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New Moon in Pisces Mars 2016

Posted on March 10, 2016 at 6:35 AM

With much gratitude to all of you that participated in this month’s New Moon in Pisces session, and to all the new participants, thank you for contributing your energy to the session and for opening your hearts to join our Collective Consciousness.

In believe that our join effort of strengthening the light on our planet and within our hearts will give hope for a brighter and more peaceful time space continuum, here and now, past and present in all dimensions and all through the Universe.

As always during the test, we take a look at the Auto Varhope panel. We see right away that the main stressors are A (Amprage) and H (hydration) as they are on the low side. A is associated with brain function and will power, for me that is also an indicator of an bowel flora imbalance as when the bowel flora is imbalanced serotonin levels are lower and we get more tired. It can also be an indicator of lack of sleep then again boosting up the bowel flora is also important as our Serotonin level (happiness hormone) is also out of balance. Remembering that although serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter, it is estimated that 94 percent of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive track. Here is a link that explains what serotonin is  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232248.php

H is associated with the body´s water absorption reactivity, are we making sure we are well hydrated with good water and/or is our body not using the water we drink as well as it should.

Taking a quick look at the Main Matrix we can see that Miasm-FNG is our highest stressor and you will see going up the list that the bowel repeats itself…Then again I pay more attention to the next highest item ‘’Organ pipe Cactus (FE) that is to support dealing with mundane aspects of life. Mundane meaning lacking interest or excitement….Can any of you relate to that?


We are often challenged on many fronts and when our spirit goes down it can lead to lack of interest in life or what life has to offer. It can take time to get the focus back on track and who knows often times new interest will come to light. The main thing is never to give up hope that there is more to life than the naked eye can see as all our treasures and power we hold within. It is easy to get distracted in our fast spinning world and sometimes we just need a time out to gather our spirit and reconnect to our source to continue our human experience on this beautiful Planet of ours.

In the Universal Biofeedback panel you can see the two suggested items the first one being the AUC auto Meridian balancing. Just like in our Full Moon session in February. But I decided to address this suggestion in the Bodiviwer panel as our focus for this session was a little different as you will see.

In the Cybernetic Feedback timed therapies music and super learning panel I wanted to see what was the highest stressor and as you can see in Bold letters it was the Digestive System, so we started to do a little balancing there.

With a rectification of only 54% we addressed this again.

The second time the balancing went down to 44% and this indicates that what we were addressing is very relevant. But as I have said before I don’t like to force a rectification to a 100% as for me when a number drops I interpret it as the messages has been received and needs more time to be worked through, or can also be addressed in a different panel. Just remembering less Is more…

We can also connect the digestive track to the third chakra called Manipura, which means “lustrous gem.” Located around the navel in the area of the solar plexus and up to the breastbone, it is a source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation.

Now going into the Nutritional panel and doing a Adrenal balance as I have mentioned many times before the importance of balancing the Adrenals (See older blogs). There was not a significant gap between the numbers but doing a balance never the less, and if you take a look below what repeats connecting to thyroid and Depression regulation.

The first attempted leaved us with 79% rectified so attempting to get a 100% we continued the balancing.

Here is what happed the number dropped to 58% so indicating there is deeper stress on our adrenal aria than our body shows, most likely it has adapted to our Adrenal stress and is in a stand still so it is important to continue working with the Adrenals and taking good care of that aria.

Bodyviwer Clogged Brow chakra, heart chakra and intestines came up repeatedly. Then when doing a Auto Foci arms came up starting in 57%. Usually the Auto Foci clears quite quickly but not in our session for 30 min balancing of the arms continued.


 Giving and receiving

 Holding on the reality

Reaching goals

Feel of action


Means of attaining goals

 Fear of inferiority


Connects the strength of the upper arms to the action of the forearm


As showing to the right on the Main Matrix Vitamin Therapy was added so doing a INDIGO Vitamin, Enzyme and Hormone therapy until rectified to a 100%. The only emotion that was connected to that balancing was Anxiety as you can see on the picture….
As showing to the right on the Main Matrix Vitamin Therapy was added so doing a INDIGO Vitamin, Enzyme and Hormone therapy until rectified to a 100%. The only emotion that was connected to that balancing was Anxiety as you can see on the picture…. It is good that the group was so determined to work through some deep seeded Anxiety and I truly hope you all we feel a sense of relive.

Now taking a look at the highest YL essential oil for the group and as you can see it is self-explanatory. What a great choice and well fitting

As mentioned in our New Moon text ‘’ The Solar eclipse will block out the Sun for a while, our nucleus selves, our Ego. It will allow us to connect unhindered with our inner being and collective consciousness, or as deep as we are willing to allow ourselves to connect.’’


So the next step was using the Stabilize ego from the Main Matrix banel and do some deep balancing.

Then fusing it together with the Emotional signatures


Here you see the results, the emotional signatures that needed balancing to help stabilizing the ego…. I thought it was very interesting how the Brain needed an overall balance so to speak, but then when we think about it is our brain that cuts us off from our heart energy and feeds the ego. So to keep both in balance is a challenging exercise.

Being in the center, watching our ego and Superego. Not expecting anything from others. With ego, we expect from others, with superego, we do for others. When we are centered we emit to ourselves with joy and love.


Searching the Main Matrix for the highest stressors connecting to the Brain and running a 5 min auto focus zap up the list

These were the signatures that were addressed, take a look at number two ‘’Christ Consciousness’’ what a beautiful signature for the group, it tells us that as a group we truly are expending our energies.

