimple formation, thereby providing smooth, light and glowing skin.

7. Reduced Cholesterol Levels Blood cleansing also removes the extra cholesterol along with the wastes from the body of those who consume refined foods in large amounts.

8.  Free-Radical Damage Since detoxification process includes loads of anti-oxidants intake, it is pretty obvious that they neutralize all the harmful effects of free radicals which might cause cancer.

9.  Liver Stimulation Clean blood when reaches the liver helps in its enhanced functioning. It can better throw out the wastes so as to keep the body free from wastes.

10.  Waste Elimination The detoxification process excretes out the wastes as much as possible as in this process the person takes healthy diet and keeps himself away from refined foods or alcohol.

11. Improved Blood Circulation Since the detoxification process has well balanced meals, it means it has fulfilled the blood’s iron requirement as well, thereby improving its circulation and oxygen and nutrient supplying abilities.

12.  Enhanced Digestive System The detoxification process means to clean everything in the body. Digestive wastes are no exceptions to this. The process flushes out everything that isn’t needed by the body any further. So, the person’s bowel movements are improved.

13.  Elevated Brain functioning The blood, whether cleaned or not, reaches every bodily organ including brain. Toxic blood hampers its working whereas detoxified blood enhances its functioning.

14.  Elevated Brain Functioning The toxic blood can lead to psychological, cognitive or concentration issues which can be prevented if the blood cleaning is done.

15.  Ways to Cleanse the Blood Naturally It is advised to feed on lots of green veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, watercress, kale, broccoli, etc; foods that stimulate the liver to encourage the detoxification enzymes like garlic;

16.  Ways to Cleanse the Blood Naturally and citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon, orange, etc. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. These types of meals also balance the sugar and cholesterol levels in the body.cholesterol levels in the body.

Now in the BodyViwer the whole immune system was addressed, stimulating the nutritional absorption, emotions and anti-inflammation.

In the aura clense in the BodyViwer you see the muddy aura color for the group including a black cloud around the face aria. Previously when running the ‘’Foci detection automatic’’ the face is red or the most stressed aria

Black draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. It is the color of protection...

It is not always bad and does not always mean death or terminal illness.

Black is a warning sign in most cases when seen as part of the aura colors but can also mean that a person is protecting himself from outside influences. Be careful how you handle seeing black in a persons aura.

When black spots appear in the aura, it can be something as simple as a previous operation or a cold on the chest. Instead of rendering an opinion rather just suggest that the person see a doctor.

 Now respecting our groups first choice after calibration and working in the Auto Trivector panel (see previous blogs for more info), but this panel helps us to charge the battery of the body. From there into the ‘’DNA book o Life´´ panel doing a ‘’DNA Tingle’’ as was suggested for the group as a second choice after calibration.

Now in the NLP panel a 12sec ‘’relaxation pulse’’ followed by an Unconscious choice ‘’Personality Division Retraining, Reunion to self’’ how perfect is that for our group ;) This got rectified to a 116 in the first round but as I have explained before, I do not look at that as a balanced item, I want all rectifications to be as close to a 100% as possible so I ran it again.

Through the Unconscious reactivity panel with in the NLP program clicking on the atom a few times to get up the communication panel

To ; New Moon Group December 2015 The Quantum Universe

Effect of change:  

I AM Free Of limited thinking I AM Free Of doubt I AM Free Of fear I AM Free Of worry I AM Free Of not having enough ….. [fill in the blank] I AM Free Of pain I AM Free Of suffering I AM Free Of various health issues I AM Free Of feeling powerless I AM Free Of struggling I AM Free Of conflict I AM Free Of being a victim I AM Free Of the constraints of a lower consciousness I AM Free To explore who I am I AM Free To find my Joy I AM Free To discover my truth I AM Free To find my purpose I AM Freedom

Activate QIF – Insert Prayer to QIF ;

 I ask for guidance and protection and on my path surrounding me with the finest the highest and the best energies to fulfil my life and purpose according to the good of all living things.

Additional Instructions:

Please grant me the strength I require to manifest my goals and dreams now

It is optional to click ‘’Allow change in timeline´’ I did that for the group and we got a small change and one major change that were allowed, so that is fantastic….Then I clicked ‘’Send’’ to get our message out to the Universe.

The YL oils that came up for the group today were Raven that helps to the upper respiratory, Sacred Mountain that gives a feeling of protection, empowerment and grounding..

In the Main Matrix in the white hold tray writing in Freedom and then running a MAX 5 min Zap from filter to address all that we need to help us in practicing our freedom and strength.

Then as usual repairing our session up with cleaning the Aura and strengthening the chakras. As you can see the Root and Spleen chakras of the group are quite blocked so opening up for our connection to the earth and taking in her life force energy is something worth focusing on.

The Foci´s today are around the group’s feet but as we know when we are braking through old patterns and taking steps forward it sometimes can be challenging and we often feel stuck. That is what our session today is all about having the strength to move forward in freedom of who we are.

Now sealing our session with a MAX feel good Zap.

Thank you for participating in this wonderful session and I hope you embrace your freedom and strength to your highest potential.




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