Our Hearts connecting us to the Universe

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Every Month I offer a New Moon virtual group session using my 
INDIGO Biofeedback device.

New Moon in Gemini 5th of June at 03.00GMT  (4th of June 11.00pm EDT, 10.00pm CDT, 09.00pm MDT, 08.00pm PDT) 

New Moon in Gemini conjoins with loving Venus – bringing a powerful opportunity to clear your mind and harness the power of our truth to make a fresh start with love and creativity.

June’s New Moon on the 4th-5th is also supercharged due to the fact that it is activating many planetary energies.

These potent energy´s are not only going to help us to release, but also to help us to start thinking about the seeds that we want to plant for the future.

The sign of Gemini, the ruler of self-expression and the throat Chakra, makes this New Moon inspire us to express our truth and communicate our feeling.

After all the retrograde energy that we have experienced recently, this New Moon holds the potential of helping us to stir up the past and release it.

This New Moon is the Universe’s way of asking us what type of seeds we want to plant for the next chapter. This gives us the opportunity to set our intentions, wishes and desires send them to the Universe being clear on what we want and need to move forward.

All those who registrar for the sessions will be added to the program (name, date of birth and current location) and the groups Collective Consciousness will then give the information needed to go into layers that need to be balanced at each time.  

This is a Virtual Biofeedback session that is open for everyone to participate in, you don't have to own a Biofeedback device to be apart of the sessions.   

The information from the session will then be posted on the Blog site https://www.quantumpoints.us/apps/blog/  as soon as possible after the session has ended.


Margrét jr and Margrét Sr

Any questions or registration issues please contact me:

Family Member
Full Name, Current Location
Date of Birth and Year

If adding in information for more than one person make sure to have a double space or / between information...Thank you