Now choosing one signature that connected us to our own Divinity

Putting that signature down to the red hold tray and working through the different Echo’s to help releasing the blockages that stand in our way of truly keeping our divine connection to our self and the source…

Starting with the Causal Echo and those of you that are SCIO/INDIGO users know how this works, for those of you that are not we are taking a look at the items in yellow that appear on the right hand side and balancing each of them to a 100%. Also we are looking for signatures that repeat themselves as they are more significant.

Noticing throughout the session the eye signature coming up very strong, if it is to eliminate toxins from the body or past eye infections, eyes are linked to the Liver organ that is constantly eliminating toxin from our body. If this is something you relate to Milk Thistle is a very good herb that supports the liver, this is one of the tools I use frequently both for myself and my animals.


I don’t have to go through the list as it is quite self-explanatory

Now the Causal Echo, again digestion needing more balancing.


Followed by the Etheric Echo, again eyes and digestion showing also ''Allergies'' and as we know this is not a diagnostic this is simply a signature reaction to an item that we could have some sensitivity to at the moment



Finally the Curative Echo balancing some emotional factors again bowel detoxification wanting more balancing

And now for the deeper work looking at the highest emotional signature ‘’Depression’’ and as mentioned before when our serotonin levels are low it will affect our mood and emotional wellbeing.

So taking the ‘’Depression’’ signature and dropping it into the purple hold tray below the red hold tray we were just working through. Combining it with our earlier signature of our own Divinity.

Starting with Harmonic coupling of the two items. Starting with Harmonic coupling of the two items. Looking at the number in read that appears in the yellow panel above, and we get a perfect high number so our two items are excellent to continue with.
Then doing a Search for Harmonic and addressing all the yellow items to the right.

I don’t have to go through the list as it is quite self-explanatory 

Now the Emotional Focus, pay attention to ''Denial of Joy

Homeo Focus again denial of joy....also Constipation Balance so linking to the bowel

Then General Focus, Need to change and denial of Joy repeating ones again

Finally Top 6 Homeopathic Denial of Joy for the forth time. It happens that we deny joy without realizing it, as old patterns of suffering is so deeply imbedded within our programming. We all deserve to be happy so let’s exercise lifting our spirits and finding one thing every day that brings us joy and breathe it in until it brings a big smile upon our faces.

When the device pre choses a number I make it a habit of respecting that chose and for the group the signature of Candida wanted to be addressed. Then remember that our highest reaction on the Main Matrix was the Fungus-Miasm

Now in the Biofeedback panel the group’s unconscious choice is showing and was addressed… We all have experienced physical trauma of some kind and it is important to work through them how ever big or small. Sometimes we don’t have the strength to do it ourselves but here the group collective consciousness finds strength to help each other to work through some of the trauma that is at hand. I look at that as a powerful cooperation between our energies.

Oxygen balance for 10 min

Now addressing the Releasing unconscious negativity and as you can see Anger was coming up very strongly, very good that the group could address this together as with realizing anger we can open up for our well deserved JOY.

Then Swim with dolpihns  balance for 11 min

In the BodyViwer clearing the Aura

Green is health and comfort representing nature and nature's growth, the color of renewal, the color of healing.

When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change.

Many healers have green in their aura.

If you observe bright shades of green blending into an electric blue in a persons aura colors they more than likely have healing abilities and generally work with healing energy.

You might also observe green in the aura if a person is healing from something be it emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.

The muddier green hades can signify jealousy, possessiveness and untrustworthiness.

Doing one unconscious choice in the NLP panel and the groups choice being ‘’Ascension Stimulation, Accelerate Spiritual growth’’ what a fitting choice after opening up for our Divinity.
As you see the rectification went to a 118 and as I have mentioned before I don’t consider it a good balancing so I ran it again.

Now the percentage went down to 81 present, usually I would not continue but I was curious to see if we should get a rectification with one more try


Then going up to a 112 again for me that is not balanced so one more try

And as you can see the number dropped to 59 so it is obvious that this is a item that is relevant for our group to work further with but at this point we got enough of the signature to start opening better up our channels for spiritual growth.


On the Main Matrix doing some powerful balancing for 3 min with Narayani Special 10 to support our unconscious choice from the NLP panel


Followed by a 3 min balancing of Hops to support our unconscious choice from the NLP panel


Sacred Geometry in BodyViwer the same choise as in our last Full Moon session


The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It's closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life.

The Ancient Egyptians used the ankh to stand for a word meaning life. It is also called crux ansata, Latin for cross-with-a-handle.


Back to the NLP panel doing an  Electro – Transcendental – Meditation, expand consciousness

And that addressed the group´s Racialization and hesitation, ran until a 100% rectification

Now getting to the end of the session balancing the chakras and aura.

Taking a look at the Foci (Red and purple nets) they pretty much cover our whole body, so the subject that we chose to work through in this session were obviously very blocked and in need of some attention. Starting by clearing the Foci and then we can look at the chakras and you see the heart chakra is the one that is most balanced followed by the Energy chakra. The other chakras needed some more attention and love to be able to release the blockages that was holding their flow back.

After all that balancing our chakras are back in balance and our aura color is beautiful, then you can take a look at on the right hand side the things that we are working on releasing from our filed after this session.

On the Main Matrix choosing the Schuman wave signature on MAX for 3 min to get us more connected to our planet.

Followed by Unconditional Love

And finally Joy that has shown to be a very significant factor of our session and well deserved

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