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INDIGO/SCIO/Eductor 8 8 14 Software:

 The NEW 8.8.14 software is now available for all users. 

If you have downloaded another version within the last 30 days the price to upgrade to the 8.8.14 version is 100 Euro.  If you have activated the BIG program within the last 30 days the price is the same a 100 Euro.

If your current software is older than 12 12 12 the activation fee will be 300 Euro. 

The following list provides a brief overview of the new features added since the INDIGO 8 8 14;

A new Zap for West African Diseases

- NEW AFE Therapies under NLP, designed to improve sport abilities and learning skills:

- GSR tDCs Superlearning Enhance
- GSR tDCs Sport Performance

- New videos under BIG Biofeedback Movies and Autofocus Emphasis tab: ‘Scholastic performance   enhancement’ and ’Sport performance enhancement’

- Hormone Streaming can now be done from NLP QRB Therapies! Select the desired hormone from the ‘Mental Factors and Emotion Chart’ panel and then start the Hormone Streaming AFE!

The following list provides a brief overview of the new features added since the SCIO 8 8 14;

SCIO Home Use = New Program additions

Auto Focus Zap = New Program additions including

NLP = New AFE programs additions

Those not familiar with the Home Use part of the SCIO software, will find it accessible through the SCIO Password screen. Just a word of caution! Please be very careful NOT to select the "Operational Themes" for gaining access to the SCIO Home Use. Make sure you ONLY use the SCIO "Themes" for selecting the Home Use function or you could potentially lock your whole SCIO system into the Home Use program exclusively, and lose access to all of the main SCIO programming. To rectify this you would have to contact QX/BHO office to reset it back to regular overall use again.

And ONLY for Eductor Owners: you can now do real time GSR and EMG Measurements inside the main program under the ECG/EEG/EMG panel!

INDIGO 7 7 14 Software:

The 7 7 14 is currently the latest optional, software update for the Indigo. Some practitioners are waiting on the next release which will have the new Ebola signature additions previously mentioned. It was also my understanding that if any Indigo user has already updated to the 7 7 14 and then updates to the next version (when it is released) within a period of 30 days it will be complimentary or at a reduced cost. This was according to an announcement that Desire did in a webinar. However, this was some time ago and I don't know if that offer still stands.  It is best that you confirm it with Desire yourself. We also don't know for sure when this next version of the Indigo software will be ready. Currently the fee to activate the 7 7 14 is 300 Euro. This includes a limited special of waiving the 'BIG' software activation fee (7 7 14 version only). Otherwise the BIG software is now 300 Euro to activate separately from the main software. There are a significant number of new features that have been added to the 7 7 14.

The following list provides a brief overview;

Simply Indigo = New Program additions

Lucid Dreaming
Neural Super Powers
Release Negativity
Dormant Intellect Gene 10 min

Auto Focus Zap = New Program additions

Mental Health and Bowel Flora
Erectile Dysfunction
Premenstrual Syndrome

NLP = New AFE programs additions (See Video for list)

After the 7 7 14 release the BIG software will have a 300 Euro activation fee. The BIG software has been revised since the release of the 7 7 14 release. It allows you to access the BIG program through a button from within the "Indigo is Working" panel. 

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