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New Moon in Aries April 2016

Posted on April 9, 2016 at 4:55 AM


Thank you for your participation in this magnificent New Moon session.

This month we were focusing on “Opening up for the Magic of New Beginnings” and as we know to open up for something new we have to be willing of letting go of the old.

For the Biofeedback practitioners in the group you will find all images below the text.



Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh, embrace change and be proud of all that I am and will be.


When I start each session I always check the room I’m working in for possible ”GeoPathic Stress”, just to make sure that there will not be any interruptions for each session. It i very seldom that “Geopathic Stress” comes up but before our New Moon group session a “”Curry Cross”” disturbance came up and was addressed right away to make sure the workspace was cleaned before continuing.


“Curry Cross” is associated with electrical disturbance and that just told me how much energy was in the air for this session


During the Groups “testing” it showed that “V” voltage that is associated with adrenal function and willpower and “H” hydration that is associated with body’s water absorption reactivity were reacting a little low for the group. Throughout our Collective consciousness virtual group sessions “V” the adrenal function and willower often show as a stressor. Balancing the Adrenals as I have said before is one of the most important things to address in every session as in general we do abuse our adrenal energy on a daily basis. This only shows the deep level of stress we hold in our adrenal aria without noticing it as we adapt to it so easily.

The highest reactance after the “test” was “chaparral” that is a very strong detoxifier. I know of many that have been struggling with diarrhea this month due to bacteria’s, I don’t know if any of you can relate.

When our psyche has absorbed far more impressions than our conscious mind can assimilate, dreams act as important filters that help our conscious mind access disturbing or chaotic experiences in an orderly and safe fashion. Chaparral penetrates deep into one’s transpersonal aspects to replace psychic and physical toxicity, mental chaos, drug addiction, and disturbed dreams with psychic awareness and balance.

Chaparral, also known as Creosote, is one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants. Its chemical makeup acts as an effective blood, liver, lymph and urinary tract cleanser. Native Americans have used Chaparral for centuries as an anti-cancer remedy. Studies have shown that chaparral may also inhibit or dissolve tumors. Its dried and cut leaves can be used as a tea. Just take a whiff of it and you’ll appreciate that something that smells this strong–peppery, menthol, earthy–would have some potent medicinal gifts to offer.

Chaparral flower essence is an important psychic and physical cleanser, which is indicated when the soulhas been assailed by too much of the brutality modern civilization has thrown its way–chaotic, violent, and degrading images and experiences, both in real life or in the media. It has many applications, but its star quality is in working through the dreamscape to cleanse the psyche.

Chaparral flower essences are good for people who have witnessed actual violence or too many disturbing images in the media. As a liver cleanser, it is also a very beneficial herb for detoxifying, whether from prescription medicines or other drugs. While psychotropic drugs expand psychic boundaries, they also distort the true landscape of the awakened conscious, leaving it littered with emotional debris that the subconscious mind picks up. It is also helpful for people who feel brittle and rigid, both in their bones and in their thinking.

Chaparral’s Secret Lore

Chaparral corresponds to the First Chakra (Root) and Fourth Chakra (Heart). Meditating on the Chaparral plant, people have reported a sense of magical abilities to dissolves blocks of fear, especially around insects and reptiles, like bees and snakes. It is said Chaparral allows one to go through their process, face their fears, and be successful because Chaparral provides what you need exactly when you need it. 

A good affirmation while meditating on Chaparral is,

“I am ever strong, enduring, and wise, knowing always how to solve the problem at hand.”

Now continuing with our session I did a 1 min Spiritual Healing, a beautiful training for bringing spiritual stress and imbalance back into harmony.

As Auto Frequency training was suggested as a number one choice from Calibration I thought it was good to address that right away and get some balance before continuing. The purpose being to introduce the body magnetic frequencies that are designed to create a relaxed electrical trivector signature and are unfriendly to microorganisms.

While that was being balanced a “warning” came up about a possible personality oppression, Spirit Superimposition Energetically being detected. When this happens it means that there is an energy present that is not our own and could be feeding of our energy field and that is not a healthy situation for any of us. This is not necessarily a negative energy but we have to be very clear on keeping our energy fields clean as only then can we have a beautiful and clear cooperation with other energy on any level we so choose. As all of you taking part in this session gave permission to be worked through our Collective Consciousness I continued to get this balanced. It is important when working with clients to ask for permission to clean and balance when a message like this comes up as not everyone are ready to let go of other energies that they have maybe chosen to have in their field or are holding on to.

The balancing only needed one go so this was not too deeply manifested for the group.

I personally thought that this was interesting to get up for the group at this time as electrical disturbance had already shown in the beginning of the session, so for me this only confirmed the powerful energies and shifts that were taking place during our session.


This coming up changed the direction a bit on what I had in mind for our session but as we all know is that we are always directed to what is needed at each time. So to continue and working deeper to clear up any energies that may have been affecting us that evening I did some balancing in the Biofeedback panel. Starting with doing “Balance stress in nerves” and that took a good while. When working in the Biofeedback panel it is important to let the time that is needed for each selection to run until balanced. Somethings may take longer time than others but that is the beauty of all of this, as our energies know exactly what we need and how much we need.

While running “reduce stress in Nerves” I Activated the Bodyviwer, starting with train paths of all old trauma. For the group the balancing in the BodyViwer started with balancing “” Clogged throat chakra Clogged Spleen Chakra, Clogged heart chakra, clogged brow chakra”” after some time each chakra started showing as “Healthy”. Lot of old stagnated energy being released for our Collective Consciousness.

The autofocus on the most stressed organ for the session showed to be the intestines, and we can see the connection to that and the highest thing on the Main Matrix. So making sure to boost our self’s with some good probiotics if we feel it’s needed is very positive, as to keep our immune systems strong it is important to keep our gut healthy.


Now back to the Biofeedback panel as the BodyViwer continued working with all its selections in the background. Now “Reduce stress in Nerves” had balanced to maximum then the next step was to “”Release Spiritual Attack or Oppression” and Simultaneously combined with “Body and Soul Connection relaxation training” This is done after a “warning” came up about a possible personality oppression, Spirit Superimposition Energetically being detected. To make sure to heal the field of each individual as much as possible. There are other steps that can be done as well but as this cleared up fast for the group I felt these steps were enough to get it cleared from the field.

When all this was balanced to the maximum an unconscious search of training. The group chose two things 15 min to stimulate Psychic Abilities and 15 min to train innate Intelligence. Powerful stuff that is for the group and this was respected and balanced.

At the same time in BodyViwer the short ACU(acupuncture) balance was activated. It showed a Metallic interference being detected as well as an injury tissue detected and being repaired.

At this point the later section of the session had started and all the above had been balanced, then choosing “Silver that stands for a new beginning or is often drawn to one starting a new part of life, and is used to guide you” was set on MAX power and ran for 3 min. Simultaneously in the Bodyviwer the “Decagon pentagonal star for seeking direction” was activated.


Now going into the Auto Scalar training, a program that is to relax and re-educate the muscles along the subtle energy centers the Chakra system. The chakras subtle life force energy is absorbed and distributed to our cells, organs and body tissue, also the flow of energy is greatly affected by our personality structure, emotions and our state of spiritual development. Adding to the program a few beautiful signature to straighten us on our path of a new beginning.

These are the 7 signatures:


“YL Transformation that is energizing, stimulating to the conscious mind and allowing for support and changes”,

SHUL 1/ formula for dealing with Mental Emotional Blocked desire, releasing of being stuck at the beginning of anything (Monastery Herbs)”,

YL into the Future/supporting emotions to move forward and leaving the past behind, letting go of obstacles”,

Narayani Special 2 Divine protection/ creating a protection on all levels, including travel and x-ray”,

“Meteorite/ connecting to the energies of the Universe (Crystal),

Alchemama 20/ Our hearts provide the way out of duality, to be unconditional towards others, including their incapacities and inabilities ( Liquid Light Remedies”,

EL-ELOHA 10/ Realize that you (our) consciousness influences other planets and vice versa. Work consciously together with the Masters (Liquid Light Remedies”,


As this balancing takes about 5-10 min, I activated the Disease Dictionary and ran “Dealing with Healing” the group chose to run it for 5 min along site the balancing mentioned here above and the BodyViwer that now was set on “Aura Cleanse” . It showed to be a black cloud around the feet of the group’s Collective consciousness, and this can be related to what came up earlier with the energy that was interrupting our energy and space As it was located around the feet this can indicate the feeling of being stuck or fear of taking the next step.

Black draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. It is the color of protection... It is not always bad and does not always mean death or terminal illness.

Black is a warning sign in most cases when seen as part of the aura colors but can also mean that a person is protecting himself from outside influences. Be careful how you handle seeing black in a person’s aura.

When black spots appear in the aura, it can be something as simple as a previous operation or a cold on the chest. Instead of rendering an opinion rather just suggest that the person see a doctor.


When the aura had balanced the Sacred Geometry of “Golden Ratio Spirals of Love” was activated and ran until the end of the session.

Now at the end of our session I end as always in the Body Scan and face therapy panel doing a more thorough Chakra balancing and making sure to train all foci that may still be lingering on in our energy field. The things the group is working through or/and releasing from the energy field at this time were “Enthusiasm, Passivity, Curiosity and Embarrassment”

Closing up the session with the highest reactance of:

Back flower “ELM for occasionally feeling inadequacy, exhaustion from trying for perfection, being overwhelmed by responsibilities, stress and helps to calm down and think”

And two beautiful signatures from YL:

Live with passion/ emotionally balancing and uplifting, feeling the passion for life, relied of hopelessness.

White Angelica/ Ward off bombardment of negative energy, increases Aura, strength and protection.

Then to top it with some “FEEL GOOD”


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